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Tell Us When; Tell Us How: A Letter to President Bush

20-04-2004 00:05

“But they don't tell us when; they don't tell us where; they don't tell us who; and they don't tell us how,” Dr. Rice earnestly told the commission. While the terrorists should be appropriately chided for failing to provide such exquisite detail of their attacks, perhaps simply adopting a “Hope for the Best” motto is an equally effective and far less expensive counter-terrorism strategy.

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Statement - Torun alterglobalists + UA

19-04-2004 23:52

statement by Torun alterglobalists regarding systematic
police scare tactics; urgent support action requested from

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McDonalds CEO porks out...

19-04-2004 23:29

McDonalds President and CEO, Jim Cantalupo, popped his clogs, turned up his toes and is now pushing up the daisies after a heart attack on Monday morning. Cantalupo had been credited with turning around Maccy Dee's unhealthy image and - oh, sweet irony - promoting a more health conscious brand...

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Protest under Threat!

19-04-2004 22:15

As the British state continues it's collaboration with Israeli terrorism, Pro-Palestinian supporters are repressed and arrested illegally here in the U.K. as the British police join forces with Zionist extremists. Resist and protect our right to protest!

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Coalition Provisional Authority appoints new army chiefs

19-04-2004 22:00

A follow-up to the Indymedia article about the possible American appointment of former Ba'athist generals after certain divisions of the new Iraqi Army refused to fight in Fallujah.

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Bush Radio's Zane Ibrahim detained and interogated for 12 hours at US airport

19-04-2004 20:23

Cape Town's Bush Radio Co-Founder and Managing Director Zane Ibrahim was taken off an international flight minutes after it landed at Baltimore airport, just outside Washington, DC, by United States Homeland Security personnel and interrogated for almost 12 hours.

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More bad news

19-04-2004 19:30

John Negroponte to be US Ambassador to Iraq.

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4[in]04 - Access Space's 4th birthday celebration

19-04-2004 18:10

access space's fourth birthday - sat 24th april 04

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Poland: stopping on the border.

19-04-2004 18:03

We get the first message about stopping on the border.

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The Truth About Fallujah

19-04-2004 17:41

Fallujah was, despite the best pretensions and posturing of the coalition, a massacre of the rankest order. Read on, and don't you dare skip a comma...

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19-04-2004 17:34

The fine chaps and ladies at NOT CRICKET (Nice Overtly Tailored Chaps Rebelling Insisting Capitalism Kills Everything Totally)

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Britain's Cashing on Cyrus the Great!

19-04-2004 17:24

New British Movie on Cyrus the Great.

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19-04-2004 17:02

This Thursday the 'Hands Off Venezuela' campaign will be screening the breathtaking documentary 'The Revolution will not be Televised' at Café Rebelde in Tufnell Park, London. This will be followed by an open discussion and eyewitness report from Jorge Martin, who has just returned from Venezuela.

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Arms Fair - training

19-04-2004 17:01

Arms Training Fair in London - -Please join protest

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Towards a Social Forum for the Eastern Region

19-04-2004 16:50

Social forums are spreading throughout the world, from the global gatherings of the WSF in Brazil and India, to the Europe wide gatherings of the ESF, to local and regional gatherings.

These involve a diverse array of movements, including campaigns for peace, the
environment, social equality and global justice, plus many more.

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TV ads

19-04-2004 13:53

In my book we should advertise our products more....

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Genetix Update issue 26 out now

19-04-2004 13:40

Issue 26 of the Genetix Update out now

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Stop New World Order - Fight Global Enslavement !

19-04-2004 12:26

Stop New World Order.

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Schnews tour in Leeds sun 25th at packhorse pub

19-04-2004 12:20

SchNEWS at Ten Tour - coming to a town near you - in leeds this Sunday 25th april at the Packhorse pub

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London "terror den" faces demolition

19-04-2004 12:12

A demolition notice was fixed to the door of 3/5 Duke Street, W1 in the last 24 hours. The notice stated that the occupants RAFAEL ARMS (ISRAEL), a former "support unit" of the Israeli Occupation Forces had been deemed a threat top the security of Palestinian civilians.