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Save Dale Farm- traveller site to be evicted

25-05-2005 16:56

The biggest site in the country is coming up for eviction - help stop this ethinic cleansing!

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WHY CLOSE THE G8? (audio from the film)

25-05-2005 15:45

This is the audio from a short film called "Why Close The G8?" made in advance of the G8 Summit protests in Scotland this july. It makes a great audio soundscape intro to some of the issues and lists some of the major protests planned.

(MP3 - 14 mins 14secs - 48kbps mono - 4.9MB)

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CIRCA in Time Out

25-05-2005 15:33

Article in this week's Time Out
This article about The Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army's tour of the country is from this week's Time Out magazine.

Their next stop is London (this weekend) then Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester and Newcastle before heading up to Scotish cities, Aberdeen, Glasgow and finally Edinburgh.

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ID card cost soars to £93 !!!

25-05-2005 15:22

The costs of an ID card is now reckoned to be about £93
each revealled in The Guardian May 25th. So, presumably those on low incomes of whatever sort will
be 'helped' to pay? I think not.

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US- 'Frenchfries protestor turns against Iraq war.

25-05-2005 15:16

The US Rep'senator (Walter Jones) who renamed
frenchfries 'Freedom fries' has now turned against the
Iraq War.
Better late than never....

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BNP wreath charge dropped.

25-05-2005 15:13

Martin Gleeson walks free..

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Scientists advised to cut down on animal experiments

25-05-2005 15:10

A new study by the Nuffield has concluded that scientists
should cut down on animal experiments and look to aletrnatives. (Guardian May 25th).

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car bombs in Iraq - who is responsible?

25-05-2005 14:35

detailed reports are ermerging of Iraqi drivers being stopped for interrogation by US occupation forces. after being released, the drivers found large caches of explosives inside of their vehicles.

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25-05-2005 14:07

While a lot of Afghans are optimistic about the up coming elections and the future many foreigners are scared and leaving or planning to leave. One Afghan American told me today this is the only time she has been worried in Afghanistan. I hope the Afghans are right.

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Launching Iraq Freedom Congress in London

25-05-2005 13:42

An event in London to Launch Iraq Freedom Congress on 5th June 2005

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Countryside Properties. Asbestos criticisms voiced in Parliament...

25-05-2005 13:10

In an unprecedented move, asbestos victims and asbestos environmental concerns have just been made the subject of a Maiden Speech in Parliament.

The controversial planning application for 600 houses at the former Turner & Newall Asbestos factory in the Spodden Valley was addressed in the maiden speech of Rochdale’s new MP Paul Rowen.

Here are some of the excerpts: (as reported at: )

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Demo at EDO tomorrow - 4-6pm

25-05-2005 13:03

Let's warm up for the big one next week

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BIG Noise Demo at EDO - Tues 31st May - Destroy the Arms Trade

25-05-2005 13:01

Here's where it is
Big Noise demo at EDO MBM 3-6pm tuesday 31st May

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Pipelineistan's biggest game begins

25-05-2005 12:51

History may judge it as one of the capital moves of the 21st century's New Great Game: May 25, the day high-quality Caspian light crude started flowing through the Caucasus toward the Mediterranean in Turkey. The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline (BTC) - conceived by the US as the ultimate Western escape route from dependence on oil from the Persian Gulf - is finally in business.

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Nimby psudo civilivians ignored by ministers over wind

25-05-2005 12:49

Recently there have been well funded campaigns and a large 'protest rally' against wind power. There are domonstratable connections between proponents of nuclear and some of these anti-wind 'astro turf' groups. With money and resources from the nuke industry and the PR industry the groups attract middle englands middle class nimbies...

But thankfully their attempts to put a spanner in plans to expand the number of wind farms in the UK seems to have failed...

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Smash EDO National Demo Saturday June 11th

25-05-2005 11:45

Why you should come to the demo
A National Demo against arms dealers EDO/MBM Tech is taking place on June 11th in Brighton at 12pm.

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Massive Water Privitisation Scheme Goes Belly Up!

25-05-2005 11:07

A flagship water privatisation scheme for Africa promoted by an offshoot of rhe right wing Adam Smith Institute has collapsed amid claims that the British company involved has failed to improve the supply for millions of people

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War-theory 10020-112: Public safety theory

25-05-2005 10:30

Research on internal state defence and public safety involving other nations is mainly done in foreign military units, but occasionally also internal studies are being published on abroad to guarantee internal public safety under foreign credit on sovereignty.

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RESIST G8 // 5th South-East Assembly

25-05-2005 10:18

Resist G8//5th South East Assembly

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Regultion of Investigatory Powers used against Bristol anti-war activist

25-05-2005 10:07

Bristol resident Dylan Thomas claims that the Regulation of Investigatory Powers have been used against him because of his anti-war campaigning. This interview discusses the alleged use of RIPA against this anti-war protestor and the sort of activities that gave rise to him being targetted with RIPA. It is not everyday that you get to interview a dead Welsh poet.