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Climate Camp National gathering March 1st-2nd

23-02-2008 22:45
Next weekend Nottingham will host a national gathering of the Camp for Climate Action, a movement for a sustainable future beyond fossil fuel capitalism. The camp aims to incorporate constructive practical solutions with education and serious direct action to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

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Hands Off Iraqi Oil - Wrexham demo

23-02-2008 21:33

There was a demonstration outside the Shell garage on the A541 Mold Road in Wrexham this morning as part of the international 'Hands Off Iraqi Oil' day of solidarity action. Despite small numbers, we managed to make ourselves very visible thanks to the conveniently placed pedestrian crossing.

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"Illegal" German nuclear funding challenged

23-02-2008 21:30

German nuclear opponents criticise the continued government funding of nuclear energy although it is government policy to stop it. They allege that funding is channelled “through the back door” via the European Community, which is still putting billions of euros into helping the nuclear industry.

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Pine Gap 4 Convictions Overturned! - All Outta Jail!

23-02-2008 20:19

Pine Gap is a NSA/CIA Warfighting Base located near Alice Springs, NT, Australia

Hi everyone
Today the Pine Gap 4 were aquitted under the Special Defence Undertakings Act of 1952.

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Support Bhopal Survivors

23-02-2008 18:08

Bhopal Survivors marching on Delhi to get Indian PM to honour pledges

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Keith Mann & 'Behind the Mask'

23-02-2008 17:07

The Nottingham University Vegetarian & Vegan Society will be hosting renowned animal rights activist Keith Mann, Saturday, March 1st, for a screening of the acclaimed documentary 'Behind the Mask' and a question/discussion session.

Please see the flyer here:

or the facebook page:

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Mr. MI5 Roger S. Smith a.k.a. Smithy - your cover is blown

23-02-2008 16:49

I spy with my little eye...

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Britain’s Guantánamo: control orders renewed, as one suspect is freed

23-02-2008 16:23

Andy Worthington, author of “The Guantánamo Files,” contrasts the British government’s extension of control orders on alleged terror suspects with the case of Cerie Bullivant, whose control order was dismissed by a judge yesterday, because there was no “reasonable suspicion” that he intended to take part in terrorism.

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Israel Considers a 'U.S-like' Invasion of Gaza

23-02-2008 15:50

Since the Brown Government's past Appeasement guarantees they will do nothing when this happens, we must make our voices heard loud and clear before this International Crime takes place.

Note that the attack on Iraq constituted 'the Supreme International Crime'.

This attack was planned long before the Annpolis Conference, which again saw Israel's ruling Extremists rejecting peace, negotiation and compromise.

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Israeli Extremists STILL Trying to Start Iran War

23-02-2008 15:48

How I love that word, "demand" in this article!

Now, if these sanctions are to be passed by the Security Council, which unfortunate member of the Knesset gets to make those trips to Beijing and Moscow to get China and Russia to go along with further sanctions?

No one.

Because Israel knows that Russia and China will not change their positions on further sanctions.

How this may shake out is with Israel declaring the UN "irrelevant", which they will use as a justification for unilateral action.

Israel, of course, has one little, tiny problem which is not addressed in this article

Russian officials have stated that any attack against Iran will be considered an attack against Russia.

War with Russia, anyone?

I would like to hope that the policy makers in Israel are weighing this very heavily in terms of what their next actions will be if no further UN sanctions come about.

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Israel's New Plan to Attack Lebanon

23-02-2008 15:46

Israel's ruling Extremists, facing increasing international condemnation and pressure to engage in talks aimed at ending its decades-long war and program of annexation, seem to be using further aggression as a way of preventing a process whereby it would be forced to give back much of what it has stolen.

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Government targets child asylum seekers

23-02-2008 15:34

Under the guise of “more compassionate treatment for children,” the Home Office Border and Immigration Agency is tightening up procedures to forcibly remove an extremely vulnerable group of children to their countries of origin.

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Banner drop in Coventry, West Midlands for hands off Iraqi oil solidarity

23-02-2008 15:28

Description of action taken for hands of Iraqi oil day in Coventry

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Marylebone Road protest against Total Oppression in Burma

23-02-2008 15:03

Ten protesters held a demonstration at Dorset House Total petrol station at 170-172 Marylebone Rd on Thursday calling on the French oil company to stop fuelling oppression in Burma with hundreds of millions of pounds a year to the brutal regime. Total has for many years been the largest western supporter of the military regime. Villagers forced as slave labour to build Total's gas pipeline nicknamed the soldiers oppressing them as the "Total Battalions".

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Mass public meeting against Heathrow third runway, central London.

23-02-2008 14:51

STOP HEATHROW EXPANSION Mass public meeting.
End-of-Consultation Rally
Central Hall, Westminster
corner of Tothill St and Storey’s Gate (Westminster and St James’s Park tube stations)
25th February 2008, 7pm

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Weird Load visits leafy Chiswick

23-02-2008 14:36

After January's thousand strong meeting against Heathrow expansion, protest continues apace.

This week saw a 50,000 leaflet doordrop, and today local campaigners were joined by Baroness von Reichardt, partner Mr Spunky and members of her World Famous Treatment Rooms.

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Poles Apart: Capitalism and Socialism As The Planet Heats Up

23-02-2008 14:29

We are pleased to inform you that the Socialist Party will be holding a half-day school on the politics of Climate Change at the Conway Hall, Holborn on Saturday the 5th of April (1-5 pm

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Angry reaction promised if Government fails to drop Biofuels targets

23-02-2008 14:12

London demonstartion, January 30th, outside Greenergy
Campaigners vowed to take to the streets in hundreds if the government refuses to drop its plans to massively increase the use of biofuels in the UK, despite mounting and now quite overwhelming scientific evidence that far from helping in the struggle to control climate change biofuels have precisely the reverse effect.

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New issue of '325' Magazine is out (#5) - Social war & Anarchy.

23-02-2008 11:02

Out Now - The 5th issue of the anarchist magazine '325', featuring news, reports and articles from the international struggle against capitalism and the state, plus letters from prisoners is off the press.