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18-04-2014 13:57

A unique set of circumstances now works towards a dystopian future in advanced states with no need for jackboots or brutal faces on posters.

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UKIP is a pro-racist Far Right group, confirmed by French FN invitation

18-04-2014 13:21

The French racist Far Right FN has invited Nigel Farage's UKIP to join them!
The London EVENING STANDARD carrying a report to this effect today but the outlet has no room for any serious comments on the lethally toxic move from across the channel

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Survival Is the Saudi Key Word

18-04-2014 06:49

The Saudis could not trust the US’ “regime change” strategy in the region, which depends on the Muslim Brotherhood International (MBI) as an instrument of change, sponsored by a regional rival like Turkey and a co-member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), like Qatar, which has been for long contesting the Saudi leadership of the GCC, the Saudi leading role in Arab politics and the Saudi political representation of Sunni Muslims.

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Debbie Vincent jailed for six years today for SHAC involvement

17-04-2014 17:39

Debbie Vincent has been the latest in a long line of animal rights activists falsely imprisoned under terrorism laws for peaceful protests.

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Novartis Wins Court Order Blocking U.K. Animal-Rights Protests

17-04-2014 17:34

Novartis wins a court injunction restricting demonstrations to six people or fewer, in designated protest zones, with no amplified sounds, and forbids costumes, face-coverings or “blood-splattered costumes.”

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Neo Nazis target Animal Rights

17-04-2014 11:32

Tommy Johnson 2nd right.
Tommy Johnson is an active fascist based in the Leeds area. He has set up the 'Nationalists Animal Rights Network' page on Facebook.

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Mandela's prisonmate comes to film festival in desert for Western Sahara

17-04-2014 08:27

Mandela’s 89 year-old prison-mate to join movie stars at film festival in desert refugee camp, home to Western Sahara Saharawi refugees displaced for 40 years.

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Victory to the striking South African miners! Demonstrate in London, Thursday 24 April

17-04-2014 06:46

Marikana Massacre
Assemble 1pm, Thursday 24 April, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre
Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, London, SW1P 3EE
Outside the Anglo American AGM

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Tower Hamlets - could the BBC & Private Eye be leaving out 'UK National' angle?

16-04-2014 16:23

The London Met Police is reported by Wednesday's Guardian (16 April 2014) web site and by the Evening Standard to have found 'no evidence' of criminality in Tower Hamlets Council.
There will therefore be no investigation by the Police into Tower Hamlets Council, say those reports.

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Nazi clothing brand sets-up shop in London

16-04-2014 12:50

Nazi rock band Brutal Attack wearing Thor Steinar
Nazi clothing brand Thor Steinar sets-up shop in London

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Met Police Laughing Stock as Anti-Fascists Released

16-04-2014 02:46

Met Police - "dog ate my homework"

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March on Parliament, 21st June! Austerity is Theft!

15-04-2014 20:23

Following the immense anti-austerity protests in Paris and Madrid.....

No More Austerity! Austerity is Theft! National Demo!

Festival outside the BBC, then march on Parliament

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“Two Weeks of Worldwide Action: Juan Vázquez Guzmán lives! The Bachajón struggl

15-04-2014 19:28

Convocation for the

“Two Weeks of Worldwide Action: Juan Vázquez Guzmán lives!
The Bachajón struggle continues!”

From Thursday, April 24th to Thursday, May 8th, 2014: Juan Vázquez Guzmán lives!
The Bachajón struggle continues!”

From Thursday, April 24th to Thursday, May 8th, 2014

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Calais: The fascist demonstration that never happened

15-04-2014 15:44

Despite their big push for a demonstration this weekend, members of Sauvons Calais and the other neo-nazi groups who had promised their presence in the centre of Calais on Sunday were nowhere to be seen.

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Mr Putin,Ukraines leaders&war gamblers,the worlds Watching!,lets join Eurasia

14-04-2014 14:10

Superpowers&factions must stop risking billions of lives vying for power in the Ukraine&Syria,
The situ in Ukraine is especially silly, help this country&region thrive peacefully via a fair direct democracy, which can happen if we stop messing around.Ukraine can help bridge eurasia& the world, not split it.
Does Putin&his clan want to be as reviled as Hitler& Stalin?, dying early& or twisted in a bunker. Billions of nice people&good programmers want peace, not world war3,
no one ultimately profits from war!

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WDM campaign launch event - The New Scramble for Africa?

14-04-2014 09:53

A speaker event to launch our new campaign, targeting the aid-facilitated neo-colonial takeover of the African food system.

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Next Anarchist Action Network Meeting in Bristol, 19/20 April

13-04-2014 10:33

The Anarchist Action Network's monthly UK wide planning meeting. Come down to get involved in the anti NATO summit mobilisation and the Anarchist Travelling Circus.

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Chalk it Up! #stopmfe

13-04-2014 08:37

Anti-racist campaigners take to the hills with giant banner on the Long Man of Wilmington.

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May Gathering in Plymouth to Prevent Wilful and Accidental Nuclear Holocaust

12-04-2014 21:43

Tamarian activist wearing Trident Sub Headgear
The Tamarians are inviting members of the public to a gathering in Plymouth from the 9th to the 12th of May 2014. The group is a local affinity group of Trident Ploughshares, and is determined to abolish Weapons of Mass Destruction, starting with the one on their doorstep: the Trident submarine based system.

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The anarchist subculture and the leftist protest ghetto in the United States

12-04-2014 13:17

A small contribution to understanding the larger problems of resistance in capitalist America...