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Autonomous actions around the capital

01-05-2001 23:59

Autonomous actions around the capital
Autonomous actions rocked the capital - despite massive police operation

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Birmingham demonstration

01-05-2001 23:57

Birmingham demonstration
Smooth portest in sunny weather

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BBC footage shows q a lot of cops hitting people

01-05-2001 23:45

we are winning the battle for the public heart and mind.

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Tottenham Court Road

01-05-2001 23:32

On our way home, we found some shops smashed.

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Piss poor

01-05-2001 23:30

What a piss-poor effort! All the wankers advocating violence finally fall flat on their faces as all their plans turn to shit. Superb!! Non-violent action is OK but the pricks who try to ruin other peoples lives finally fell on their own swords. HA! As for the fucking WOMBLES!!!! Such initiative - they have to copy the Italians. Pussies.

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pictures from liverpool street and kings cross

01-05-2001 22:54

67 pictures of peaceful protest taken at liverpool street and kings cross this morning. apologies to anyone who'd rather not have their image reproduced :/

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Violence north of Oxford St

01-05-2001 22:27

My experiance with the protesting and violence that happened north of Oxford St this evening.

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Police academy research

01-05-2001 22:19

After much research by 6000 police, at a cost of £20 million, the conclusion is that if you confine a large number of people to a small space for a long time they will become irate

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Oxford streets at 9.30pm

01-05-2001 22:09

The ghost of anticapitlism haunts oxford street.Local residents smell the spirit of rebellion.

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What a fantastic day

01-05-2001 21:41

Overall report of a fantastic day against capitalism. We are winning!

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Police in Oxford Street

01-05-2001 20:56

1 injured policemen and 10 injured protestors

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Accommodata - traffikers in misery

01-05-2001 20:56

Accommodata, who makes massive profits out of renting shitty accommodation to asylum seekers, was faced with a monopoly event at their offices in Earls Court

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My experience of Mayday

01-05-2001 20:56

May 1: An account of my day in London.
Took part in protests at Angel and Oxford Circus.
Noisy, chaotic but PEACEFUL.
Protesters' behaviour better than that of police.

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Police Tactics Inflamatory??

01-05-2001 20:53

AUDIO- Question - Do you think the police tactics today were inflamatory?

An independent journalist Answers

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Oxford Circus 21.00 pm

01-05-2001 20:11

Police leting people out in bigger blocks of people.

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MayDay today - Undercurrents Video Report Part One

01-05-2001 19:48

check out these images of critical mass bike protest and handing out free veggie burgers outside McDonalds

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More on Oxford Street

01-05-2001 19:27

Steadily leting people out

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From the queu to get out of Oxford Circus

01-05-2001 19:05

Report from the oxford circus "bubble" - what the police are calling it.

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barrister at oxford circus announces detention illegal

01-05-2001 18:56

A barrister at Oxford circus has just made an announcement that under section 60, the holding of protesters there is not legal.