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The SHORTWAVE REPORT 7/18/03 ¡Listen Globally!

17-07-2003 23:42

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.2MB) and quick download (3.3MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, China, Russia, Germany, and Cuba.

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CropScience v GeneWatch - York's "great GM Debate"

17-07-2003 22:29

As the - how far removed? - camps debated their postions about GM...
The "non-governmental" organisation's "GM? Debate" rolled into York. Genewatch and Bayer did the lead-in...
An interesting meeting ensued... [report from imc-york's e-mail list]

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New Militant Movement In Iraq

17-07-2003 22:05

According to Arab press reports, a new resistance movement in Iraq has warned both U.S. and international military forces from staying in Iraq.

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Opposing the Olympics??? WHY ???????????

17-07-2003 21:28

Silly people having silly ideas....again????

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I'd rather be a picket than a scab!

17-07-2003 20:54

Action Briefing for activists wishing to support the Devon Bus Strike.

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Irishman bans Welsh language from his hotel

17-07-2003 20:51

A controversy is brewing in north Wales following revelations that an Irish hotel owner in a Welsh-speaking area has told his staff to stop speaking Welsh.

The controversy arose because of an investigation into the Celtic Royal Hotel in Caernarfon by the BBC Wales television programme, "Taro Naw".

The hotel was bought by a group of businessmen from Ireland a few years ago who then received substantial amounts of public money to develop it.

"Taro Naw" investigated complaints made by a number of former staff among them that the management of the hotel had ordered staff not to speak Welsh to each other in front of guests.

According to one who worked as a porter: 'If you were talking in Welsh on the walkie-talkie, you were warned that you would be sacked.'

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ISM Reports: Israel to Deport Eight International Peace Activists. Appeal Denied

17-07-2003 18:58

International Solidarity Movement
July 17, 2003
For Immediate Release

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Photos of action at St Leonards Police Station 17 July 2003

17-07-2003 17:56

Some pictures of the action today at St Leonards, which was called in solidarity with an Edinburgh protestor arrested during an anti-war demo earlier this year.

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Renewing the Transatlantic Partnership

17-07-2003 16:54

"The essay, written by Simon Serfaty, director the CSIS Europe Program, can be
accessed on the CSIS website at: Essay The piece concludes a series of events held between
October 2002 and March 2003 hosted by the CSIS Europe Program in partnership
with the DaimlerChrysler Corporation Fund on Renewing the Transatlantic Partnership.
Forums on security, political and trade policy, involving senior level leaders
from both sides of the Atlantic, took place in Washington, D.C., and Berlin during
that time."

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what do the us and uk govts get up to

17-07-2003 16:47

what is mind control and weather control?
want to find out what the us and uk governmets are really getting up to?@

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Forged Documents Detailing Uranium Sale Were Full of Errors

17-07-2003 16:44

The forged documents about Niger-uranium.

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Unholy alliance of Neo-Nazis and Zionists

17-07-2003 16:40

French neo-Nazis have hooked up on the Internet with Zionists in order to attack Muslims, according to Reuters, citing the anti-racist group MRAP.

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Remember Genua

17-07-2003 14:58

"President Bush will host Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, on July 20-21, 2003. Italy is among the United States' closest allies in NATO, and has been a strong supporter in the global war on terrorism and in bringing peace and democracy to Iraq. The President values Prime Minister Berlusconi's leadership. They will discuss a range of issues, including stopping the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, peace and security in the Middle East region, continuing the fight against terrorism, and strengthening transatlantic relations."

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Hear Palestine: Israeli Army Invades Tulkarem, Detains Hundreds of Residents

17-07-2003 14:55


Thursday, 17 July 2003

**Israeli Army Invades Tulkarem, Detains Hundreds of Residents
**Rafah: Resident Wounded in Israeli Fire
**Hebron: Settlers Confiscate Land, 3 Arrested in Arroub
**Jenin: Israeli Army Invades City at Dawn; Arrests
**Ramallah: Military Reinforcements around Arafat Compound

**Shu'fat Residents Complain about Municipality Work
**Haj Abdallah Can See his Figs but Cannot Taste Them

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17-07-2003 14:42

The New SchNEWS BOOK IS OUT - Peace de Resistance.
This book is a virtual roundup of the anti-war movement.
Comedians Mark Thomas and Rob Newman will be performing at a special launch comedy gig, which also features projections of footage from Beyond TV. The gig will be on Wednesday, July 23rd at Old Market, Hove, Brighton. Tickets are a tenner, available from the Old Market box office (off Waterloo St.) Tel: 01273 736222

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Argentina Autonomist Project - Interview with Graciela Monteagudo

17-07-2003 14:22

In June and July of this year, two Argentinian women toured the UK to talk about the wave of social change which is sweeping their home country. Graciela and Neka talked about the Piquetero movement, which has seen unemployed workers taking control of over 200 factories, and organising a direct democracy through neighbourhood assemblies. The movement has also organised road blockades in resistance to the neo-liberal reforms which are leaving many Argentinians unemployed.

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local residents directly oppose development

17-07-2003 13:58

how local residents begin campaign against - diversecity - (a not-so-local development company)

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Hussein Accuses Bush and Blair Of Tricking Own People To Justify War

17-07-2003 13:52

Another new videotape started circulating and it's
a doozy. Read how the Associated Press spins it: