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Banner drop in Coventry, West Midlands for hands off Iraqi oil solidarity

KernelNut | 23.02.2008 15:28 | Iraq | Social Struggles | Birmingham

Description of action taken for hands of Iraqi oil day in Coventry

Today (Feb 23rd) 2 banners were hung early this morning in Coventry and 3 more later this afternoon. This was done in solidarity with other protests occurring in the UK to highlight the plight of the Iraqi people and the negative consequences of the current proposed oil law in Iraq. More details of the campaign can be found at

- Homepage:


Pictures of banner drop

23.02.2008 15:56

some pictures

The Butts

audio of London Corporate Pirates Tour

23.02.2008 19:47

Download: 1st stop - Erinys - mp3 3.5M

Download: 2nd stop - BP - mp3 4.8M

Download: 3rd stop - National Portrait Gallery - mp3 1.6M

Download: 4th Stop - International Tax & Investment Centre - mp3 1.6M

Download: 5th Stop - Royal Dutch Shell - mp3 8.9M

Over 50 pirates met up at Bond Street Tube Station on Saturday afternoon, before making their way to the offices of various organisations who are either advocating plunder of Iraq's oil reserves, or benefitting from the occupation of Iraq.



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