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Detention policy: Change Your Mind

22-06-2005 09:37

But at what cost?
Unless Australians are satisfied with the cost of the policy and the devalued reputation that has blemished our human rights record, including locking up children and even our own citizenry in detention, then some people might say that it really didn't work at all.

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The Peace Wheels Project

22-06-2005 09:21

Ultralight ground vehicles can contribute to a more peaceful planet. So can you, if interested.

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22-06-2005 09:12

When we started the autistici project, we thought in our cosmic
>pessimism that the worst thing could have happened could have been
>the seizing of our server, a idiot-sniffing of our data traffic and that
>cryptography should have been enough to keep relatively sure communications
>of our users.We were wrong.There are no conditions in italy to let you talk
>about privacy protecting.

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Edinburgh Potterow University G8 Infospace

22-06-2005 08:57

Adding to the expanding list of G8 related spaces in Edinburgh is another large University based infospace - see below.

For other spaces see:

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22-06-2005 08:17

Ghana chichens are finished

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22-06-2005 08:11

The demo with around 650 participants marched through central streets end ended up in front of the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace where groups of demonstrators stayed until late, demanding that political asylum be given to Bahoz.
Bahoz is on hunger strike since 17/5 demanding for second time that he be given political asylum.

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22-06-2005 04:35

Total Objector Mehmet Tarhan
Mehmet Tarhan, a conscientious objector who has decided to go on a hunger strike at 25th of May because of the bad treatment and enforcement in Sivas Military Prison has chosen to end his hunger strike on the 28th day.

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How YOU can help determine the RIGHT TO SLEEP

22-06-2005 00:41

determining the 'right to sleep'

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Starhawk reminder

21-06-2005 22:14

In preparation for actions at Faslane on Monday 4th July and during the G8 Summit at Gleneagles the FaslaneG8 blockade team are hosting two training sessions in Glasgow and Edinburgh on Saturday 25th June led by veteran US activist Starhawk.

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Vivisection industry suppliers DHL get a hammering at their Tewkesbury depot

21-06-2005 21:24

DHL's Tewksbury depot (Sequani labs local supplier) had a nasty surprise today when six activists armed with noise making equipment converged on their site once again on the Ashchurch business estate.

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Basque Youth Face Repression

21-06-2005 20:56

A trial of members of Basque youth organizations has ended with 24 prison sentences and 4 acquittals.

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critical mass?

21-06-2005 20:35


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Stonehenge Solstice 2005

21-06-2005 20:32

20 years after the Battle of Beanfield, thousands still gather in Stonehenge to celebrate and party.

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Next Stop Gleneagles fo Sheffield anti-G8 group

21-06-2005 20:29

No Rest for the Wicked - Next Stop Gleneagles

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When Wearing White Is Not Chic-Full article

21-06-2005 18:57

Full article of critique of Geldorf and the worst sell out NGOs from a moderate analzsis organization

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Analysis and Text of the Downing Street Memo

21-06-2005 17:35

"These are impeachable offences.
Not only that, but this would mean that tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis, and over 1,700 US and Coalition troops, have died as a result of the invasion and occupation propped up and justified by deception, lies, and political games.”

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Zapatistas: War in Chiapas likely to resume

21-06-2005 17:34

Civil Zapatistas evacuating an administrative center
Last Sunday, the Zapatista Army of National Liberation has put her regular army and her militia on red alert. Dozens of members of autonomous regional zapatista governments, the Councils of Good Government, fled to the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico’s southernmost state. From now on they work in a clandestine and nomadic manner. The offices of the autonomous municipalities and regions have been closed. Members of civil society who are in Chiapas right now are urged to leave rebelious territory, or stay at their own risk. The motivations for the red alert are unknown right now. It is very likely that the shooting war, that cost hundreds of lives in january of 1994, will be resumed.

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21-06-2005 15:04

21st JUNE: There will be a demo, candlit-vigil and mass attendance at the adjourned council committee meeting taking place at 7.30 (Tuesday) 21 June at Basildon Centre, Basildon.
26th JUNE: Hovefield Ave, Wickford in Basildon threatened with eviction order by Basildon Council. Judicial Review underway.
29th JUNE: Human Rights Monitoring Teams meeting with Dale Farm Housing Association, at Dale Farm, Crays Hill in Basildon, Essex

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Bomb kills George Hawi in Beirut.

21-06-2005 14:59

George hawi
An anti-Syrian politician was killed on Tuesday when a bomb ripped through his car in Beirut, witnesses and security sources said.