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BBC broadcast news of collapse of WTC 7 23 minutes before it actually happened

26-02-2007 23:41

BBC News said on 9/11 that WTC 7 had collapsed some 23 minutes before it occurred
Archive footage has a woman reporter reporting the collapse while WTC7 is clearly standing behind her

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Iran Convinced USA Will Not Attack

26-02-2007 23:28

Iran Tells population nothing to woory about

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One Year To Save The Feminist Library

26-02-2007 23:03

For a number of years the Feminist Library has existed in a state of permanent emergency, with a dwindling number of volunteers to take part in running the library, uncertainty about its location and a precarious financial situation. A meeting was held on 24 February to decide on whether to close the library for good. At the meeting a great deal of support was voiced for the library, and it was decided to make one last attempt to save the collection.

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People Not Profit – Peace Not War

26-02-2007 22:48

People Not Profit – Peace Not War said the writing on a giant orange banner

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Who Ordered the Assassination of Dr. David Kelly?

26-02-2007 21:49

Dr. David Kelly

The BBC has become embroiled in a yet another set of media distortions regarding the death of British government weapons inspector Dr. David Kelly in 2003. Kelly died in mysterious circumstances in the woods near his home in Oxfordshire.

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Howard Government intent on Refoulement of Sri Lankan Asylum Seekers

26-02-2007 21:45

85 Sri Lankan asylum seekers were rescued by the HMAS Success last week and taken to the new high security detention facility on Christmas Island. Pamela Curr, from the Melbourne based Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, said "The Australian government must now abide by its signature to the Convention on Refugees and access these peoples claims fairly. They must not be transported to Nauru so that Australia can avoid giving them access to legal advice and refugee processing."

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26-02-2007 21:43


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Time to kick the cops out of our demos!

26-02-2007 20:58

The leaflet below was distributed at Saturday's anti-war demonstration in central London and was well received by most participants of the autonomous block. Please print the attached .pdf and distribute at all relevant events. Let's build a culture of resistance....

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AF Meeting, 1st March, Manchester

26-02-2007 20:36

Details of our next open meeting.

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NHS Under Attack

26-02-2007 20:09

On the Keep Our NHS Public demo in Liverpool on Thursday, 22nd February, anarchists handed out a bulletin showing an anarchist perspective on the NHS attacks. The text is below, or you can print-up the prettier version with graphics and photos and stuff. Get the word out, and come to the founding meeting of the Merseyside Anarchist Group on Thursday 1st March, in the basement by News From Nowhere, from 7.30pm.

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Iraqi oil money

26-02-2007 18:26

iraq oil money
Bush is illegally using iraqi oil money to bankroll terror.

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AUDIO - No Trident / Troops Out march

26-02-2007 17:50

Here are some more audio clips from last saturdays No Trident / Troops Out demo.

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UK troops to be replaced by mercenaries

26-02-2007 17:49

Interesting article in the Scotsman.

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Dick Cheney New 911 Oscar Plot to Justify Nuking Iran

26-02-2007 17:29

You can fool some of the people some of the time.

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Our Story: the Rossport 5 - London Book Launch

26-02-2007 17:25

Media Notice - Rossport 5 launch their book in London

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DISARM DSEi 2007. One Day. Many Actions

26-02-2007 17:21



Blockade? Party? Destroy? March? Smash? Infiltrate? Invade? Picket?
Harass? Clown? Dance? Light candles? Fight? Lock on? Vigil? Disrupt?


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Celtic invites its young supporters to experience fine dining

26-02-2007 17:15

In an attempt to improve the diet of its young fans, Celtic is inviting them to dine on fine fare.

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Unlawful bank charges

26-02-2007 17:13

For years, High Street banks have been ripping off their customers with illegal charges. Customers are now demanding payment in full of all the monies taken out of their accounts illegally. Customers could be owed billions of pounds.

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Tesco – every little hurts

26-02-2007 17:02

We tend to forget, Tesco is now like Wal-Mart a global player. It hurts everywhere. In their last Annual Accounts, Tesco recorded profits in excess of two billion pounds. How do they do it?

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Palestine Today 022607

26-02-2007 16:55

Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Monday February 26th, 2007.

A Palestinian man was killed on Monday by Israeli army gunfire in the West Bank city of Nablus, while a member of the executive force was injured in the southern Gaza Strip, these stories and more coming up stay tuned.