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30-08-2006 14:29

Stroud District Green party have been appalled by the South West Regional Assembly's 'Draft Regional Spatial Strategy' (RSS) report which sets out development for the region over the next 20 years. The Green party in a submission to the RSS consultation process welcome some aspects of the report but argue it fails disastrously to tackle climate change and is based on flawed economics (i).

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Greens welcome Oldbury reactors shutting down

30-08-2006 14:26

Safety regulators say they have seen nothing to persuade them that Oldbury nuclear power station is safe to restart - and despite the industry spending more than £2 billion researching the safety of graphite reactor cores, both reactors are due to shut early September (i).

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North Yorkshire Police

30-08-2006 14:18

A young local lad (from Barlow the nearest village) came out to find his bike was being stolen by a group of lads...

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More Bad Faith: Israel Refuses to End Seige of Lebanon

30-08-2006 13:50

Israel is still refusing, despite a call from Kofi Annan to lift its air and sea blockade of Lebanon.

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What Prevents Radicals from Acting Strategically?

30-08-2006 13:20

A look at the crippling tendency for dedicated activists to live in their own self-defined, encapsulated social scenes, cut off from the larger social groupings that could provide a base of political support.

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Gravy train

30-08-2006 12:38

Gravy train
The gravy train is full up.

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Feminism And Climate Change

30-08-2006 11:51

Workshop tells us Climate Change can happen with feminism.

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30-08-2006 11:30

Defend Halima and Bailey Jr!
On Monday 4th September, at 9am
at the Immigration Tribunal office, Mosley St, Manchester
near Piccadilly Plaza and Mosley St. Tram

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Carmel-Agrexco Blockade - Urgent help nedeed

30-08-2006 11:16

Britians first legal blockade zone was established at Carmel-Agrexco today.

Two cages with activists locked inside have blocked the two main entrances.

The Company doesn't want another legal case and are not willing to ask the police arrest people.

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Power lines cut in yorkshire

30-08-2006 11:12

Yorkshire today is reporting that power lines in West Yorkshire have been cut over night and police and attempting to make a connection between the the incident, a blockade at Hartlepool Power Plant and the Camp for Climate action...

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Climate Camp: section60 pics

30-08-2006 11:04

The authorities are using Section 60

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Climate Camp:

30-08-2006 10:45

Drax coal and spotlight for activists
some activists meeting police in the morning, being searched and followed by police. description of extent of section 60 area around here.

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Tuesday's climate camp goings on & bicycology stuff

30-08-2006 09:55

Some of the workshops to hang around
Yesterday afternoon bicycology cyclists left en masse from the climate camp to establish a presence in nearby Selby town centre. The cops presumably thought we might double back, crash the main Drax gates, storm the control room, locate the big on/off switch and padlock it off. So they followed us closely all the way stopping at every roundabout to video us. Once in the town, we distributed subversive literature promoting sustainable lifestyles and also offering a Dr Bike workshop to fix the local people's bikes. Plenty of locals, especially kids appreciated this offer and the workshop was kept constantly busy for several hours. The cops continued their intimidatory surveillance tactics, initially with 5 police vehicles parked around the town square and several cameras. They finally realised that we weren't actually so much of a threat to national security.

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Alarm in Washington over deepening disaster in Afghanistan

30-08-2006 09:26

“Losing Afghanistan”
Afghan officials told VOA that there could now be as many as 40,000 guerillas fighting against the occupation forces and the Afghan army. Extensive US and Pakistani military operations have failed to prevent insurgent groups using the mountainous regions along the Afghan-Pakistan border as a safe haven to rest, resupply, train and recruit. Large areas of the predominantly ethnic Pashtun provinces of southern and eastern Afghanistan are outside the Kabul government’s authority and regularly fall under the sway of Taliban forces.

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call to support the resistance to the second round table on 'responsible' soy in

30-08-2006 09:11

Indigenous Peoples and Farmers groups in Paraguay reject the greenwash of the 'responsible' soy round table, with a week of actions and protest.

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greenwashing climate change

30-08-2006 09:09

Naive i was to think that governments and big oil had gone really gone beyond petroleum. Climate chaos you aint seen nothing yet!

So fuck the oil companies as they drain the last drops of oil and blood from the Middle East and elsewhere. Where do they go to next?

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Photos of Nuke Action, Tuesday 29th

30-08-2006 08:56

Hartlepool Power Station
Here are photos from the blockade of Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station which took place from 8am Tuesday 29th August and lasted till 6pm, when the last of the protesters were finally cut out ten hours later. The action took place as part of the Camp For Climate Action. There were twenty arrests but all were later released on police bail but currently without charge.

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30-08-2006 08:07


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Live report / press release: Israeli Company Blockaded

30-08-2006 06:41

Israeli Company Blockaded For the Second Time in Bid to Gain Ruling on
Lawfulness of Trading with Settlements.

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AGREXCO (UK) Blockaded For Second Time

30-08-2006 06:18

Israeli Company Blockaded For the Second Time in Bid to Gain Ruling on Lawfulness of Trading with Settlements.