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Forest of Dean at risk again

04-08-2013 10:55

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UK companies supporting Seaworld.

04-08-2013 08:33

The use of dolphins and orca in marine parks in the UK ended some time ago, yet further afield the Seaworld behemoth continues to profit vastly by attracting people who are awe inspired by the sight of an animal enslaved and coerced into performing tricks for their petty predilections.

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Giuseppe Conlon Hall prepared for Bradley Manning solidarity

03-08-2013 19:58

Bradley behind bars
Giuseppe Conlon Hall prepared for Bradley Manning solidarity Sunday 4th August 3pm

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Support Bradley Manning at Brighton Pride Sat 3 August

02-08-2013 19:22

Queer+ Friends of Bradley Manning at London Pride
Join supporters of Bradley Manning tomorrow at Brighton Pride.

Bradley Manning, a gay soldier in a homophobic military environment, risked his life and liberty to bring us evidence about the wars being fought in our names. His trial has been going on since 3 June, he has been found guilty on charges that could add up to a sentence of 136 years. His trial continues in Fort Meade, Maryland, where evidence is being presented in relation to sentencing. He needs our support and solidarity.

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EDL main Facebook back under the control of BNP activist Chris Renton

02-08-2013 00:48

BNP activist John Sheridan is still EDL admin
Soon after the formation of the EDL, one reason people started to realise EDL claims they only formed to oppose extremist Islam were a pack of lies, was because it turned out the EDL website had been registered by BNP "Gold" member Chris Renton. As of the 1st Aug 2013, the EDL's main Facebook page refers to a question asked by the EDL Admin as "my blunt question". The screen-capture of that conversation shows that the identity referred to by the EDL Admin as the person who asked "MY" question, is John Sheridan, aka Chris Renton, ie - the EDL's main Admin (still) is BNP activist Chris Renton!

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BNP HQ Raided and Members Arrested

01-08-2013 19:05

Police raid BNP HQ in Wigton, Cumbria on 31st July 2013

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Operation Elveden to review my Piers Morgan, Jeff Edwards and Jeff Curtis compla

01-08-2013 16:44

Operation Elveden of the Metropolitan Police have attempted to refuse cast iron evidence of criminality. They have been persuaded to reconsider their refusal to act after I wrote to the DPP

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Egyptian Revolution Derailed, Contained

01-08-2013 06:09

In a statement issued on July 27, 2013, US Secretary of State John Kerry grasped the fact that the Egyptian revolution has not yet run its course; “Its final verdict is not yet decided,” he said

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LONDON - Bradley Manning Verdict Day Solidarity

31-07-2013 14:27

Brad's in chains for us, We're on the loose for him!

Three hours before the Bradley Manning verdict was to come down Tuesday (NSA HQ Ft.Meade, Maryland USA 1pm/ London 6pm), supporters of Bradley Manning gathered at the Eros statue in Piccadilly Circus London. The 15 gathered, included...

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Bradley Manning Verdict: With friends like Ann Clwyd...

31-07-2013 13:22

Prosecute warmongers (like Ann Clwyd) not peacemakers (like Bradley Manning)
MP Ann Clwyd commented today on the verdict in the trial of Bradley Manning. She said:

"At this point I would throw out some questions... What about the people who sent Manning to Iraq? Let's hear some things about them..."

Good idea!

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Justice in the UK: back to the 1930s?

31-07-2013 09:45

Legal Aid Rally London 30/7/13

Proposals to cut legal aid and judicial review in Britain will make it harder for people fighting for their rights to challenge the government's cuts agenda, and will remove one of the few lifelines to justice for asylum seekers, refugees and undocumented workers, says Kate Blagojevic.

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Veggies at Notts Pride: Sun and Samosas

31-07-2013 08:55

This Saturday just passed, Veggies was delighted to be catering at the tenth annual 'Nottinghamshire Pride' event: a vibrant celebration of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender culture and an event respecting difference and promoting equality for all. 

There was a lovely team of Veggies volunteers on hand throughout the day to serve a range of cruelty-free food, all vegan, to enthusiastic visitors to the event. Volunteers also ran an animal rights outreach stall and did free vegan milk sampling - soya, oat, almond, hemp and coconut milk. A good selection of healthy and cruelty-free alternatives to dairy milk, which is responsible for a huge amount of cow suffering and environmental damage. See the following website for more information:


A hugely positive time was had on the day and Veggies volunteers were in high spirits. Visitors to the stall were very friendly, keen to sample the food for sale and free vegan milk samples and take away leaflets, recipes and information. Lots of really heartening conversations were had and people said that the information they'd learnt would definitely encourage them to try and lead a more compassionate lifestyle. People were surprised to find out how delicious the milk alternatives Veggies had brought along were, and a good few said that they were going to replace their dairy milk.


The sun shone on the event and it was only right at the end of the day as the event was finishing that the skies opened and Veggies volunteers scrambled to pack up the stall! The event was a wonderful opportunity to cater at an important local  community event that reflects one of Veggies' core values of promoting equality, and hopefully the event goes from strength to strength in future years. 

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Whose Streets? Cuadrilla's Streets!

31-07-2013 07:33

Photos from yesterday show that the police are massing to get Cuadrilla vehicles onto the site at Balcombe, so Cuadrilla can begin the dangerous path to fracking.

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Minibus to Balcombe this Thursday

30-07-2013 20:55

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London protest for Trayvon Martin and CA Hunger Strikers

30-07-2013 19:30

Photo by
This Wednesday 31 July, there will be mass actions in the US for both Trayvon Martin & California prisoners, on hunger strike since 8 July (see below). The action is called by a group that includes the families of hunger strikers. It’s more urgent every day -- as one of the hunger strikers has already died, after asking for and being refused medical help.

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Anachronistic Empire on Trial

30-07-2013 15:28

People of the world look at this kid: A contradiction between set and setting that could hardly be any starker. It is like tin soldiers of European absolutism painted into a 20th century street car for future generations to spot the anachronism, only the other way around: The grotesque garb is part of current militarist craze, and the look in its eyes is timeless horror. If you had been presented the photograph with the caption that this was the hostage serially raped by the enemy and now freed because a demand to kick out a corrupt corporation was finally met, there would have been no difficulty to believe it. But that result has been produced by the corrupt empire itself. It has abused one of its own just like it is used to abuse the rest of us. And since the entire travesty is taking place in the clothing of disgrace and detestation, the military uniform, it has made painstakingly obvious the sheer absurdity of the cognitive dissonance the imperialist apparatus is incorporating. Future pupils writing essays on the appropriateness of bombing a culture which wrecks its kids like this are being served a showcase dilemma.

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UK Coal going to keep it's promises

30-07-2013 14:57

Is the new version of UK Coal, UK Coal Production going to honour the promises that were entered into to enable it to mine coal? This press release gives details of the opencast sites which might not be fully restored should the Company renenge on its promises. In addition, it is suggested that promised community benefits are at risk as well