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16-02-2001 09:55

El País: U.S. Targets Chávez of Venezuela

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(Colombia) Why did you join the guerilla movement? (Photo)

15-02-2001 02:57

(Colombia) Why did you join the guerilla movement? (Photo)
Continued from article below.

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(Colombia) Why did you join the guerilla movement?

15-02-2001 02:55

A very interesting article on the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia- People's Army (FARC-EP)

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Support Our Troops!

14-02-2001 21:09

Why suffer the collapse of the old bubble economy when you can participate in building the new productive economy?

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Mayday Propaganda War starts - cops may ban all protests

14-02-2001 17:43

So according to 'the Times' there are fears (always difficult to validate .. those fears...) that mayday 2001 ringleaders are planning 'more trouble' than last year...

plus extremist groups are planning violent protests

and the Met top cop considers banning all demos in london over mayday period....

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HLS customers demo

14-02-2001 16:47

My personal view of the day

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Ecuador: A People's struggle (Photo 1)

14-02-2001 11:05

Ecuador: A People's struggle (Photo 1)
An indigenous woman vents her feelings at recent demonstrations in the Ecuadorian capital of Quito where bankers and politicians are threatening to force through harsh economic measures to satisfy International Monetary Fund (IMF) debt repayments. Despite the immense natural wealth of the country many of its people live in desperate poverty.

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Protests Against School Closures Win in Bristol

14-02-2001 01:47

After marches through the city, mass meetings, calls for occupation and protests outside the City Council buildings, tonight the Council retreated on their plan to shut Whitehouse and Gay Elms Schools in Bristol.

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War On Want anniversary conference, Feb 24

13-02-2001 19:58

War on Want is basically an anti-poverty pressure group composed mainly of Guardian reading liberals. They're a bit like a less radical version of the World Development Movement but they have done lots of good work in the past, and they're currently campaigning against Israel's militarism toward the Palestinians.

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FASLANE (picture 2)

13-02-2001 11:45

FASLANE (picture 2)
Photograph of people attneding demonstration against Faslane Submarine facility in Scotland. Demonstration undated.

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FASLANE CAMP (picture 1)

13-02-2001 11:43

FASLANE CAMP (picture 1)
Photograph of a Trident submarine (part of the UK's independent nuclear arsenal which ahs the capability to destroy millions of lives worldwide).

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Resign Mr. pRESIDENT

12-02-2001 21:13


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Animal Rights Activists arrested in protests

12-02-2001 19:10

A blurb from San Jose CA Mercury News

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Beautiful civil-resistance at Faslane Nuclear Base.

12-02-2001 17:37

Inspiring and magnificent acts of civil resistance see 340 people arrested, as over 1100 demonstrators blockade the gates of Faslane Nuclear Base.

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Vote Nobody Poster 2

12-02-2001 01:21

Vote Nobody Poster 2
Vote Nobody, Nobody won't let you down

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Nobody poster 1

12-02-2001 01:18

Nobody poster 1
Vote Nobody posters as appearing in front room windows across the West of England

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Nobody Communiqué No.1: Nobody Cares

12-02-2001 01:09

Does it matter how you vote in May? Nobody will stick to doorstep promises, nobody will refuse that corporate backhander, nobody really cares. As Bristol's front-runner turns out to be a Nobody, is this just about spannering the election.... or is there some genuine democracy afoot.

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Marcos on independent media

11-02-2001 19:58


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William Blake takes on GlaxoSmithKline

11-02-2001 19:42

A crowd of angels, chimney sweeps and tygers gathered outside the Tate Britain gallery in London this afternoon (Sunday 11th February 2001) to reclaim William Blake from 'the dead hand of capital, empire and state' and denounce the corporate sponsors of the Blake exhibition at the Tate - GlaxoSmithKline.

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Open letter to The chief of the Ecuadorean Mission to the WTO

11-02-2001 19:29

> Today, we convened a demonstration and occupied the Mission of Ecuador to
> the WTO in order to manifest our solidarity with the exemplary struggle of
> the people of your country - the organisations of indigenous, farmers,
> women, unions and others - against the criminal policies imposed by the
> World Bank, IMF and WTO.