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01-04-2006 11:18

A mass act of civil disobedience, in the protest exclusion zone around Parliament, against the occupation of Iraq and in remembrance of all the Iraqis who have lost their lives. On the anniversary of the first seige of Fallujah, April 2004.

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Google sell out, blogger to be sold to Murdoch!!!

01-04-2006 10:50

Google founder Lary Page appeared to confirm rumours that blogger was due to be sold to Rupert Murdoch's Newscorp for an undisclosed sum believed to total many hundreds of millions.

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'Tag all the foreigners' - possible ID card sales pitch emerges

01-04-2006 09:46 IT news site regularly carries articles of interest to people like you, and you don't need to be a nerd to appreciate the site.

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M1 widening opposition

01-04-2006 08:01

A group of Nottingham residents show their opposition to the M1 widening at the highways agency exhibition in Long Eaton.

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The Hidden Hand of the CIA, 911, and Popular Mechanics

01-04-2006 00:36

Whenever 911 is discussed, those paid to patrol this site always wave the discredited PM article in question. This should end that charade.

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Photos - Liverpool protests against Condi Rice visit

01-04-2006 00:04

selection of photos from todays protest in Liverpool against Condi Rice (AKA. The Angel of Death)

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socpa trial of mark barrett: court report

31-03-2006 22:20

mark barrett outside bow street court
judge anthony evans adjourned until next week after hearing the evidence against socpa activist mark barrett at bow street magistrate's court today. he will give a written verdict on wednesday morning after considering human rights arguments in the interpretation of the law.

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Brian Haw to appear in High Court.

31-03-2006 22:02

Government appeal against former decision.

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World Hates USA UK: Why Film

31-03-2006 22:01

Send SUPER Anti USA - UK VID Clips Please
The world has reached a point where whenever something goes wrong – when something bad happens: a car bomb, a disease outbreak or a tsunami – people – especially the victims – blame the USA. This is a remarkably simplistic and yet sophisticated reaction – the universal scapegoat.

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La guerra termina nunca

31-03-2006 21:38

Fotografía autor

La ciudad fue destruida por una bomba atómica arrojada por el ejército de Estados Unidos.Ocurrió el día 6 de agosto de de 1945.Los datos oficiales apuntan 92.167 personas muertas; gravemente heridas 9.428, ycon lesiones leves 27.997.
Fue de mayor potencia destructiva que la de Hiroshima.Resultaron 140.000 personas muertas entre civiles y militares.

(datos históricos aproximados)

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Solidarity Demo For 3 South American Prisoners

31-03-2006 20:59

Earlier today a dozen prisoner support activists held a demonstration at

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Liverpool Unites To 'Unwelcome' Terrorist Mastermind Rice

31-03-2006 19:36

A crowd of at least two thousand Liverpudlians and welcome guests flocked to the Catholic cathedral on Hope Street to protest against neo-Condi's gala gig at the Philharmonic. In a show of awesome potential power, we decked the steps in a sea of defiant humanity. The message was loud and clear: terrorists and torturers are NOT welcome on Merseyside! As one speaker yelled, "We're not havin' it"!

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Condi Rice evening demo pics

31-03-2006 18:03

Condi Rice evening demo pics

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"Big Ralph: Reflections of a Black Police Chief" Most Censored Book In America

31-03-2006 16:40

The United States of America is one of the most accepted examples of Democracy on earth. Thus, the democratic experience for citizens of the United States has been a model for the people on the planet earth. Blacks were not allowed civil, human and constitutional rights during the period of slavery, but that has changed.

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Firestation Eviction: Postponed due to Resistance

31-03-2006 16:24

461 Westferry Road Millway Firestation
Squatters gain one week after eviction proved impossible

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Unite and Support asylum seekers in Glasgow Saturday 08.03.06

31-03-2006 15:35

Fearty McNulty ducks for cover after asylum seekers and friends ambush him
Please tell as many people as possible about this demonstration for better rights for asylum seekers in Glasgow and ask them to come along.

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Report & pics from LIPA demo

31-03-2006 14:53

"Hit the road Condi" banner

The big scouse unwelcome for US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice kicked off with protests around LIPA (Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts). Small groups of protestors roamed the streets handing out flyers for the main demo this evening, while others carried a coffin around. 40-50 protestors gathered at the Hope Street end of the LIPA building for an hour this afternoon, then proceeded round to the car park gate at the back. Numerous passing motorists honked their horns in support. Protestors scattered around the block in futile attempts to discover when & where Condoleeza Rice would be making her entrance.

Police were heavily present, plenty of mobile camera vans, but the protest mood was peaceful and cheerful, the police kept to themselves. Private security guards manned the gates of the LIPA carpark, using scanners on the bags of LIPA students and guests as they were admitted. A banner appeared from one the the LIPA building windows "Don't Fuck the Whore, Fuck the War".

Protestors then marched down into the city centre, noisily drumming up support for the demo later.

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Lunchtime Protests Against Condi Visit to LIPA

31-03-2006 14:29

1pm - where's Condi?
A smallish but high-spirited group of protesters gathered around Paul McCartney's LIPA (Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts) on Hope Street, where Condoleezza Rice was due to visit at 1pm.

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Close down Styal Prison demo 8th April

31-03-2006 13:37

Demonstration opposing the plans to expand Styal Prison to make it the largest women's prison and calling for its closure.