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Cuban prison hunger striker Orlando Zapata Tamayo dies

24-02-2010 07:12

Leading Cuban political prisoner Orlando Zapata Tamayo has died in hospital after 85 days on hunger strike, opposition sources say. Amnesty International declared him a prisoner of conscience after his arrest in March 2003 in a crackdown on opposition groups.

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UK: 'Fast Track' Asylum System Fails Women

24-02-2010 06:54

The 'detained fast track' system doesn't meet even the basic standards of fairness. It is simply not equipped to handle rape, slavery, the threat of 'honor killings,' or other complex claims, and yet such cases are handed to it regularly." Gauri van Gulik, women's rights researcher at Human Rights Watch

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Would You Kill For Pot?

23-02-2010 23:22

Pickets against death penalty for drug offenses (including cannabis) in Malaysia: London Paris Vienna, THURSDAY 4 MARCH 2010, 1 PM: For an end to the death penalty for drug offenses in Malaysia and elsewhere.

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Clinton’s final offer to Iran: one more bundle of ‘crippling sanctions’

23-02-2010 23:20

US Secretary of State Clinton interviewed by Aljazeera in Doha, 15 February 2010
Evidently wanting to drive a wedge between “ordinary Iranians” and the privileged ‘ruling class” Mrs. Clinton intoned that a rift was growing within Iranian society and explained, “I think the trend with this greater and greater military lock, on leadership decisions should be disturbing to ordinary Iranians as well as to those of us on the outside.” Not a word about weekly Israel threats against the ‘ordinary Iranians, or Israel’s lock on US Middle East decisions. Not a word of concern for the human rights of the ‘ordinary Iranians’ who like their Iraqi neighbors in the recent past, will be the ones who will directly suffer from what she intends will be ‘crippling sanctions’, as they rally to support their government as they did when faced with US chemical weapons shipped to Saddam when the Reagan administration urged Iraq to invade Iran.

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Organising a network against EDL Racism and BNP Fascism

23-02-2010 20:37

Unite black, white and Muslim workers against racism and fascism!


A conference to discuss building a working-class anti-racist and anti-fascist network

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The Iran Threat: more of the same

23-02-2010 19:19

The pressure is cranking up on Iran. During her recent tour of the Middle East, US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton declared that Iran is "moving toward a military dictatorship", because the civilian government is being "supplanted" by the Revolutionary Guard, which "poses a very direct threat to everyone." She added: "We don't want to be engaging while they're building a bomb." About a week earlier US National Security Adviser Jim Jones described the Iran nuclear issue as the "top global security threat."

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The Grey Matter 3, out in Newcastle now!

23-02-2010 19:12

The 3rd edition of The Grey Matter, Newcastle's independent political newsletter, is out now.

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"Outside the Law: Stories from Guantánamo." - New documentary on UK tour

23-02-2010 18:00

Focuses on prisoners whose torture has been exposed by UK courts and is being investigated by police

Former prisoner Omar Deghayes and journalist Andy Worthington will be speaking at screenings across the country

"Outside the Law: Stories from Guantánamo" is a new documentary film, directed by filmmaker Polly Nash and journalist Andy Worthington (author of The Guantánamo Files). The film focuses on the stories of three particular prisoners - Shaker Aamer (who is still held), Binyam Mohamed (released in 2009) and Omar Deghayes (released in 2007) - and the tour coincides with a mounting scandal involving British complicity in torture, which focuses on Shaker Aamer and Binyam Mohamed.

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Two New Bradford Vivisection Funders - Lundbeck & Allergan

23-02-2010 17:02


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"Fumble For The Fatherland", Boxing's Fascist Fight Night

23-02-2010 16:57

The sport of legends Muhammad Ali and Amir Khan, is being hijacked this weekend at the world-famous Caesars Nightclub venue at Streatham in South London. This coming Sunday, the 28th February 2010, a team of eight fascist-friendly semi-professional English boxers will supporting the neo-Nazi EDL, entering a boxing ring displaying EDL logo shorts and flags for an official EBC prizefighter contest.

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Tar Sands Oil-ympics – Pix-&-Vidz – Sat 13 Feb 10

23-02-2010 16:21

A1. Two Penguins – Back & White & Well-Read All Over
Dateline: Trafalgar Square, London, UK, 12:00-13:30, Sat 13 Feb 10 – On the opening day of the Winter Olympics in Canada, around 50 folk mobilised by the UK Tar Sands Network and London Rising Tide partook of sporting events of a sharper, more satirical sort: The Canadian Tar Sands Oil-ympics. With Canada House as a backdrop, among the Canadian-state-funded ballyhoo of big screen live feeds and 5-ring ice sculptures, we staged tug-o-war, relay race and street curling events to help highlight the biggest single industrial climate crime on Earth: the Canadian-state-backed toxic rape of tar sands deposits in Alberta, and the consequent death wave decimating the boreal forest, its flora, fauna, water courses and indigenous First Nations people.

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Warning regarding new Greenpeace International's climate change director

23-02-2010 15:45

Greenpeace International have hired pro-corporate Tzeporah Berman as climate change and energy director.

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Free film night at Bath Black Cat occupied social centre - This Thursday

23-02-2010 13:29

Come and check out the new and improved Black Cat occupied social centre, the best (and only) anti-authoritarian free space in Bath!

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Last few days in Calais

23-02-2010 11:46

an update of attempts to get back into the hangar, police stonewalling, occupation of calais town hall, keeping warm!

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REEL NEWS night at The Spotted Dog, 104 Warwick St, Digbeth

23-02-2010 11:21

Reel News night
Reel News - a political documentary collective providing up to date news from the frontline.

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Stop racial abuse by UKBA staff - protest this friday

23-02-2010 11:14

Demonstration outside the UK Border Agency offices, 31-33 Newport Road, Cardiff on Friday 26th February between 1pm and 3pm. In response to the whistle-blowing of Louise Perrett.

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Oush Grab Land Grab: Video + Interview

23-02-2010 10:38

A peaceful march through Beit Sahour ended with shocking scenes of army brutality, as locals voiced opposition to the construction of a military base in Family Park. We spoke with Nidal Abu Zulof, head of the Joint Advocacy Initiative (JAI), about the need to oppose this illegal land-grab.

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Inside The Earth Centre Doncaster

23-02-2010 09:04

The sinking of cadeby main colliery near Doncaster began in 1889 and the Barnsley seam was reached in 1893, the colliery remained open untill 1986.

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The 'Butchers Apron' ~  aka the 'Union Jack'

23-02-2010 07:32

The 'Butchers Apron'
The vast majority of people who make it to the UK, seeking asylum come from former British Colonies. Countries that the UK plundered of natural resources and when forced to depart, left most of the countries in political turmoil the ramifications of which still bedevil these countries today. It is vital that we emphasize this when discussing immigration and asylum

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Last Hours Benefit Next Thursday in Taunton: Crazy Arm + Support

22-02-2010 23:13

Benefit for Last Hours Zine:
Thursday 4th March @ Pen & Quill, Taunton