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film from Warsaw demonstration, 19th March

22-03-2005 19:31

watch the film online here:

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Rage Against Armstrade - Report

22-03-2005 19:20

As part of global day of action against the armstrade called for at the 'Destroy the Armstrade' session at Beyond ESF, and in solidarity with all those suffering the consequences and resisting against this industry, actions against arms dealers took place in Reading yesterday.

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Jubilee line case implicated Blairs

22-03-2005 19:18

The jubilee line trial today has collapsed due to 'disruption' of jurors. What the mainstream press seems to forget is that had it continued the trial would have been very very embarrassing for the Blairs!

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Over 75 Reports of Protests on M 19

22-03-2005 18:49

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world demonstrated against the War in Iraq on Mar. 19th and 20th.

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Art World Rallies to Support Indicted Artist Steven Kurtzart

22-03-2005 18:44


Auction of work by major artists to benefit Critical Art Ensemble Defense Fund.

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Ahwazis Against Iranian Islamic Theocracy

22-03-2005 17:31

The Ahwazi Arabs are among the world's most persecuted minorities. While global attention is fixed on the Israel/Palestine conflict, the Ahwazis go unnoticed. The indigenous Arabs of Iran are gagged and are denied the right to learn their own language or publish their own newspapers. They live in poverty, their land ritually confiscated by the theocratic regime in Tehran for the profits of foreign oil companies and the enrichment of an ethnically Persian religious elite. Who will listen to the Ahwazi voice?

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Walk in the Walks

22-03-2005 17:04

The starting line
The first annual sponsored Walk in the Walks for Headway took place on Sunday, raising hundreds of pounds for people who have sustained a brain injury.

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Blix blok in Brighton

22-03-2005 16:17

getting ready
Take a look at these pics and judge for yourselves the level of threat posed by the Brighton Blix blok. The imtimidation and coercion led to the police restricting the peaceful protest opposite Brighton arms dealers EDO/MBM to an hour under section 14 of the public order act.

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No Borders Event@Institute For Autonomy

22-03-2005 15:33


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Video: "No Lager - Nowhere". April2nd - European Action Day

22-03-2005 15:26

Right on time for the heated phase of mobilization for April 2nd, 2005, the second European action day, a new film was finished that focusses on international resistance against refugee camps and deportation prisons. “No Lager – Nowhere” is a European Co-production, German/English, 39 minutes, Berlin 2005.
A german/english preview of the video you will find here:

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Spoil Your Vote

22-03-2005 15:23

Spoil Your Vote is an idea whose time has come. Its aim is simple: at the next general election, whenever it may be, we want to get all those people who think their votes don't count - people who didn't vote in 2001, or people who voted for no-hope candidates - to get out and spoil their votes.

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The death of the Dollar

22-03-2005 15:12

The global financial system is in it's endgame.

This is fundamentally down to geophysical reality in that all economies boil down to energy and the current economic system needs perpetual growth to continue existing.

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'I'll hold Blair to account' by Reg Keys

22-03-2005 14:41

Reg Keys wasn't interested in politics until his son Tom was killed in Iraq in a war he insists was 'illegal and immoral'. Which makes him the ideal candidate to stand against the prime minister in his Sedgefield constituency, he tells Stuart Jeffries

Tuesday March 22, 2005 The Guardian

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Institute For Autonomy - Solidarity Kitchen

22-03-2005 11:59

Open for lunch 12-3pm Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
76-78 Gower Street, WC1

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Choiceless Choice: Dover Kent's 2005 Election Candidates

22-03-2005 11:40

Here in the beloved arsehole of England, where everything passes through, voters are left with the usual meaningless and ludicrous charade as the general election approaches.

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Anti-G8 - Learn Skills - Network - Get Inspired - Take Action - 6-10th April

22-03-2005 11:27

The Festival of Dissent!... 6th-10th April Lanarkshire.... A chance to form networks of resistance... A chance to plot, conspire, and dream about resistance to the G8... To meet people learn skills, share information, practice direct action, and party together.

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Unions and Workers United Win on Pensions

22-03-2005 10:08

Victory for unions as Government backs down changes to pensions and retirement age, could be the first of several more victories.

The degenerating state of the British economy, and the reckless neo-liberal economic policies of New Labour mean there should be many more battles to be fought over the next few years, no matter who gets re-elected on MAY 5.

Solidarity between Unions, Workers and their supporters will make success possible so that the lives of British people are improved, and they become more conscious of the road to a better future

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22-03-2005 06:02

A ONG-BRAZIL Cearah Periferia e Fortaleza, demite, persegue e veta politicamente pessoas do Movimento popular de Fortaleza, utilizando o recurso dos cidadão da cidade de OXFAM na Inglaterra.

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Assassination Attempt On Iraqi Trade Unionist from the SOCU

22-03-2005 04:49

Statement from the President of the Basra Oil Union, Hassan Jumaa Awad.

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Dog Shooting in Iraq for "Fun"

22-03-2005 01:10

March 16, 2005
Dog Shooting in Iraq for "Fun"

The site that is hosting this video state 'We have provided the US military and animal organisation PETA details regarding the sender of this submission.'