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Anti-War Billboard

18-03-2003 09:17

Anti-War Billboard
Billboard spotted in Malago Rd, Bedminster, Bristol 14/3/3.

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Uniting for Peace Resolution

18-03-2003 08:59

We hope to create a movement in support of the adoption of a Uniting for Peace Resolution by the United Nations General Assembly to prevent an attack on Iraq by the United States, the United Kingdom and other nations. If even one country requests such a meeting, that alone can trigger this procedure.

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Manchester's Princess Parkway blocked by anti-war activists

18-03-2003 08:52

Princess Parkway, one of the main roads into Manchester city center was from 8am today blockaded by anti-war activists. They errected a tripod of poles in the middle of the road while one person hung down from the apex. Traffic quickly stacked back causing chaos.

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Is she 1-2?

18-03-2003 08:40

Famous Finnish boxer and just selected Member of Parliament says "She is a lebsian".

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Our Troops "They Died For Ariel Sharon"

18-03-2003 06:50

"Our troops will be fighting a proxy war in Iraq, and beyond, not to protect U.S. citizens from terrorist attacks, but to make the world safe for Israel. When the dead are buried, let the following be inscribed on their tombstones: They died for Ariel Sharon."

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Recycled United $nakes War Plans

18-03-2003 05:08

Analysis and talking points on unexplored reasons why ameriKKKa is at war against the world [Points of authorities included.]

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Confirmation Of Sat 22nd March: Fairford And Menwith Hill National Demos

18-03-2003 03:47

These Demonstrations have been planned months in advance, & should be prioritised over another A to B demo in London. DIVERSITY IS STRENGTH

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18-03-2003 03:35

an FBI summary of a wiretap on the Israeli Embassy
in which Richard N. Perle, an aide to Senator Henry Jackson,
was overheard discussing classified information
that had been supplied to him
by someone on the National Security Council staff.

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Beastie Boys Ditty

18-03-2003 03:12

Music is getting good these days, articulates the conviction better than anyone in the 'movement' so listen out!

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Who is going to crush the Kurds?

18-03-2003 02:54

After just listening to the Bush speech on Monday evening, and his appeal to Iraqi Republican Guard units to give up without a fight, I am led to ask the question, 'Who is going to crush the Kurds of Iraq' after Saddam is gone from the scene, and the answer would appear to be the Republican Guard, if they should be turned by the Americans.

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Perpetual Warfare State, Unless and Until.

18-03-2003 02:05

Bush gives Sadaam 48 hours to get out of Dodge.

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War & Peace - No business as usual

18-03-2003 00:45

War & Peace - No business as usual
After months of fighting for PEACE, we now we prepare ourselves for WAR... [a five picture & words series]

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Moment of Truth, or Lies? Latest IPA Newsletter

18-03-2003 00:03

Please email to your mainstream media.. let them know the truth is out there. Please repost on other Indy sites in US and Canada.
Let them hear your mouse roar !

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Arrest the lot - throw away the key

17-03-2003 23:59

These criminals must be stopped, or the perils to us all are both obvious and
staggering.Don't forget the British cabinet

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The World Stands Together

17-03-2003 23:42

The people of the US stand in solidarity with the people of the UK in our struggle against fascism.

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Welford Anti-Militarist Camp Protestors Released

17-03-2003 23:35

The three protestors from Welford Anti-Militarist Camp who were arrested for conspiracy to cause criminal damage were released from custody earlier this evening.

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17-03-2003 23:28


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Repression of social movements in Argentina

17-03-2003 23:17

Repression of social movements in Argentina
Several weeks before the 2003 presidential elections, the social tension in Argentina is intensifying. The people's response to the economic crisis has included many examples of autonomous collective organizing, and the government is responding now by increasing repression. Many social projects, such as occupied factories, occupied houses, cultural and social centers are in danger of being evicted.

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Imperialist war and 'Peace' in the Gulf

17-03-2003 23:13

Imperialist war and 'Peace' in the Gulf
Sorry ! Correction the previous had wrong day

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Do a fuel blockade over this war?

17-03-2003 22:49

The fuel protests were the most succesful direct action in Britain ever! Why not do the same thing over the war?