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Sheffield Naseh Demo - 21st Aug

21-08-2004 19:30

Assembling at Ellesmere Green
There was a march today from Ellesmere Green, Burngreave, into the centre of Sheffield to a rally on the Town Hall steps, to demand that Naseh Ghafor be allowed to stay in the UK. At the start of the demonstration it was announced that he has removed the stitches from his mouth and stopped his hunger strike and is now recieving medical attention.

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West Midlands Anarchists in squatted nursery

21-08-2004 16:03

Have just heard the AYN gathering hosted by WMA is now going ahead with no problems
so far.

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21-08-2004 10:16


6 saturday nights of political discussion, films, exhibitions, food, live music & dj’s at ex-Grand Banks Occupied Social Centre,156-158 Fortess Rd, Tufnell Park, NW5. opposite Tufnell Park tube.

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Urgent Call to Leaders of The Free World

21-08-2004 09:14

To: The Leaders of The Free World

From: Egypt Shadow Government

Subject: Impose Sanctions on the Regimes of Mubarak, Sauds and Assad!

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Red and Green: In the Spirit of Walt Contreras Sheasby

21-08-2004 09:10

Walt Contreras Sheasby, an outstanding Red/Green activist and theorist, died. His life was tragically cut short by the West Nile virus. Here is a bibliography of recent works (both theoretical inquiries and occasional polemics) by Walt. Read them and learn from him.

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Visit New York (and Bush!)

21-08-2004 07:35

Come to New York, USA, Aug. 29 to Sept. 2

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Penn & Schoen's Inaccurate and Dishonest "Exit Poll" on Chávez Vote

21-08-2004 04:37

Penn & Schoen's Inaccurate and Dishonest "Exit Poll" on Chávez Vote
Maneuver by U.S. Political Consultants Violated Venezuelan Law and Professional Ethics Codes
By Al Giordano

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Chavez foes threaten Venezuela election boycott

20-08-2004 23:36

and this sunday is the recall of the opposition officials iirc

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15A – Testimonial from the Ground in Venezuela

20-08-2004 21:03

eva is one of the editors of venezuelanalysis, and her info site at the bottom has all the foia requests that prove the US gubbmint are funding the vz "opposition" - shock, horror!

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Film: The Fourth World War

20-08-2004 20:35

"a radical cry from the fronlines of the war on people"
- Naomi Klein, author, No Logo

"Inspirational. Essential. Documents the history of the future before it is born."
- Peter Wintonick, International Editor, POV (Point-of-View Magazine) Canada

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Sheffield March for Naseh 21st August

20-08-2004 19:42

Sheffield March for Naseh 21st August

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As These Things Usually Do

20-08-2004 18:10

This essay explores the tone of the 2004 American election cycle.

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20-08-2004 17:58

The squatted Use Your Loaf Social Centre in South London is facing eviction. After seeing off illegal attempts to heavy us out we were taken to court and `possession was granted to the alleged owners, Glen International, on Wednesday 18th August.

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Ewa update - Ewa still detained

20-08-2004 17:34

Contrary to previous posts, Ewa has not been released from Israeli detention.

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Ewa Jasciewicz - still locked up.

20-08-2004 17:25

It seems Ewa won’t be leaving the Israeli detention centre anytime soon afterall - despite the judge deciding there’s not enough evidence to hold her, the state are appealing this ruling! This report is from the NUJ’s London Freelance site.

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BEYONDTV video festival wants your films

20-08-2004 17:20

Video activist Festival seeks films.

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20-08-2004 17:11

schnews have half the story, but if this isn't a 'democratic revolution' i dont know what is - and as if venezuela's got any choice about dealing with the oil multinationals: it's an oil producer! this whole lie about chávez not pushing power to the people comes from the book mentioned at the bottom, which is fine all the way through until the last chapter, where it goes seriously off the rails. see "With Friends Like This, Who Needs Enemies?" for more on that...

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International Surrealists Against the RNC (NYC)

20-08-2004 16:39

An international surrealist statement against torturocracy on the occasion of
the imperial coronation of George W. Bush

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Germany axes reggae murder music

20-08-2004 16:38

Buju Banton’s concerts cancelled

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Fascist's workplace leafleted

20-08-2004 15:19

leaflet front
Shock revelations that the united front Manchester Against Racism had been infltrated by the BNP, via the SWP have rocked the pseudo-Trotskyist organisation. Workers Power and friends moved fast to warn workers at Hulme Asda that colleague Joe Finnon is a neo-Nazi activist.