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Video of Naming the Dead ceremony.

Doug | 31.10.2006 15:10 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles | London

In the UK it is an arrestable offence to read out a list of names while carrying a small placard within the SOCPA designated area of Parliament and Downing Street without prior police permission. Democracy hypocrisy.

On Monday 30th October 2006 some people dared to take the law into their own hands, despite a continuous police presence and an unusually tall police photographer. They walked within the designated area from Parliament Square, where an unlawful Peace Camp was still in progress from Sunday, to Downing Street. On the grass of the Square there were 150 names of people who have died in police custody, left over from another demo on Saturday.

During the naming of the dead opposite Downing Street two people were picked off by police and arrested for refusing to give their names and addresses. The video shows just one of them. The remainder were allowed to complete their ceremony and return unmolested to Parliament Square, where the Peace Camp was being dismantled in peace.



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