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Palestine Today 051809

18-05-2009 14:38


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Monday May 18th 2009.

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Boycott P&G “Trolley Dump” in Tesco

18-05-2009 13:34

Video from action in Cambridge. Report posted earlier.

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Protesters in Tunbridge Wells challenge Tesco over illegal settlement goods

18-05-2009 13:16

A flying picket of Tesco and Marks and Spencer, made up of roughly a dozen people, took place in Tunbridge Wells last Saturday (16th May). The aim was to raise awareness about the occupation of Palestine and the sale of illegal settlement goods by UK supermarkets. As well as demonstrating noisily outside both supermarkets, activists conducted 'sticker raids'.

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One Rule for David Cameron Another Rule for

18-05-2009 12:45

Hippocrites in high places insist they are reforming while actually just distracting from expenses.

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Eight cars torched across Sussex

18-05-2009 11:47

When does an act become political? It is quite possible that cars in the areas mentioned were luxury vehicles, although it has not been said, possibly in order not to incite similar acts. This sort of act is very common on the European mainland often in response to gentrification and rage towards the rich and ruling classes. To all those acting upon their anger, and not just preaching it...

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Age of Stupid Indie Screening Bradford 22nd May

18-05-2009 11:22

As one of at least 77 simultaneous independent screenings Bradford's 1in12 Club will be showing The Age Of Stupid this Friday (May 22nd) at 7.30, in the Library.

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Obama and Brown complicit in Abu Ghraib abuse

18-05-2009 11:08

The Daily Telegraph today links both Barak Obama and Gordon Brown to the torture, abuse, rapes and murders at Abu Ghraib and other US black prisons [1]. The supposedly liberal, anti-war, anti-torture President has just appointed General Stanley MacChrystal as his new army chief in Afghanistan. It links him to the Human Rights Watch report into that abuse 'No Blood, No Foul' [2].

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Linamar Workers Prepare for Strike

18-05-2009 09:28

DATE: 17th May 2009
LOCATION: Linamar plant, Swansea

Rob Williams spoke at a rally of Linamar workers and union members on Sunay 17th May to remind everyone of the need to fight to protect workers' rights, pay and conditions.

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Postal Workers Refuse to Deliver BNP Leaflets

18-05-2009 08:55

Postal worker stood firm against management intimidation at the Bridgwater Sorting Office, Somerset this week as bosses attempted to force them to deliver British National Party (BNP) leaflets in the run up to the forthcoming Euro elections.

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Jean-Baptiste Bassime Must Stay In UK Campaign

18-05-2009 05:21

Jean-Baptiste Foukong Bassime a national of Cameroon and resident of Birmingham; was arrested and detained by UK Home Office when he reported for signing at Solihull Immigration office on 5/5/09. Currently he is detained in Campsfield IRC, and due to be forcibly removed to Cameroon on Thursday 21 May 2009 on Easyjet flight U2-2431 from Luton Airport @ 06:00hrs to Paris, and then from Paris to Cameroon on Air France Flight AF940.

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Justice For Pakistani Students Arrested under Terrorism Laws

18-05-2009 02:28

No to injustice !
Planning meeting to setup the local chapter of the national campaign against the deportation of 12 Pakistani students arrested under terror laws. Failing to present any incriminating evidence against them the government has decided to deport them.

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Veganarchy Zine #1 - Free Copies!

18-05-2009 00:40

Front cover preview
Hello my wonderful Veganarchy readers!

The publication date for the Summer 2009 issue of Veganarchy has been moved forward a few weeks, but things are looking good and soon enough we’ll be finished.

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Manchester Public meeting: Fighting the Economic Crisis

17-05-2009 22:44

Saturday 23rd May, 1.00pm

Upstairs, Town Hall Tavern, Tib Lane, Manchester (city centre), M2 4JA.

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Tamil solidarity call-out - US embassy protest on Monday morning

17-05-2009 22:37

with news of more than 1000 new deaths and thousands injured in just a few hours today in Vanni, tamils in london are calling for a solidarity protest outside the US embassy, grosvenor square on monday morning to urge barack obama to intervene.

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EDO (UK) Directors Resign en Mass. Paul Hills LAST One Left

17-05-2009 21:58

Final cracks in EDO MBM appear to be showing as Brighton arms firm EDO MBM's holding company EDO (UK) Ltd loses all but one director.

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Boycott Proctor & Gamble Day Action in Cambridge

17-05-2009 21:43

Activists Shopping Trip!
Campaigners headed to Tesco on Newmarket Road, Cambridge on 16 May 09 as part of an international day of action against Proctor and Gamble (P&G) who still test on animals. Proctor and Gamble are responsible for a huge array of products including Herbal Essences, Ariel, Fairy, Bold and even animal food under the label Iams/Eukanuba.

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activist groups in derby need support on different projects

17-05-2009 21:20

Please resize pictures to 550 pxl
derby is fast becoming a dumping ground.and polluted area .many things going on all different

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Humanitarian disaster - Vanni, Sri Lanka. - pictures.

17-05-2009 20:57

Elderly women with injuries.
On the day Sri Lanka government forces claim victory over the LTTE (Tamil Tigers of Tamil Eelam), Tamils gather outside the US embassy in London to call on the Americans to intervene in the Humanitarian disaster now unfolding on the Island.

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peace camp raynesway derby anti nuclear against trident

17-05-2009 20:57

Please resize pictures to 550 pxl
camp set up all welcome to join /against trident missiles and new reactors being built in derby ,making the area a bigger terrorist threat.the area already has the highest .leukemia rating in uk .swans on river have been found to have radio active elements in them .main monthly prottest end of month .carnival attmosphere //but all are welcome to visit the peace camp and join the cause /its oposite rolls royce .next to derby car auction hope you join us roo shaun and co /