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Tories compare gay Rainbow Flag to nazi swastika flag

23-07-2005 15:15

Westminster City Cl leader, and one other Tory, compared the Rainbow Flag with the nazi flag at a meeting on July 20th regarding the 'banning' of displaying the former outside gay venues in Soho- the epicentre of the gay community in the UK

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Has Southend on Sea Borough Council Lost the Plot???

23-07-2005 14:39

Southend Borough Council are considering destroying a statutory allotment site to make way for for school development plans

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Researchers Speak Out Against Animal Tests

23-07-2005 14:36

The scientific director of Europeans for Medical Progress today spoke strongly against the building of the proposed primate experimentation lab in Oxford. The lab's construction has so far been halted for just over a year by popular protest.

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Mass co-ordinated deportation of Afghanis from Europe

23-07-2005 14:12

Take off to Kabul Tuesday morning.

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23-07-2005 13:32

"Security sources said at least one car that blew up on Saturday had special plates indicating it had come over the Israeli border at Taba on the Sinai peninsula."

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make poverty history march

23-07-2005 12:51

Will marching around Edinburgh change the world?

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Smoking Gun Memo - Reminder

23-07-2005 12:49

Hey, we've been handing the smoking gun memo aka the "Downing Street Memo" on a platter. This document needs to be given more prominence in all media.

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The Sun's Richard Littlejohn incites racial hatred

23-07-2005 12:32

according to Littlejohn: “The Palestinians are the pikeys of the Middle East. If they must have a homeland, give them part of Saudi Arabia, because the Egyptians, the Syrians, the Jordanians and the Lebanese don’t want them either”. Immediately after the above paragraph, he writes: “No more hand-wringing. It’s time for neck-wringing”.

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Iraq/France and Euro Referendum/G8/Agentina Film Review at FIGHT BACK Blog

23-07-2005 12:15

Whats on today (Saturday 23.07.2005) at FIGHT BACK Blog

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3 european and 7 canadian indymedia disabled

23-07-2005 11:52

Several of indymedia media are not working

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How to beat the terrorists: Lessons from a journey across the Arab world

23-07-2005 11:31

In the last seven weeks I have had the opportunity to make working visits to seven different Arab countries and to engage in political and other discussions with local officials, academics, journalists and opposition activists. The experience has been instructive, and simultaneously heartening and depressing, but has suggested obvious opportunities and dangers in the dual quest to respond to the rights of Arab citizens and defeat the global terror plague.

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Popular Education Gathering

23-07-2005 10:41

Gathering on Popular Education
3.-10. September 2005
Asturias, Spain

Carpentry courses for single mums, collective teach-ins about the ills of global capitalism, video editing workshops in PGA meetings, language courses for immigrants, building community gardens with ex -prisoners – this is popular education.

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Urgent - charter expulsions to Afghanistan Monday/Tuesday

23-07-2005 10:33

NCADC News Service

Urgent - charter expulsions to Afghanistan Monday/Tuesday

Europe should be ashamed of itself - Expulsions to Kabul
Next Monday or Tuesday young failed asylum seekers from Afghanistan in the UK will be put on charter plane at one of the London airports, the charter will then travel to Paris, pick up more young failed asylum seekers from Afghanistan in France for onward transit to Kabul, at least 60 Afghans are expected to be on board.

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Part 4 of "Make Poverty History" Pictures

23-07-2005 10:24

Here some more pictures from the "Make Poverty History march" on 2nd of July in Edinburgh.

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Sharon - West Bank settlements to be expanded, permanently

23-07-2005 09:30

The "Road Map to Peace" = Turn Gaza into a walled ghetto + Steal more land in the occupied West Bank.

Ariel Sharon is a man of peace alright - "I want that piece, and that, and that ..."

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Part 3: 25 more pictures of the Make Poverty History March

23-07-2005 09:10

Here some more pictures from the "Make Poverty History march" on 2nd of July in Edinburgh.

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shefstock 2 next weekend!

23-07-2005 08:09

info for shefstock 2 music festival

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23-07-2005 07:37

Cambridge Critical Mass will meet today at 1pm midsummer common!

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...and now for THE WEATHER

23-07-2005 05:25

[link] Audio Collage of various voices, music, sounds about The Human effects of Global Warming contributing to Climate Changes

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Art Not Oil at Oxford House, August 5-28, (opening party Thursday 4th)

22-07-2005 23:22

at Oxford House, Derbyshire St., London E2 6HG
Bethnal Green tube