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Urgent Call to Leaders of The Free World

Prime Minister Omar Samy | 21.08.2004 09:14

To: The Leaders of The Free World

From: Egypt Shadow Government

Subject: Impose Sanctions on the Regimes of Mubarak, Sauds and Assad!

Dear Sirs,

Egypt Shadow Government (ESG) herewith calls upon you to impose sanctions on the regimes of Mubarak, Sauds and Assad in the interest of world peace and security. ESG recommends that sanctions include:

1. The freezing of all monies and assets that the said regimes have plundered from the treasuries of their respective countries and deposited in banks and other financial institutions in your countries.
2. Arms supplies embargo.
3. Trade embargo.
4. Severing of diplomatic relations.

ESG reasons for so requesting can be summarized as follows:

I. Those regimes are unelected and hence illegitimate.
II. They are despotic, brutal and atrocious.
III. They are corrupt, incompetent and irresponsible.
IV. They inspire, sponsor and support terrorism.
V. They orchestrate elaborately destructive hate campaigns against the West, peace, democracy and non-Muslims.
VI. They preach and spread Jihadi Islam which calls for the terrorization and annihilation of non-Muslims.
VII. They impoverish and cause the peoples of their respective countries to be miserable and hopeless which are precursor to terrorism, violence and unrest.
VIII. They blackmail or corrupt Western leaders with a view of causing division in the West.
IX. They obstruct the war against terrorism.
X. They obliterate and resist reform and modernization in the Middle East.
XI. They destabilize and cause to compound situations in Palestine, Iraq, Sudan, the African Horn and other third-world countries.
XII. They discriminate against and persecute minority groups, including Christians, in their respective countries.
XIII. They are involved in illegal arms and drugs trafficking.
XIV. They have secret programs for the development of WMD.

Yours truly
Omar Samy
Prime Minister

Prime Minister Omar Samy