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Thessaloniki Prisoner Solidarity - where is it?

Weetzie | 28.10.2003 13:48 | Thessaloniki EU

As I write, 7 anarchists are is prison on hunger strike, in Thessaloniki, Greece. One of them is Simon Chapman, an activist from London.

Yesterday, there were 2 demos at the Greek Embassy in solidarity with them. 12-2pm and 4-7pm. I was at both and altogether I'd say a total of about 40 people attended.

Needless to say, I'm pretty fucking disappointed. Is this all we can expect from a movement that preaches prisoner solidarity as a bottom line? In every anarchist publication lipservice is duly paid - but when the hell are people going to start practising what they preach (I'm not even going to bother criticising the rest of the left, trots etc. who don't even consider this important and have never, ever been there - I wouldn't expect any more from them).

There were over 3000 people at the bookfair, but only about 15 people, about half of them Greek, bothered to attend the Thessaloniki meeting. Likewise today, several Greek people had come down from Sheffield to come to the demo, and I have to say I was ashamed at the lack of turnout from the UK movement, and ashamed to be a part of it.

Simon is a Womble, and so far the Wombles have bourne much of the brunt of demonstrating, fundraising, publicity, press, stalls, etc (with the help of a few individuals) that has needed to be done. But there are many other groups and individual activists in London and the rest of the UK. When are the rest of you going to help us? We're feeling pretty much on our own here.

It really disgusts me that 4 anarchists have been on hunger strike for 22 days. 1, Castro, has been on a hunger strike for 37 days, and could die, and what the fuck are people doing to support them. This is a really urgent situation.

I also feel really scared to be part of a movement that shows so little solidarity. The cops were pretty much laughing at us today. They know they can do what they want to our movement, and nobody, least of all our comrades would do fuck all to help us. I feel conscious of this every time I'm on an action - if I'm locked up, who will support me? This is no way to create a movement.

I got involved in this movement thinking it was based on solidarity. For me this is my bottom line. This is a large part of what anarchism is about, this is what our struggle is about.

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