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Open Letter to STWC from Political Association of Iranian Refugees

18-03-2005 10:12

Iranian refugee group criticises STWC for refusing to give platform to voices equally critical of US imperialism and the stutus quo in Iran.

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Derby arrested released on bail

18-03-2005 10:11

10 cyclists arrested on the Critical Mass bike ride yesterday morning were released on bail last night, pending further investigation and consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service.

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Sex Crimes

18-03-2005 10:04

As any good doctor will tell you:
“I have a large population of people who have chosen not to take any anti-retrovirals. They’ve watched all of their friends go on the anti-viral bandwagon and die.” – Dr. Donald Abrams, MD, Director of AIDS Program, San Francisco General Hospital (“Lecture to Medical Students,” Synapse, 1996)

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US, UK and others to cooperate on shutting down web sites

18-03-2005 09:41

Here's an article from yesterday's Register reporting new moves by US and the "G5" govt security group to cooperate on shutting down "terrorist" web sites. And as usual, the word "terrorism" is pretty vaguely defined. This has important implications for Indymedia and other web sites which sometimes publish things that governments don't like.

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Compassion in World Farming animal sentience conference

18-03-2005 08:57

Primatologist Dr Jane Goodall calls for end to vivesection and urges parents to educate children about food choices.

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Great Peace Posters To Download

18-03-2005 08:08

Great peace posters on this website - 'Another Poster For Peace'.

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18-03-2005 04:21

Reclaim the space

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April 2nd: No Borders Demonstration (London)!

18-03-2005 04:18


SATURDAY 2nd APRIL 2005 // 12noon
Assemble Clerkenwell Green, London EC1

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18-03-2005 01:56

Every year, dam-affected populations demonstrate, in March, to celebrate the International Day of Action Against Dams, for Rivers, Water and Life, the 14 of March. In 2005, MAB’s day of action is being target of a series of aggressions and political arrests.

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Organisers respond to inaccuracies in 'Colombian Vice President Receives...'

18-03-2005 01:28

As President of the BUIAS, I would like to set the record straight on several inaccurate comments in the article 'Colombian Vice President receives a Bristol welcome'

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Guatemala massacres in the 1980s: My soul will not die!

18-03-2005 01:13

Guatemala has seen over 36 years of military dictatorship, initiated and supported by the US with technical advisors, equipment and funding, and 250 000 civilians, particularly children and women, were massacred by the paramilitaries during the civil war. Thousands of clandestine mass graves are still all over the country.
1996 the peace accords were signed, before only the armed struggle was an alternative to oppose the military dictatorship.

Today atrocities are still not talked about, the paramilitary forces and the intellectual authors of massacres not convicted nor do they stand in court, and many mass graves have not yet been exhuminated.

Jesus Tecu Osorio is one of the few human rights activists in Guatemala who has been able to give evidence against and the only one to thereby convict three paramilitary perpetrators of some of their crimes - linking them directly to at least one of the five massacres occuring to his community during 1981 and 1982.
He spoke at an event hosted by Amnesty International in Edinburgh, on Thursday, 17th of march 2005.

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18-03-2005 01:04

Sing this song on the tune of the theme song of "Bob the Builder" aloud at any rallies especially the coming big one!

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Peace Camp 2005 Trafalgar Square

18-03-2005 00:37

A Peace Camp is being held in Trafalgar Square London for the rest of this week and up to Saturday. The organisors are asking people to come down and participate in any way they wish to. They are there all day and night.

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Wolfowitz at the World Bank: An Empire without a Global Economic Policy?

18-03-2005 00:30

A momentum to break open debtors' prisons that the Washington Consensus built in the global south has been building up, demonstrated by Argentina's ability to compel 75% of its creditors to accept 35 cents on the dollar. The nomination of Paul Wolfowitz for WB presidency can only invigorate the global justice movement, which will have an inviting target at the IMF and the WB's 2005 Spring Meetings on April 16-17 and their 2005 Annual Meetings on September 26-27 -- both in Washington D.C. At the same time, the Wolfowitz nomination, like John Snow's performance, underscores the empire's lack of global economic policy. To be sure, there is no lack of clarity in the domestic business agenda, but all elements of the domestic agenda (the class action "reform," the bankruptcy "reform," the medical malpractice liability "reform," tax cuts, Social Security privatization, etc.) either do nothing to defuse or make bigger ticking economic time bombs -- the ballooning housing bubble, mounting consumer debts, the credit bubble, the widening current account deficit, rising oil prices, the falling dollar, and so on -- that may go off any time.

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Trafalgar Square Peace Camp 2005

18-03-2005 00:01

a short 3min 1meg film looking at the first ever Peace Camp to be held in Trafalgar Square today through to saturday 19th March.

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Summary of iisraeli War Crimes, 16 March 2005

17-03-2005 22:24

This is a summary of israeli War Crimes in Palestine for the week ending 16 march 2005.

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Friends of The Earth Interview at Derby M17 Protests

17-03-2005 20:33

"Africa Needs Water Not Oil"
Short interview transcript with FOE member at the Derby M17 G8 protests:

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Another kind of “creationism”

17-03-2005 19:20


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Derby G8 M17 Police

17-03-2005 18:50

Man from the Met
There were police photograpers from all over the country at the Derby G8 protest.