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Hackney Audio - direct action works

12-11-2000 05:52

One of the speakers at the Hackney Fightback demo tells how direct action works (re fernbank nursery)

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Who Counted the Votes?

11-11-2000 20:08

In many States, perhaps in all, the elections were managed by a private
corporation based in (you guessed it!) Fairfax, Virginia and McKinney, Texas:

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Nationwide Election Fraud in USA.

11-11-2000 20:06

By spinning a bloated media story about the "tight race" between Gore and
Bush, the corporate media and CIA are doing exactly what they always do with
admirable skill: create a red herring by exaggerating a relatively
insubstancial issue to distract the citizenry from widespread fraud throughout
the entire election process.

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Fuel Tax Protest learns the cost of wrong tactics

11-11-2000 17:02

The intended mass convoy of farmers and truckers from scotland to London is now disorientated. The establishment has recovered its nerve.

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Prague Black Bloc Women Speak Out!

10-11-2000 23:23

Molly gives us a piece of her mind on some of the reaction to the events in Prague s26.

poster adds: I too was pretty disappointed with some meetings back in the UK after the momentous events of Prague. But I have had some very good positive meetings as well. I guess some may be offenened by Molly but it is good people tell it like they feel.

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Hackney & The Data Protection Act

10-11-2000 22:01

Filming is on the increase, however under the Data Protection Act 1998 you can retrieve a
copy of the film.

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Report on the World Development Movement campaign launch

10-11-2000 12:34

The event was massively attended and oversubscribed. This event was to launch a campaign against the GATS agreement due to be introduced in 2002. GATS are the way the WTO is planning on opening up areas such as health, water and education to corporate interests.

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Protest against Police eviction of Ladronka(Prague)

10-11-2000 03:45

impromtu protest on Saturday the 11th (2pm)at Czech Embassy 95 Great Portland street WC1

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Hackney audio clip - 'Direct Action Works'

09-11-2000 14:34

One of the speakers at the Hackney Fightback demo (6/11/00) tells how direct action works (re fernbank nursery)

(this is reposted because I messed up the first upload)

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08-11-2000 23:03

The website of Hackney council states 'The council has a direct influence over the lives of every
one of it's 195,000 residents. If you live in council housing or use social services, you will be
well aware of that influence'. Never has a statement rung so many home truths.

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South Bank Succumbs to Corporate Vampire

08-11-2000 19:57

The boring South Bank Arts Centre in London is in "partnership" with Shell Oil and Railtrack

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IMC Website for UN Climate Summit demonstrations in November

08-11-2000 18:50

New Indymedia Climate Website

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Hackney: a Refreshing development turns up

07-11-2000 19:44


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Anarchists' anti- socialist hatred is souring movement

07-11-2000 17:09

Antagonistic attitude of anarchists towards socialists at Hackney demo and elsewhere (inc IMC) suggests they may be the new stalinists...

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Hackney Fighback - picture report (45pics)

07-11-2000 15:52

Thumbnailed collection of 45 pics from the Hackney Fightback demonstrations on Monday 6th November 2000.

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National Day Of Action To Scrap The Voucher Scheme

07-11-2000 06:25

"Once we accept that anyone in Britain can be treated as inferiors, we damage our society and betray our values. Vouchers and closed reception areas are steps on the road to degradation." John Edmonds, General Secretary GMB trade union

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Hackney N6

07-11-2000 03:55

Hackney N6
N6 Pic

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Hackney nursery to re-open!

06-11-2000 22:08

Fernbank nursery, which was occupied by parents after they had been told it was to be closed almost three weeks ago, will be allowed to re-open next Wednesday.

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Hackney rally and streetparty

06-11-2000 21:53

After a day of actions, demonstrations and pickets against social benefit cuts, almost a thousand protestors gathered at 6pm in front of Hackney Town Hall to show their anger about the council's "austerity" measures - taking money from the poorest.

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Hackney protests: street party

06-11-2000 19:38

Several hunderd people occupied the main road in front of Hackney Town Hall.