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56a Infoshop, London Sunday Breakfast

10-02-2007 19:13

Our second FREE BREAKFAST FOR ALL at 56a Infoshop and Social Centre
Sunday 18th February at Midday at 56a

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GIG - Dave Rovics and Attilla in Bath

10-02-2007 18:29

Porter Butt, 8.30 - 11, Monday 12th Feb, £4 unwaged/£5 waged

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Catastrophic Climate Change may be Inevitible unless Drastic Steps are Taken

10-02-2007 15:03

Emissions Gap
A report by Friends of the Earth Australia warns that catastrophic climate change may be inevitable unless dramatic steps are taken to reduce emissions. While the scientific community have finally consensed that human induced climate change is an unequivical reality with the release of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) scientific report on 2 February 2007, the survey of recent scientific research by FOE(Australia) indicates the IPCC climate change models may be very conservative and underestimate feedback effects of climate change.

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US Holocaust Commission and Holocaust denial

10-02-2007 14:52

The US recently successfully put a Resolution to UN General Assembly RIGHTLY condemning Holocaust Denial. However the Resolution ignored huge non-Jewish Holocausts e.g. the US-driven Iraqi Holocaust and thus was Holocaust Ignoring, something even WORSE than Holocaust Denial because it is Passive Holocaust Denial that admits of no refutation – who does one refute something that has not even been asserted?

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Report from Carmel-Agrexco Action

10-02-2007 14:37

Over 100 protesters gathered outside Israeli company Carmel-Agrexco's UK headquarters in Hayes, Middlesex, in a mass picket of the depot. Protesters are blocking both gates. At least 2 lorries have been turned away. There are Palestinian flags waving and someone has made a coffin covered with 'Carmel flowers'. Police have been stop-and-searching people without any legal basis. They also half-heartedly attempted to coral people into pens but haven't succeeded.

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What’s the Death Toll, Mr. Bush?

10-02-2007 14:07

The ever increasing, unmentionable death toll of U.S. military expansionism in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and elsewhere exceeds one million souls. The human casualties have achieved unification and consensus at last! The slogan of death is unutterable, perfectly silent and devastatingly effective! Devoid of tribe, nation, race, religion and every other divisive factor that contributed to their demise, all humans are united in death – they are finished! In death there are no ideologies, 'critical issues' or causes.

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First Report from the NoBorders Demo in Harmondsworth

10-02-2007 13:00

12:35pm. About 250 protesters gathered outside the gates of Colnbrook and Harmondsworth detention centres near Heathrow. Two buses from London, one from Leeds and a number of minibuses from Brighton, Manchester and Reading carried people there despite bad weather conditions. There are also many refugees on the demo: Kurdish, Iranian, Congolese and others.

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Report from Harmonsworth

10-02-2007 12:44

About 250 gathered outside the gates of Colnbrook and Harmondsworth detention centres near Heathrow.

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30 shut down Manchester petrol station

10-02-2007 12:18

Yesterday, 30 climate activists shut down an ESSO petrol station on Upper Brook Street in Manchester for 2 hours. The action aimed to highlight the link between the oil industry and global warming.

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stop horse slaughter!

10-02-2007 12:05

hlep to stop horses being killed please by signing the online petition via the link:

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10-02-2007 11:05

PRO BIKE NOT ANTI CAR: Big changes required to stop global warming warning skeptics.

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IWW Meeting, 13th february

10-02-2007 10:32

Details of our next meeting.

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A Warning to Africa: The New U.S. Imperial Grand Strategy

10-02-2007 10:19

Imperialism is constant for capitalism. But it passes through various phases as the system evolves. At present the world is experiencing a new age of imperialism marked by a U.S. grand strategy of global domination. One indication of how things have changed is that the U.S. military is now truly global in its operations with permanent bases on every continent, including Africa, where a new scramble for control is taking place focused on oil.

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Carbon calculators and the fraud of 'doing your bit'

10-02-2007 10:03

Using a carbon calculator reveals how little impact on climate change we can have even by radically changing our lifestyles.

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Why Did Two Children Murder Catholic Priest

10-02-2007 03:33

Lost in the mist of censorship

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Bashir remains preacher and teacher, says community

10-02-2007 02:47

Or he just doesn't like the US, CIA and Australia?
[If you form a triangle against someone you can push anyone out or seemingly into any position.]

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Japanese Claims of Injuries are Bogus says Sea Shepherd

10-02-2007 02:22

Antarctic Pirates
Captain Paul Watson, from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, has refuted Japanese claims that two whalers were injured during an engagement between the Sea Shepherd vessel 'Robert Hunter' and the 'Nisshin Maru' on Friday. Sea Shepherd activists threw 6 one litre bottles of foul smelling but non-toxic butyric acid to the flensing deck of the 'Nisshin Maru' Whaling Factory Ship.

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Avian Flu? - Q: When is a virus not a virus? A: When it’s a mycoplasma.

10-02-2007 01:05

Is the so-called bird flu “virus” really a virus?

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Oaxacan Teachers Support the APPO and the Ninth Megamarch

09-02-2007 23:18

New March Proves Movement is Alive; State Government Blocks Access to Public Spaces with Razor Wire and Dogs

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Brigitte 'pressured' over terrorism plot confession

09-02-2007 23:15

Days without sleep
Brigitte says he admitted training in Pakistan and knowledge of a plot in Australia, but only after being questioned for days without sleep and after he was incorrectly told his brother and parents were also in jail.