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Asbestos in Oxford Council Flats

26-08-2003 15:39

Oxford Council tenants have been exposed to potentially deadly asbestos. And it's not the first time...

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Protests against Software Patents in Europe

26-08-2003 11:38

The Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure is organising a demonstration against software patents in Brussels tomorrow, and an online demo. If software patents become legal in the EU it risks large numbers of run-on-a-shoestring web sites such as Indymedia being required to pay fees to large companies. It would also have implications for wider campaigns on patenting.

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anti-Bush animation

26-08-2003 10:46


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Facists on Indymedia India are supporting genocide

26-08-2003 09:26

Indymedia India is taken over by fascists, while the global indymedia look the other way

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ISM Reports: Context Is Everything

26-08-2003 02:46

The Latest ISM Reports

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ICRC/Guantanamo Bay

25-08-2003 21:46

New article on the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) website expresses concerns.

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ISM Reports: Vacation In Gaza

25-08-2003 19:43

The Latest ISM Reports.

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WTRPF Issues New Appeal on Behalf of War Tax Resisters

25-08-2003 18:20

Press release from the War Tax Resisters Penalty Fund announcing new funding appeal for US war tax resisters.

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Full list of anti- DSEi arms fair events - september 5-12th

25-08-2003 17:09

There is now a large list of events and protests scheduled around the DSEi arms fair in London in September. Events below are listed on the Disarm DSEi website complete with maps (, the CAAT website (, the Destroy DSEi website ( and the Fluffy DSEi website ( (NB - List compiled 25th August)

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US Hires Saddam's former intelligence People

25-08-2003 14:02

The United States has hired officers from Saddam Hussein's feared and notorious Mukhabarat intelligence service to provide information about people who may be involved in resistance attacks and guerrilla strikes against American forces and international targets.

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10 Euro per person for the Iraqi Resistance

25-08-2003 12:21

An internationalist campaign

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Thessaloniki Prisoners update

25-08-2003 11:18


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fotos from tekno events in czechia

25-08-2003 10:33

recently in the czech republic there was a wicked teknival, then afterwards a two day art event by hekate, headfuk and reset. here be the stories ...

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Call for support - refugees sleeping on Brixton streets

25-08-2003 08:32

We are 35 refugees, women and men, from many countries - We were evicted from our rooms on 7 August because Home Office said that we didn't apply for asylum in a "reasonable and practical time" but many of us applied within one or two days of arriving yet we were evicted.

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Secret US Mass Graves of Green Card Hopefuls.. a scoop in progress

25-08-2003 04:58

Did the Pentagon order the assassination of a journalist in order to cover up secret mass burials of dead U.S. soldiers and U.S.- contracted mercenaries in the deserts around Baghdad? What is really behind the killing of my colleague and friend, the Palestinian Reuters cameraman, Mazen Dana, in Bagdad?

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Queer Rights - Animal Rights

24-08-2003 23:52

photo of Mirha-Soleil Ross by Aleesa Cohene
Claudette Vaughan interviews transsexual sex worker, performance artist and animal rights activist Mirha-Soleil Ross.

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Sheridan surrenders to police

24-08-2003 23:09

Tommy Sheridan refused to pay the fine.
The leader of the Scottish Socialist Party has handed himself over to police after refusing to pay a fine for his role in an anti-nuclear protest.

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'LaVM 31/2002 vp' taking place January 1st 2004 and its planned becoming ...

24-08-2003 19:20

Short analyses on 'HE 52/2002 vp' accepted as a new Police and Enforcement act 'LaVM 31/2002 vp' starting from January 1st 2004. Citations from implicit explanatory memorandum assigned to Parliament's Constitutional committee appended with further explanations and grounds. All but one references can be found from internet for information validation. Raise of the second Holocaust?

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Chiapas: Paramilitaries threaten to attack

24-08-2003 18:38

Paramilitaries prepare attack on Caracol in Roberto Barrios

posted by "Direct Solidarity with Chiapas" - 24.08.2003 13:43
source. Imc Germany:
La Jornada, Sunday, 24 August 2004
Hermann Bellinghausen