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The Iraqi chaos

27-02-2004 21:09

Demagoguery is easy. It only takes reciting a few slogans that nobody can object to: “No to war”. “No to blood for oil”. “No to the occupation”. Like every right-thinking person, I subscribe 100% to those slogans, but I also feel that life is more complicated than that. As a result, in recent times I have found myself in conflict with many of my close friends over the war against the regime of Saddam Hussein (I refuse to say “the war against Iraq”, not yet). This article, inspired by a recent visit to Iraq, is my answer to them.

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27-02-2004 20:11


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BUSH visits Ireland

27-02-2004 19:48

George Bush to visit Ireland June 25th - 26th 2004

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27-02-2004 19:17

Yesterday, NUS pushed the Government to the limit. We were only 5 votes away from getting rid of top up fees once and for all. The result was incredibly disappointing to all of us who have worked so hard. But the fight is not over yet.

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Sherwood Forest, Protestor Seriously Injured in Fall

27-02-2004 18:44

Rob, a young lad in his early twenties, lost his footing on a walkway almost 50ft up when he slipped on an icy platform, plummeting to the ground. He has suffered multiple injuries, broken bones and organ damage. He is in the Critical Care Unit at Kings Mill Centre for Healthcare Services, Mansfield Road, Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire NG17 4JL England.

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Oxford Stop the War Conference March 6th

27-02-2004 18:35

An anti war conference has been arranged in Oxford for March 6th

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Chomsky Flyer Sheet

27-02-2004 18:10

Byte on this!
Chomsky Flyer Sheet (for Sunday's film)

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Resistance in Swansea University

27-02-2004 16:54

Students and staff at Swansea University are resisting a proposal by the Vice Chancellor to close down 5 departments at the university, introduce variable top-up fees and cut local bursaries and grants. Amongst other direct action, a protest has been called for the 10th of march when the university senate meeting will take place where the decisions will be made. If these proposals go ahead, this will represent the corporate takeover of our higher education system, further polarising the gap between rich and poor students, creating a two tier education system, part of the broader neo-liberal agenda.

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Indymedia Cinema in Brixton

27-02-2004 16:16

"Fourth World War" flyer
As part of an ongoing showcase of contemporary filmmakers who are finding new forms of cinema to show resistance to globalization throughout the world, distributing and screening grassroots videos, covering issues ignored or distorted by the corporate media, Indymedia London presents a night of collaborative work of alternative and radical video activism.

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Marks and Spencer protest builds!

27-02-2004 16:02

Despite pressure from Zionists and recent threats, supporters mobilise to help the Palestinians.

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Protected Species Trashed at Blackwood

27-02-2004 15:38

in a deliberate campaign to get rid of protected species which are slowing down the road building at Blackwood (S. Wales), Costain and sub contractors are felling trees which are clearly marked as having bat roosts onto dormice habitats (also clearly marked and fenced off). On Wednesday they tried to put the evidence through a wood chipper before the local police wildlife officer could get on site, but local teenagers sat on the felled trees to stop them.

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27-02-2004 15:35


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27-02-2004 14:49

The Devonport 3 were all found guilty today on all charges, after they were denied the use of their legal defence by Plymouth Judge Overend.

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North West Fascism

27-02-2004 13:42

Is Fascism on the rise, and if so what are you going to do about it? Reflections on the horrific election results last night in Heysham, Lancaster......

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Clare Short. I Salute You!

27-02-2004 12:59

All Power to The Whistle Blowers

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Dis-asda Final eviction

27-02-2004 12:53

Walmart are wankers!

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The Times (UK) denies defamation of Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh)

27-02-2004 12:29

In respons to a complaint made by Swami Dhyan
Giten about the article "Little boy lost in the commune"
published in The Times january 19, 2004, Penny Wark,
associate editor of The Times, admits that Osho´s
(Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) reputation was damaged in the US,
but she denies that the article in The Times has defamed Osho.

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Sheffield Unite Against Fascism Conference

27-02-2004 12:04

Unite Against Fascism represents an un-precedented level of unity across Britain against the rise of the fascist BNP, we urge everyone to attend our conference.

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Stop the War public meeting

27-02-2004 11:57

A Stop the War Coalition public meeting is to be held on Thursday 11th March under the title 'Iraq one year on...After Hutton...No more lies -Stop the War on Civil Liberties'

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Events @ Occupied Social Centre

27-02-2004 11:49

Events at the Occupied Social Centre, 93 Fortess Road, Kentish Town, NW5 will continue as normal in resistance to the threat of eviction.