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By Mike Angel | 11.11.2002 13:45

Galactic federation aliens demand Bush Administration be replaced immediately and that the Illuminati (13 Corporate families including Rockerfellas and Rothchilds) also

The Galactic Federation of Human Aliens this week made its most uncompromising call for the urgent dismissal of the Bush Administration in the USA because of
its intention to invade Iraq. The Federation, channelled through a world-famous New Age spokesman, says the Bush Administration is illegal and does not represent the will of the people in the USA. It called for the immediate replacement of the Bush Administration. Throughout the western world a huge protest movement has developed through the Anti-Iraq Wa
r movement and also through the Anti-globalisation movement. These movements are hardly ever represented in the Third World media because most of the Third World media pander to American imperialism which is completely ironic. The Western Protest movement this week saw millions protest in Italy, the USA, Australia
and Britain. In London 400,000 people protested over any involvement over Britian invading Iraq with the USA. In the USA in the past two weeks more than 500 large rallies and demonstrations have been held involving millions of people. The conservative daily fascist "Illuminati" owned newspapers in the western world continue to ignore this huge movement. However, a new media has developed in the West that is telling the truth and is FEARLESS. Many Third World countries do not realise the huge protest and fighting movements that have developed in the West and they do not understand their power. Internationally famous journalist John Pilger has said this protest movement is much bigger than the forces against the Vietnam War during the 1960s. Pilger has pointed out that both Britain and the USA are now one-party capitalist states with no democracy and that the real democracy in these countries is now in the street. Much more than the majority of peoples in both the USA and Britain, says Pilger, realise that both of the main political parties have the same capitalist
agenda and thus are receiving no support at the polls. Bush only received a small proportion of the overall vote and so did Blair. SO the real power in these countries is now in the street and this should not be underestimated by the Third World. The Galactic Federation of Human Aliens is now very involved in global politics. They have urged the Indian, Chinese, Russian, South American and Third World media to expose the truth of their existence. The Galactic Federation wants to see democratic loving open spiritual socialism. It has talked with many governments but because the very nature of these governments hangs in the balance, now is the time for the world to rise up and gain power, says the Galactic Federation. The USA Government has used psychotronic weapons (psychotronic weapons can change the way people think and also cause Earthquakes through scalar waves)on many countries and caused the Japanese Earthquake in Kobe in 1994. The CIA have a long history of using psychotronic weapons on many activists and used this technology to kill world famous Beatle singer John Lennon. The Galactic Federation now wants to truth to be told by Third World Countries. It wants it known about the USA's long involvement with Grey aliens who worked for the Reptoids. The CIA have for years used drug money to fund their terrible illegal human rights activities around the world. In Latin America the CIA were involved in millions of deaths by training killers in various wars in that country. Henry Kissinger, a war criminal of epic proportions, is greeted by governments around the world as some sort of hero. The CIA are allowed to operate in most countries these days and perform terrible human rights abuses on foreign nationals - in many cases forcing these nationals out of the country. SO the situation has reached a critical time, says the Galactic Federation. Aliens may be living among us but human activists like me who work for the Galactic Federation have been hounded and harrassed by the CIA with psychotropic weapons and other forms of torture for years. What most Third World governments don't understand is that the CIA is different from the various governments in power at the time. The Galactic Federation of Human Aliens wants the truth to be told about their existence. Many live among us here on Earth. They want the entire New Age movement to be truthfully exposed for what it is. They want it to be told about world famous Cosmic Christ in India Sai Baba, who has a following of 100 million. They want it told about Shamballa in super energy in Inner Mongolia where Buddha lives and the Ascended Masters. Until this happens, conflict and misery will occur. The Third World virtually never shows the good side of the western world. It always appears to promote the very worst side of western culture in a positive fashion which is bizarre. In the West there is a strong tradition of socialism and activism. Embedded in western rock, punk and folk music protest of every kind can be seen - from sexual liberation, a call for socialism, a call for feminism, a call for civil rights can be heard. Yet both the establishment media in the West and in Third World countries never acknowledges this. Until this happens what dialogue can happen? The Galactic Federation of Human Aliens now wants the truth to be told and the Third World media is the organ to do it(ET). The western world already has a very strong New Age and alternative media that grows stronger every day but the Third World is now in a position to tell the truth to the world because the establishment and corrupt western media would have to acknowledge their claims. What have they got to lose? They are facing nuclear anniliation only to be saved by the hands of the Galactic Federation through the Photon Effect. I live in constant fear not just from various changing governments but through negative forces in super energy - energy faster than light which is where Archangel Lucifer is with the other Archangels such as Archangel Michael. Super energy is energy faster than the speed of light. Both energy (e=mc sqaured) and super energy (e=mcto the power of 4) are produced by thought which is a form of philosophical Idealism like the German philosophers Hegel and Schelling proposed. Aliens in their spaceships fly into pockets of super enrgy to come here through the speed of light using crystal bioenergetic computers sending messages into super energy. The message from the Galactic Federation this week compared the Bush Administration with that of Hitler. However, the major difference is that Hitler had the support of Reptoids using psychotronic weapons from the moon where Bush doesn't. AND that is why the Bush Administration will ultimately fall and implode from its fascist attack on anyone. The one last thing the Reptoids did before they were killed and booted off the moon by the Galactic Federation was get Bush into power using psychotronic weapons. But now that they are not on the Moon, Bush can watch with his very eyes the huge civil war mounting in the western world.

By Mike Angel


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