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Guardian: Mayday Protest - Media Propaganda

25-04-2001 09:21

Another journo starts to notice the huge amount of propaganda that's been pumped out by the press over last 2 months...

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Germany: anti nuclear shipment protests

25-04-2001 09:12

Germany: anti nuclear shipment protests
Strong anti nuclear protests in Germany against nuclear shipment to the UK

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Buffalo FTAA Protest was Beautiful and Successful!

24-04-2001 21:21

A day of protest in one of America's poorest cities placed the issues of global corporate rule front and center.

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Unison and greek TUC back genoa G8 protest

24-04-2001 19:34

The demo against the G8 is now being backed by the UK's largest union Unison and the Greek TUC...

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Two people facing felony charges because of Portland police assault

24-04-2001 18:44

Portland, Oregon Police attack a house party on what some feel is an escalation of the international “anarchist witchhunt” that has been ongoing since the WTO, and two days later, police fatally shoot a Latino man.

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bbc - londonlive - mayday debate ?

24-04-2001 17:50

Time for a rant,take your pick - Police misinformation, media lies,Red Ken,bomb threats,Samurai swords!!

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trauma debriefing for activists

24-04-2001 16:28

i've created this web site with information on trauma, trauma debriefing and healing for activists.

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A message from Nike

24-04-2001 16:03

A message from Nike
Nike introduces the public to a new brand of Uber athletes

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Quebec a turning point?

24-04-2001 13:59

Quebec as a possible platform for a virtual fascist state?

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Germany resumes nuclear waste fuel shipments to UK

24-04-2001 11:29

Germany resumes nuclear waste fuel shipments to UK
Spent nuclear waste fuel shipments from German nuclear power plants to the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant in Cumbria have resumed. Today Germany started to transport radioactive waste from nuclear power plants to Sellafield since shipments were stopped in 1998.

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At the FTAA Summit... It's a Gas, Then a Disappearing Act.

24-04-2001 07:59

At the FTAA Summit... It's a Gas, Then a Disappearing Act.
Eye-witness account of a photographer and Green Party member who covered the 2001 Quebec FTAA Summit protests. Relentless teargassings and police violence. During the first day, Raphael Thierrin, International Secretary of the Greens of Canada, went missing. Stories circulating of his bizarre arrest, but 3 days later he has yet to appear or be heard from.

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24-04-2001 01:44

Is it time?

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Pictures from Quebec city

23-04-2001 23:04

Against Ftaa

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Now you're going to ring in a bomb scare. Apparently...

23-04-2001 22:15

More lunacy from the times.

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The Sword of Truth for Mayday

23-04-2001 20:23

mobile and email contact for writer of Observer Samurai sword "story". Drop him a line!

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23-04-2001 19:37

The Israeli cabinet minister for war is coming to talk in london this thursday. Picket the meeting in solidarity with the palestinians.

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Struggle at 1 of Tenneessee's Universities in Knoxville-Help Need Today*(.#

23-04-2001 16:11

Go to:

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New Squat in Newcastle - Eclectic City II

23-04-2001 16:03

Tyneside Squatters are at it again! This time in a brilliant social club in Newcastle city centre which is due to be turned into a lap-dancing bar. Women have opened up the squat today, at the same time as a hearing a magistrates in Newcastle regarding a licence for the proposed sexist bar.

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FBI have shut down IMC ?

23-04-2001 15:49

The FBI raided the Seattle IMC at 10:17 PM Saturday. I've witnessed news of the raid being removed from,,, and Try to get this message out by alternate means if you can.