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28-10-2003 15:34

Cryoservice, a Worcester based company (liquid nitrogen suppliers to Sequani animal testing labs, Ledbury, Herefordshire) gave PACA (who recently 'visited' Cryoservices HQ) 'telephone confirmation' on 21/10/03 of their companys decision to sever ties with the animal abusers Sequani ltd. Since then, Cryoservice have been asked on two occasions, via email, to provide 'written confirmation' with a signature, to no avail.

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Lee Raymond Comes to London

28-10-2003 15:25

OIL & MONEY Conference: Head of Exxon Mobil, Lee Raymond, Comes to London

As part of an oil industry conference and back slapping exercise, Lee Raymond will be at The Inter-Continental Hotel, Park Lane London 4th –5th November.
Raymond will receive an award at Claridges Hotel on November the 4th for being the most unscrupulous and barefaced liar of them all (or petroleum executive of the year, as they prefer to call it).

Sickenly, the conference theme is “Shaping a course for a Fragile World”!!

Other attendees include representatives of all your favourite oil companies and drillers like Shell and Halliburton, not to mention the US appointed Iraqi Minister for Oil.

Themes of the conference include “Iraq: Bonanza or Turmoil?”

There is to date no organized demonstration, anyone interested should get into affinity groups and have a look at the Intercontinental and Claridges.

If nothing else, this should give us some practice for the Bush visit – maybe even put him off coming?

Meanwhile in Birmingham 16th –18th November British Fat Cats will be congratulating themselves on making lots of money from cheap labour and natural resources.

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Exposed: The June 2002 Plan to Market a New 9/11 Mastermind

28-10-2003 14:40

In these series of selected excerpts from Chaim Kupferberg's landmark article, Kupferberg reveals the marketing plan to introduce Khalid Shaikh Mohammed to the public as the 9/11 mastermind in June 2002 - and the subsequent coincidences, contradictions, and anomalies which expose the Official Legend of 9/11 as a prefabricated set-up.

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Direct Action training this Saturday

28-10-2003 14:23

Direct Action training this Saturday in Sheffield

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JUST PEACE NOW NEWS - north west

28-10-2003 14:20

news of hopeful jewish initiatives for peace and justice in Israel/Palestine

Issue forty four - 26 October 2003

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Tube disaster and direct action

28-10-2003 13:53

On October 17th a Piccadilly line train crashed while less than 36 hours later a train derailed at Camden.

Later 3,000 more people were stranded on the Victoria Line and had to be evacuated. Several people were injured in these incidents – which along with a crash on the Central line several months ago, co-incidentally followed the privatisation of large sections of the Underground network.

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Thessaloniki Prisoner Solidarity - where is it?

28-10-2003 13:48

As I write, 7 anarchists are is prison on hunger strike, in Thessaloniki, Greece. One of them is Simon Chapman, an activist from London.

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manchester critical mass

28-10-2003 13:25

manchester critical mass - meet 5pm friday october 31st - central library

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Police action against neo-nazis in northern germany

28-10-2003 12:40

At 6.00am this morning about 300 police officers participated in raids on 50 flats and meeting places in the Bundesstaat (county) of Schleswig-Holstein.

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Drowned Out: screening by the Oxford Narmada Campaign

28-10-2003 12:15

This Thursday, the Oxford Narmada campaign will screen 'Drowned Out', an
award-winning documentary that follows one of India's largest grassroots struggles
since Independence.

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Long Tailbacks as Faslane Gate Shut by Protest

28-10-2003 11:42

The North Gateway into Faslane Naval Base is currently closed to vehicles by the protests of five activists. They are demanding that the UK fulfill its international obligations to work towards nuclear disarmament.

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Statement of the solidarity hunger strikers (Thessaloniki-Greece)

28-10-2003 11:29

We, friends and comrades of the prisonners or simply citizens opposed to the democratic fashism of the greek governement, will meat on 31th of october at Kamara (Thessaloniki) at 8am to start a symbolic hunger strike, as a sign of solidarity to the seven and to support the five hungers strikers.

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Fed up with opinions and reviews on a news service!

28-10-2003 09:13

This is a newswire...

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Does anyone care?

28-10-2003 08:49


William Hardiker 28/10/03

“How did we get here?” “Does anyone care?”

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++++++Who hates Israel now?

28-10-2003 08:35

One should not fall into the trap of seeing the battle between the Israelis and the Palestinians and their allies as one of simply a war between the Jewish State and Islam.

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Demonstration against the occupation of Iraq!

28-10-2003 00:17

Report from Washington DC on the demonstration against the occupation of Iraq.

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End the Syrian occupation of Lebanon

27-10-2003 23:32

Here is a part of what the Syrian Baath regime have been committing in occupied Lebanon

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27-10-2003 23:01


World Report 2003

Middle East & Northern Africa > SYRIA

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The fate of U.S. troops in Iraq (by Latuff)

27-10-2003 22:17

Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Iraqi resistance and their struggle against U.S. occupation.

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Asylum seeker sent home is killed

27-10-2003 20:38

Jon Snow claimed on this evening's news that Britain would never reject an asylum claim knowing that there was a chance that the asylum seeker would be killed when sent home. It would be good to be able to challenge this.

Monday 27 October 2003