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Hubbin' it: The Euraction Hub in Florence

11-11-2002 13:47

The Euraction Hub showed a slightly different side of the social Europe which manifested itself during the European Social Forum in Florence, 6/11 - 10/11.

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11-11-2002 13:45

Galactic federation aliens demand Bush Administration be replaced immediately and that the Illuminati (13 Corporate families including Rockerfellas and Rothchilds) also

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World Peace Now (Not With Bush) Petition

11-11-2002 13:16

World Peace Now (Not With Bush) Petition
This petition is a direct response to George W. Bush’s declaration, “If you’re not with us, you’re with the terrorists.” We the sane and peaceful people of the world reject Bush and his policies. The Universal Kinship Society requests that all who sign this petition forward the following petition link to all people on your email list.

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Praha needs FOOD NOT BOMBS for NATO

11-11-2002 11:50

Anti-NATO platform calls all mobile kitchen and FNB collectives to come to Prague to help with anti-NATO street protest.

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Millburn isn't helping with Though Police enquiries

11-11-2002 11:37

The British Heath Secretary is stonewalling Parliamentary enquiries about a secret, non-consensual psychological experiment that has gone badly awry. One victim was quoted in an earlier article nicknaming the experiment's perpetrators 'The Thought Police' and 'The Mengele Clinic'.

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Reclaim the Beach party pics

11-11-2002 11:28

Reclaim the Beach party pics
On Saturday night, some of us opted not to go to a commercial pub or club and partied on the beach instead. Here are some pics.

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New SQUALL material!

11-11-2002 11:13

Latest investigative material and activist eye-witness reports

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Anti-War Demo In Brussels Turns Violient

11-11-2002 09:28

Trouble flared after 2,000 people took part in an anti-war march in Brusselsand began chanting anti-American and anti-Islreali slogans. Around 100 of them attacked American businesses including a Mc Donalds restuarant!

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Thousands to Expose Double Standard in War on Terrorism

11-11-2002 05:45

Thousands to Expose Double Standard in War on Terrorism
Massive Convergence at Ft. Benning, Georgia, November 15-17 to Close the School of the Americas

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Australians protest against US exploitation of Latin America

11-11-2002 02:53

US policies towards Latin America have caused an increase in hunger, unemployment, illness and infant mortality, Australian solidarity organisations say.

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action in argentina

11-11-2002 02:42

taking action into the streets, the Piquetero's are make very effective change through direct in-your-face-action on saturday to acchieve their desired results.

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bali update phase 2

11-11-2002 01:58

back to reality

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if i got caught flyposting in 1983, does that mean i might be a terrorist?

11-11-2002 01:09

Johann Hartshauser works in a warehouse at Munich Airport. Or he did. Until the Bavarian Police decided, under the "anti-terrorism" laws introduced by the government after September 11th, that he was "unreliable" and a "threat to security".Why exactly? Known connections to islamic fundamentalists? An unusual interest in chemicals?
..............No, Johann Hartshauser's only "crime" was flyposting, in 1983.

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The Denial of Imperialism

11-11-2002 00:29

The denial of the existence of US imperialism in the US corporate media and academia and the manifestations of its actual existence.

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Sweatshops and Imperialism

11-11-2002 00:21

The conditions in Third World sweatshops and the relationship between sweatshops and imperialism.

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School Revolutionary Party

10-11-2002 23:51

a student organization created to destroy the fascist school system

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Hunter S. Thompson on 9-11: [MP3 and RealAudio]

10-11-2002 22:46

Thompson discusses 9-11 and also, rabid patriotism that blinds people from thinking straight: All on Australian Broadcasting Corporation (because American media is scared shitless of the angry mob our nation has become ;-) .....

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The HempFarm Report - Election Special

10-11-2002 21:06

A working Democracy relies on a well-informed electorate, not the thundering drums of war that drown out the legitimate questions and voices of the people. Information is the only power we have left.

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10-11-2002 20:35

Reclaim remembrance street party at Number Zero Social Centre in Cambridge! (article 1)

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Important Update on Aisha and Bankole Irungu, Exiles from the US

10-11-2002 19:13

The latest news on two Africans from the USA, who left that country in 2000 due to racism and political reasons. As refugees, they are coming to England soon and will need your support. Please contact them and offer what you can.