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Michael Moore's Oscar Night speech

25-03-2003 09:40

Mp3 Audio of Michael Moore's courageous Oscar Night anti-war speech (2 minutes).

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GREECE: Down with the military-style courts

25-03-2003 09:22

No to the isolation cells

Down with Simitis' anti-terrorist act

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message from EMMA

25-03-2003 08:29

Do what you need to do to keep your inner peace - pray, hug, act out, demonstrate, chain yourself to Big Ben - but do it gladly, happily, that you are living your truth and playing your part in your life and in our world.

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report from Iraq

25-03-2003 08:08

two reports from BBC world Service

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Stop praying bring the troops home.

25-03-2003 07:53

Is our President Tony on "air miles" or simply looking for a new job.

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Blood and the Flag in San Francisco

25-03-2003 07:25

Blood and the Flag in San Francisco
Blood and the Flag in San Francisco

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Flash! US/British Military have declared Basra "a military target"!!

25-03-2003 07:23

CNN reports that, due to the stiff resistance against occupation forces of the US/British military by the Iraqi troops and the armed civilian population of Basra, the city is being declared "a military target"!!

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100,000 children in Basra may be casualties -- "Children Likely to Die"

25-03-2003 07:19

At least 100,000 small children in Basra are at risk of disease after water supplies were cut following US-led air strikes... there is the very real possibility now of child deaths, not only from the conflict, but from the additional effects of diarrhea and dehydration.... Basra's main water treatment plant... had been out of action for want of power since Friday... Basra, which has a population of 2 million...

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Messaging analysis - Focus on Empire

25-03-2003 05:42

Empire is a concept that connects many of the reasons to oppose this war in a logical, clear and reasonable way that can make sense to many Americans. Includes links to anti-war for Empire posters (PDFs).

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25-03-2003 04:37

"There is a possibility that the fabrication of these
documents may be part of a larger deception campaign aimed at
manipulating public opinion and foreign policy regarding Iraq,"
Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV (D-WV) wrote to FBI Director Robert Mueller on March 13.

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American Jihad

25-03-2003 04:29

Art, like terrorism, is ambiguous. Everything depends upon your perspective.

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Move United Nations Headquarters to Geneva!

25-03-2003 03:23

We've started a global citizen campaign calling for the United Nations to relocate its headquarters to Geneva until the United States expresses a willingness to abide by its obligations under the United Nations Charter and in protest to the illegal aggression against Iraq.

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a letter from Cairo

25-03-2003 01:54

I woke up in the early afternoon and decided to go and try to find the US and British embassies. All the usual symbols of Global domination were gaurded by armed riot police, McDonalds and KFC, however, were as busy as on any other day.

Full article shut down again for showing POW pictures

25-03-2003 01:25

The well known alternative publication was censored by its hosting company for showing pictures of U.S. POWs and civilian Iraqi casualties in Iraq.

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Civilian deaths and resistance - report from Baghdad

25-03-2003 01:03

The Brigades Against War are a group of Spanish activists currently in Baghdad, visiting hospitals and bomb sites and writing regular reports. This is a translation of their March 23 report on the fourth night of bombings.

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Is Bush War Actually an Elaborate Religious Fantasy played out?

24-03-2003 23:10

Is this war REALLY about the oil - or is it the elaborate fanatical religious delusion of Bush and his rightwing "Armageddon-promoting" Christians being acted out on the world stage at everyone else's expense?

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Like the glory days in Vietnam and Somalia

24-03-2003 23:06

Like the glory days in Vietnam and Somalia
starve out and die with thirst the cities

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Fairford March Sunday March 23rd

24-03-2003 22:50

Fairford March Sunday March 23rd
Here are some pictures of the demonstration at Fairford on Sunday.

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Anti-G8 Evian Update

24-03-2003 22:41

This is a report stitched together by some individuals who were at the G8 preparation meeting in Geneva at the beginning of March. Apologies for the delay (there is a war going on, you know...)

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Mass Lobby of Peter Hain MP, the pro war minister

24-03-2003 22:38

There will be a mass lobby of Peter Hain MP THIS FRIDAY ,THE 28TH March