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"NEW DAY" breaks free from prison. Guards. . . . assist!

31-10-2006 17:18

This month, 2006, despite the vogue for clashing cultures, the UK Prison authorities declare that this October 31 - samhain - it is a "special" day for people in prison that register a voluntary association with local/global spiritual traditions that pre-exist christianity. . . .

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Action plan for climate chaos

31-10-2006 16:09

A World to Win statement on the Stern report.

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Road Block e-bulletin 31 Oct 2006

31-10-2006 15:14

This is the latest Road Block e-bulletin. Road Block won't be posting them up regularly, but thought climate change activists might want to see what is going on within road campaigns. You can sign up to receive them monthly here:

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Video of Naming the Dead ceremony.

31-10-2006 15:10

In the UK it is an arrestable offence to read out a list of names while carrying a small placard within the SOCPA designated area of Parliament and Downing Street without prior police permission. Democracy hypocrisy.

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31-10-2006 15:06

This press release was sent out by Road Block in response to the Stern Review. It should give you all the road transport CO2 facts you need - all sourced and referenced.

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SOCPA Border Control

31-10-2006 14:45

At High Noon on 5th November the CSG (Citizens Supporting Government)

Will be holding a voluntary border control of the SOCPA zone (Serious Organised Crime and Policing Act 2005). In an effort to assist the powers that be clamp down upon unproductive dissent and terrorism.

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Anti Fur Demo

31-10-2006 14:13

On Saturday 28th October, Rhythms of Resistance Manchester joined anti-fur activists to protest against Kurt Geiger’s repeated refusal to introduce a fur free policy.

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Defend the Oaxaca Commune - by FT

31-10-2006 13:44

In the last few hours, the operation against the Oaxaca Commune has begun, with airplanes and helicopters over Oaxaca and hundreds of agents of the PFP ready to begin the repression, and the government of Vicente Fox has given the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO) an ultimatum to abandon the barricades. Effective solidarity from the unions and political, social, and popular organizations is urgently needed to hold back the regime’s repressive attacks.

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National yawn in American as rights evaporate

31-10-2006 13:24

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann addresses the Military Commissions Act; National Yawn as Our Rights Evaporate and the rise of American fascism in three Special Comments

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Madrassa Massacre

31-10-2006 13:21

Prince Charles preaches religious tolerance in Pakistan, as the US destroys a religious school killing eighty innocent people.

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STERN REPORT - Climate Change activist responds.

31-10-2006 13:20

Stern Report stresses seriousness of climate change but offers false solutions.

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Emergency Anti-War Protest in Parliament Square Today

31-10-2006 13:06

Stop the War Coalition is organising an emergency protest against the Iraq war in Parliament Square today (31st October) from 5pm. Parliament will be voting on the war for the first time in three and a half years thanks to a debate called by the Scottish Nationalist Party and Plaid Cymru.

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Bush's War Course against Iran Leads to Ruin

31-10-2006 12:06

That a war of aggression of the US against Iran makes no sense is understood in Europe but not in the Bush administration.. No miliitary solution is possible for the problems with Iran. Diplomacy is the only possibility.

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Photos: Mexican Embassy protest in London (30.10.06)

31-10-2006 11:25

Police and protesters clash outside the Mexican Embassy in London (30.10.06). The protest was about the US cameraman Brad Will who killed in Oaxaca, Mexican.

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Communications House demo - Tuesday 7 November

31-10-2006 10:13


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London Anarchist Bookfair 2006 report

31-10-2006 10:08

Quite a few new titles appeared at the bookfair, here's a few:

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Police Want Powers to Ban Protester Masks and Flag Burning

31-10-2006 10:07

If you felt like burning a flag at a demo lately, better hurry up and do it before it becomes an arrestable offence. Disturbing developments in the last days of freedom of expression.

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Photos from London IMC screening at Mexican Embassy

31-10-2006 09:41

IMC Banner
A selection of photos from the IMC screening of Brad Will's final footage at the Mexican Embassy, 30 October 2006.

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The Persian Gulf incident

31-10-2006 08:34

History of the Persian Gulf incident

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Forgotten Crimes Aginst Humanity

31-10-2006 08:02

MSRB unequivocally condemns Westpac Banking Corporation and the utterly corrupt establishment, government and judiciary in NZ for their continued crimes against humanity.