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Murdoch’s media empire girds up for a war against Iran

09-09-2006 07:20

An assault on Iran
It is not designed to convince, but to browbeat and intimidate. The editorial is one more indication that an assault on Iran is being planned for sooner, rather than later.

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Bliar war crimes arrest delayed pending No. 10 eviction notice

09-09-2006 05:25

BLIAR with his No.100
Bliar war crimes arrest delayed pending No. 10 eviction notice.
Cambell/Bliar "45 minutes" report may be used by anti-bushorc and wingnut prosecutors.

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Foreign Office Blockade video

09-09-2006 04:59

The small resolution video of the Foreign Office Blockade on 21-08-06.

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Let's Bankroll

09-09-2006 04:01

Lets Bankroll
Artist and activist, Clinton Fein of uses Mickey Mouse accompanied by a rewording of David Bowie's song Five Years to depict the whoring of September 11th by American media corporations. The fifth in a series.

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Israeli right-wing party threatens Brazilian cartoonist

09-09-2006 02:09

Print screen of Likud's page
Just a tiny example how the IsraHell' dirty tactics work.

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Brighton Police Chief Accuses Lebanon Demo of anti-Semitism

09-09-2006 01:57

In over 30 years of activism, the Police response to a demonstration calling for an end to the bombing of Lebanon was the heaviest I can remember. Sussex Police are now in the habit of detaining anyone on 'terrorism' suspicions (remember Walter Wolfgang) and are now trying to define support for the Palestinians or opposition to Zionist terrorism as 'anti-Semitic.'

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Final stage of Landslide evidence begins

09-09-2006 01:54

FBI staff using a computer after the raid
Here is the latest devastating evidence - pictures of the FBI interfering with the Landslide computers.

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PLANE STUPID Newsletter #4

08-09-2006 23:30

This is the fourth newsletter from Plane Stupid - Britain's first national direct action group against airport expansion.

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Close Down Dallas Court! Protest - 15 September

08-09-2006 23:23

On Friday 15th September, the North West Asylum Seekers Defence Group, Defend Kalombo Campaign and Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! are holding a protest in Salford Quays, Manchester, calling for an end to kidnappings at Dallas Court reporting centre and for this place of fear to be closed down.

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Sack Parliament! Benefit Gig 16th Sept rampART

08-09-2006 22:54

Benefit night for the October 9th Sack Parliament actions featuring Rass Smallmoney (conscious hip-hop), boogie knight, Stuart P (Hit or Miss), Sarah Bear & Josh (Sunday Sounds), Mad Scientist (Burning Spear), El Crisis (reggae), Excentral Tempest and Vendetta (Fun-Da-Mental).

Saturday 16th September 8pm til 1:30am. Donations welcome.
rampART, 15-17 Rampart Street, London, E1 2LA

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Day 8 of Mersey Fire Strike: Scale of Cuts Confirmed

08-09-2006 20:33

FBU General Secretary Matt Wrack with Croxteth Strikers
As the first round of strikes ended, Merseyside Fire Authority revealed how they intended to cut £3.5 million from their budget. Meanwhile, the General Secretary of the Fire Brigades' Union has called a national demonstration in Liverpool next Friday.

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9/11 in the media

08-09-2006 19:45

9/11 Conspiracy Theories in the British Media

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Diabetes Epidemic in Europe

08-09-2006 19:00

US Radiation Wars Thought To Be Cause

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12 Deaths in Immigration Custody

08-09-2006 17:27

NCADC has obtained the information below under the Freedom of Information Act.

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UN agrees disability treaty

08-09-2006 17:08

An international treaty that will give greater rights and freedoms to disabled people around the world has been agreed at the United Nations

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was adopted in New York. This is the first human rights treaty of the 21st Century, and the UN hopes it will mark a significant improvement in the treatment of disabled people.

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Peace cyclists detained in Israel

08-09-2006 16:53

Peace cyclists detained in Israel.
Respect MP George Galloway speaks out and calls on the government to intervene.

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Inportant dates of Brown/Blair Speech in Manchester.

08-09-2006 16:39

Boot blair out.
Labour Annual Coference begins when "leader in waiting" Gordan Brown specks on 25th Sept and Blair on Sept 26th. Under labour rules, a hostile bid for the leadership can only take place at conference.

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The Wounds of War Must Be Healed

08-09-2006 15:34

The human rights violations during the war between Israel and Hezbollah must be investigated and researched. Amnesty International presses for this.

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08-09-2006 15:23


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08-09-2006 14:37

COALITION AGAINST THE WELFARE REFORM BILL (CAWRB) Demo/Lobby In Manchester on Monday 25th September 2006

Gather at 3pm in Exchange Square, opposite the Arndale Centre on Corporation St (¼mile to Victoria Stn, 1mile to Piccadilly and coach stns). The stroll and roll joins the protest outside the Labour Party Conference at the G-MEX centre on Lower Mosley St. The protest will be from 3pm so join us there if you can’t do the march.

Campaigners can meet you at either the bus or train stations. If you
have booked transport, there is a safe drop off point arranged with the

Please get in touch and read below for more information: