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Rossport: Battle on the Beach

11-04-2009 16:53

Shell to Sea supporters on the annual Good Friday Walk, walked to Glengad beach this morning to take action in defence of their community and environment by removing nets over the cliff face in the Special Area of Conservation, despite a battle with Shell Security.

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Ewa Jasiewicz from Free Gaza Movement speaking in Brighton, 28th April

11-04-2009 16:09

EWA Jasiewicz has been on the ground in Gaza since November, having arrived on the siege breaking Free Gaza boat. She has been working on ambulances and reporting the reality of lives under siege and under military assault.

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24 Hour vigil for Ian Tomlinson starts 2pm today at Bank

11-04-2009 15:15

After todays march,some people are holding a 24 hour vigil at the spot where Ian died on Cornhill near the Bank of England,
People are invited to come and add their support and pay their respects...bring candles particularly from 8pm ish onwards after nightfall.

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The Drip Drip Drip Of Information

11-04-2009 12:23

Three blog items posted since Thursday, dealing with the Ian Tomlinson killing

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FITwatch names FIT in Tomlinson death

11-04-2009 11:49

The FITwatch blog has put names to some of the FIT team who were there when Ian Tomlinson was assaulted by TSG.

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Demos at Sheffield greyhound track

11-04-2009 10:08

A recent demo at Owlerton Stadium
Tuesday 14th and Tuesday 21st, 5pm until 6.30pm

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Killer Coke (by Latuff)

11-04-2009 09:58

Killer Coke
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Silvo Berlusconi: not so much Il Duce, more like the gaffer

11-04-2009 09:35

His gaffes have been seen as racist and sexist, but Italians voted for Silvio berlusconi three times

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Sat 11th of April at 11am at Bethnal Green or 1 o'clock at the Bank of England.

11-04-2009 08:46

We are taking to the streets to express our compassion with the family of
Ian Tomlinson who tragically died during the 1 April protests at the Bank
of England. We are calling for an independent public inquiry into the
instances of police violence that occurred thoughout the week and to
establish the true circumstances of his death.

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Prayer for the Dying: The Thing Worse than Rebellion

11-04-2009 05:13

And few exemplify the abhorrent ecocide-enabling champions of capitalist “democracy”[2] better than the craven and ill-educated person (or people) who are behind an Internet entity which calls itself “Target of Opportunity,” which can be found at

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Emergency Protest In London 11th April Please Come

11-04-2009 02:03


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Direct Action; Netherlands, Mexico & Australia

10-04-2009 21:47


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Politically Timed "Terror" Arrests - the Real Bob Quick Scandal

10-04-2009 21:28

The mainstream media is in a flurry of excitement over the “Terror” arrests of students in the North West of England. Linked to this is the media feeding frenzy over the resignation of Bob Quick, Scotland Yard’s anti-terror chief. It is important to note that the Quick incident only brought forward the arrests by a few hours. Yet in all the acres of coverage in the newspapers, and all the hype on TV, nobody seems to have noticed the real story.

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Police mentality

10-04-2009 21:28

I have found the reason police is angry.

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Where's the good, in good friday? - of street art(s) roasted artichokes (later)

10-04-2009 20:28

The Jury is out. 'X' marks the spot of a death/s.
Memory / image vigil in Southampton for the 'X' number of deaths from warring, poverty and the effect of greed and climate disaster. Pictures to follow. Also other add your own reflections.

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Controversial Senate elections planned in Haiti

10-04-2009 20:12

Obama greenlights sham elections in Haiti
The apparent decision to green light the contentious ballot comes on the heels of a ruling by Haiti's Provisional Election Council or CEP to exclude the Fanmi Lavalas party of former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide on procedural grounds.

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Visteon Workers: The Fight Goes On!

10-04-2009 19:45

Visteon workers were given just 6 minutes notice last week when the company they work for went into receivership. Rather than just walk away, workers responded by occupying workplaces in Belfast, Enfield and Basildon. This forced a series of meetings with the bosses here and in New York. There will be another meeting on Tuesday where they will be discussing packages.

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Transport contacts for Veggie Pride UK

10-04-2009 19:13

Veggie Pride UK will be a fantastic fun-filled festival and carnival procession, celebrating and promoting compassionate, healthy, eco-friendly vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. Taking place in Birmingham City Centre on Saturday 16 May 2009. It`s the first event of it`s kind in the UK! There`s only 5 weeks to go, so get your coach seats booked soon!

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Action Alert: Protest against Bristol Zoo!

10-04-2009 17:58

A callout has been made for anyone with an interest in stopping the exploitation of animals in Zoos for our "entertainment" to attend a massed demonstration tomorrow (11th April, 2009) at 12pm outside the gates of Bristol Zoo as part of Zoo Awareness Weekend 2009.

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Free The EDO Two Video

10-04-2009 17:47

Check the video out next prison demo 18th April