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Bush's tight ship springs convenient leaks: The Prelude to 7/7.

25-07-2005 21:41

Journalist Mary Pat Hyland outlines the case of Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan. Did the White House leak of last year allow for the atrocities in London last month?

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Carr gets advice on public transport bag searches

25-07-2005 20:30

Extra, extra read all about it!
Yeah just like everyone else and that is: ensuring opposition to pre-emptive, illegal and degrading wars and holding all war criminals accountable for their war crimes against humanity that is, unless you want to continue to give up more of what's left of your civil liberties and live in a war-zone.

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Blair resign

25-07-2005 19:41

to restore the morale of the metropolitan police force, and to acknowledge the serious disquiet in the police force, and the international outrage and accompanying alienation within many of London's ethnic minorities, Sir Ian Blair QPM MA commissioner of the Metropolitan Police should offer his resignation to the Rt Hon
Tony Blair PM of HMG.

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Fixing facts: How Western leaders are in denial

25-07-2005 18:30

Someone should swab the toilets in Congress and the White House, like they did at the European Parliament, finding “substantial amounts” of coke. Jesus, what are these people on?

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25-07-2005 17:37

It's amazing how ridgidly the media is adhering to these points. My favourite Journalism prof said, "When the media speaks with one voice, start digging".

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Stockwell Tube Peace Vigil, Tonight Monday 6pm

25-07-2005 15:33

Following the death of Jean Charles de Menezes on Friday 22nd July Lambeth Stop the War Coalition have called a Peace and Solidarity Vigil at Stockwell tube station at 6pm tonight, Monday 25th July. All sections of the community are invited and strongly encouraged to attend.

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london bombers?

25-07-2005 15:08

was this photo altered?

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London shooting viewpoint from the Germany newspaper Die Tageszeitung

25-07-2005 14:17

From Germanys Die Tageszeitung. Frontpage headline ‘Deadly Mistake’.

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Call out for other prissoner from back of police van arrested after A9 action

25-07-2005 13:47

I was arrested on a blockade of the A9 on Wednesday 6th Jully. I was put in the front of the police van but there was another prissoner in the cell at the back. We were taken to Perth police station. I urgently need to get in contact with him, he will have seen and heard some stuff in the van that's vital to my deffence.

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Myths of the Economy

25-07-2005 13:17

"Redistribution to poorer groups can increase growth.. the public debate about the economyand economic policy is dominated by the practical necessity logic. Desires, interests and goals of social groups play no role in the discussion of economic reforms.."

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East-Germany Intelligence Connections in Finland

25-07-2005 12:49

East-Germany Intelligence Stasi connections are kept as a secret. Finland’s top leading Politicians, Police Commissiones, Mass Media workers and possibly Presindent Tarja Halonen can very likely be found from this list also referred as ‘Tiitinen’s list’.

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25-07-2005 12:30

6pm at Stockwell Station. Monday 25th July 2005.

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Nottingham Peace rally in response to the London bombings

25-07-2005 12:26

On Saturday afternoon, scores of people gathered for a peace rally in Nottingham in response to the London bombings. The event in Market Square was arranged by the Nottingham Muslim Action Group.

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Supermarket bread contains harmful ingredients

25-07-2005 12:14

I have been shocked to learn that bread, a staple ingredient of our daily diet, contains an ingredient described by the FSA as harmful.

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International law and suicide bombing - Its the target that counts!

25-07-2005 11:56

With the current concern about suicide bombing the media debate seems to have forgotten to focus on the target of the attackers rather than the mechanism. Suicide bombings do not equate to terrorism and terrorism cannot be defined by the method of attack.

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Smash EDO Protest Camp 13-19th August

25-07-2005 11:38

Still twiddling your thumbs after G8?

Smash EDO are planning a week of action and peace camp against the arms trade in the Wild Park, Mouslecoomb, Brighton from 13-19th August 2005

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It is hard to accept that the things you are seeing can be really happening -

25-07-2005 10:20

Life in Palestine from an undercurrents witness

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Egypt: Mossad Responsoble for Bombing?

25-07-2005 05:50

Considering the Lavon Affair, these ideas are not outside the realm of real possibility. Londoners would do well to pay attention.

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Cuban Internationalism.

25-07-2005 05:23

This excellent speech by an Australian economics lecturer is a must read for anyone interested in Cuba.

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U$A: Activists held: Terrorist Task Force raid on IWW/Animal Rights home

25-07-2005 04:30

Please help if you can. US Anti-Terror squads detain Animal Rights/Trades Union/Socialist Activists in New Jersey Raid. More Raids feared.