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Obama and Brown complicit in Abu Ghraib abuse

Danny | 18.05.2009 11:08 | Anti-militarism | Iraq | Terror War

The Daily Telegraph today links both Barak Obama and Gordon Brown to the torture, abuse, rapes and murders at Abu Ghraib and other US black prisons [1]. The supposedly liberal, anti-war, anti-torture President has just appointed General Stanley MacChrystal as his new army chief in Afghanistan. It links him to the Human Rights Watch report into that abuse 'No Blood, No Foul' [2].

The Telegraph doesn't mention this, but this report is one of several to contain testimony from US soldiers linking British SAS and Military Intelligence officers to the abuse.
At another time, Jeff saw a British SAS officer beat a detainee:
[It] was a beating in a kind of a bunker behind the main facility. . . . this British guy actually who wasn’t supposed to be interrogating anybody - a British soldier. SAS. That’s all I know about him. I don’t know his name or anything. But we went back there and he gave the guy a pretty good pounding. Nothing really in the face. A lot of stomach shots, and I would say two or three groin shots, very harsh. A knee to the abdomen. Thrown against the wall and so forth. He was very frustrated with this person, who supposedly had information about the whereabouts of Zarqawi. And he did. But we didn’t know exactly that. He was blatantly stalling us and lying to us. It was frustrating, but he [the British soldier] decided to go that route and get physical with him. . . . [W]e ended up cutting in. “This is not working, we need to stop this.”. . . I took the prisoner back and my partner took the other guy. It was reported. They weren’t upset about any type of abuse or anything. They were just upset that he [the British soldier] was interrogating anybody at all, because it was not in adherence with the rules. Because he wasn’t American or he wasn’t, you know, signed on to do that type of job. He was allowed to stick around, but he wasn’t allowed to talk to any more detainees.


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