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Stop industrial Tuna fishing in Papua New Guinea

16-10-2009 09:07

Action Alert. Over-fishing has come to Madang, Papua New Guinea

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Press Release - Smash EDO Rally Calling for Council Motion Condemning EDO

16-10-2009 08:46

Press Release

For immediate release: 16/10/2009

Press Release - Smash EDO to Council: We should discuss weapons factory in our city?

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Anti-prison protest kicks off in France

16-10-2009 08:27

BLACK Bloc protesters caused havoc in the French city of Poitiers in a protest against a new prison.

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Rampart Eviction - The Priest and the Chainsaw

15-10-2009 23:25

for those of you that haven't heard. forwarded from london indymedia.
Also accessible at

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Squatting banned in NL

15-10-2009 22:47

A blend of right wingers and christian democrats have managed to push through a ban on squatting, instead of a ban on emptiness. How fuckt up is that?

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Gordon Brown vists Camden estate as "Police do nothing where women attacked".

15-10-2009 22:43

Gordon Brown made an unannounced visit to a Camden council estate in Gospel Oak. A gran told Gordon how she defended herself and her granddaughter with a baseball bat when 60 male youths chased her, tried to set her on fire, sabotaged her garden and threatened her granddaughter. Gordon visited as people have complained about failed ASBOS and the CNJ reported a lack of faith in police.

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Subvert Festival - Bristol 23 to 25 October

15-10-2009 22:28

festival flyer
Subvert Festival 23 to 25 October, in Bristol

The Bastard Squad Collective swing back into action with their annual Subvert Festival, roping in a number of other local groups to help them along the way. With 3 nights of politics, inspiration, and fun!

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A note from Sean Kirtley

15-10-2009 22:24

Well thanks to Lord Justice Hooper on September 17th at the court of appeal I made it out of the prison system, not without time.

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Massive expansions of US-NATO “counterinsurgency” in Afghanistan

15-10-2009 22:13

US and NATO commander Stanley A. McChrystal is demanding a massive expansion of “counterinsurgency” operations in Afghanistan that, according to classified documents, would require 500 thousand troops over the next five years.

While bellicose new calls for the Obama administration and NATO to exponentially deepen the “war on terrorism” are being repeated endlessly, McChrystal and his own horrific crimes have received scant notice in the corporate propaganda media.

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PUBLIC MEETING -sat 17 october, 6pm, Queen mary university, room 210, Laws build

15-10-2009 22:12

These prison camps must be shut down and all internally displaced persons (IDPs) must be freed immediately.

Speakers include:

peter Taaffe general secretary of the Socialist Party, has campaigned and written about the struggle of workers and the poor in Sri Lanka for many years, and has visited Tamil areas in Sri Lanka.

Janani paramsothy organiser of protests in Parliament Square

Nagarjunan (ramesh Gopalakrishnan) South asia researcher for amnesty international and well-known Tamil writer.

Senan international coordinator for Tamil Solidarity

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Protest Against Deportation to Iraq

15-10-2009 21:00

Around fifty people protested on Wednesday the 14th against the deportation of more than forty people to Baghdad.

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Venezuela: Demarcation without land, criminalization and death for indigenous st

15-10-2009 20:43

* The editorial collective of El Libertario denounces the criminal attack that took place on October 13, 2009 against the Yukpa people in the Sierra of Perija in Western Venezuela, resulting in two indigenous persons dead and several wounded. The following article –about the tactic and strategy of “Revolutionary Venezuelan” Ethnocide- describes the events.

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WARN - Lush Support Hunt Saboteurs in the West

15-10-2009 20:32

Lush Cosmetics have launched a new type of bubble bar called ‘Fabulous Mrs Fox’, from which, all the proceeds will go to the HSA (Hunt Sabs Association).

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STREET FESTIVAL Against Police attack

15-10-2009 19:57

On Saturday 17th October 2009, we organise a protest festival about the attack of the police

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EDL members fined in Manchester

15-10-2009 19:54

3 Edl fined for abusive behaviour

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Minga of Social and Community Resistance in Colombia

15-10-2009 18:31

The Minga hit the headlines last year in Colombia after the Colombian army killed two people and injured many more. This years movilisations have been different, publically lower key, internally much broader and more inclusive of different social sectors, going beyond being an indigenous movement. The work we are doing this week is creating a space where lots of different social organisations can meet, talk and build together towards a new Colombia.

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Requião: brazilian safe step forward

15-10-2009 18:13

Lula and Requião
For those people who dream and advocate a more radical solution, I let my suggestion: read "The five trillion that the "debt" have swallowed" and coolly examine the implementation of the budget over the past fifteen years.

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Notts police probe for information about the swoop

15-10-2009 17:44

This afternoon notts police contacted an individual asking for a meeting to "have a chat".

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Swoop on Eon two days early

15-10-2009 17:18

Just days before the Great Climate Swoop, the Camp for Climate Action has upped the ante in its bitter battle with energy giant e.on, by publicly occupying it flagship public relations YouTube channel, Talking Energy.

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More destructions in Calais

15-10-2009 16:29

it is beautiful and sunny but bitterly cold in calais;
the CRS continue to escalate their campaign against the sans papiers...