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CIA 60 countries 5 days bravo

17-09-2001 09:37

CIA tracks down international conrpiracy linked to bin laden in record time!!!!

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17-09-2001 05:15

Now they want eject us in butchery!

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Were those who died in Sodom & Gomorrah, innocent victims?

17-09-2001 04:59

I am just interested to hear what knowledgable religious people have to say, considering the aftermath in New York and Washington D.C.

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Cannabis Stockport

17-09-2001 01:26

Cannabis coffeeshop opens then closed by police. Several people arrested including MS sufferers. Mysteriously, the coffeeshop reopens just hours later!

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Portland, Oregon (USA): 'Justice is accountability, not violence'

16-09-2001 23:41

Over 2300 people gathered in Portland, Oregon (USA) today to memorialize those who died in last Tuesday's attacks on the NYC and Washington, and to demand that the U.S. government not go to war in response.

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UK Disabled People's Direct Action Network Birmingham Action

16-09-2001 23:17

Press release from the UK Disabled people's Direct Action Network (DAN) about this weeks 3 days of direct action in the midlands.

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are the polls lying - or just the newspapers?

16-09-2001 22:12

every body I've spoken to says this is terrible but we must not go to war, we need to understand why America had this coming and make sure the causes are tackled. Listening to Any Answers on R4 yesterday it seemed that 90% of people agreed.

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Sell Your Corporate Stock for PEACE! SUFFER THROUGH PEACE - NOT WAR!

16-09-2001 21:56

911 - 2001
. An EMERGENCY call asking for HELP in STOPPING U.S. World Capitalistic and Militaristic Domination.

Sell Your United States Corporate Stock for PEACE!
(And before they are worth less.)

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Building the anti-war movement

16-09-2001 20:08

A plea to all those who want to stop the cylcle of violence to get together to oppose the war.

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the bin laden pages

16-09-2001 19:55

the bin laden pages
if the suit fits...

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Passport of hijacker survives fireball

16-09-2001 19:03

Passport found?

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The towers of Babylon came crashing down

16-09-2001 19:00

A righteous insight into the up & coming struggle that awaits us, the struggle between the New World Orders United Nationed Imperial stormtroopers & their loyal tax paying, bill paying, indoctrinated subjects & those who refuse to succomb to the STATE of buy or sell, the notorious anarcho rebels...........

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Call for UK peace vigil on 'main' indymedia site

16-09-2001 17:24

Call for a UK peace vigil on the 18th Sept.

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God Bless America, And The Rest Of The World

16-09-2001 17:23

The greatest challenge to Globalization has begun, not with the horrendous attack on America, but rather with the current U.S. plan for massive military retaliation. Any sober U.S. official's belief that a WWII-like retaliation is viable in this New World order of globalization would be threatening the well being of the world and the future security of America itself.

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herding the lambs back to the sacrifice

16-09-2001 17:20

from the Observer,16.9, - hundreds died who could have escaped due to the actions of apparent Port Officials

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16-09-2001 16:37


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Vicious Circle

16-09-2001 15:33

"What is the alternative? More bombs? More security? More cameras in the
streets? More phone taps? More subsidy to the arms industry? ... Is that
where we're going? On a race to the bottom trapped between GW Bush and the
CIA-created Osama Bin Laden? Because it seems that's what is wanted."

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16-09-2001 13:59

peace vigil

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To punish innocent Afghans would be immoral

16-09-2001 13:56

it's looking very bad for the people already starving in afghanistan

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16-09-2001 13:17