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05-07-2005 13:13

images from monday's demos against the g8

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Constitutional State without Human Rights

05-07-2005 13:11

"A kind of worldwide dictatorship of the national security of the US is to be established that should be integrated in the constitutional state.. This policy of the worldwide totalization of markets abolishes a large part of human rights.."

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Support the imprisoned people - 14.00 in front of the Sherriffs Court in Edinbou

05-07-2005 13:02

support the imprisoned people - 14.00 in front of the Sherriffs Court edinbourgh

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Impacting Cartoons for G8 Suits...

05-07-2005 12:51

Work Harder
Powerful G8 relative cartoons...

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05-07-2005 12:34

Details: Rosie Jones/Bob McLintock, G8 Climate Action
- 07967 906892

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Questioning Live8 'Class Dividing' Golden Circle...

05-07-2005 12:27

Posh & Becks were allowed into the Golden Circle at Live8 even though David Beckham accepts six figure sums of money from labour abusing corporations like Nike! What on earth is going on!!!

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G8.. G8 .. G8 .. G8 ..If the ship sinks it sinks for us all - Feeding the beast

05-07-2005 12:23

If the ship sinkd, it sinks for ALL of us
Edinburgh, G8 etc is an amazing reality show interactive theatre - We are collectively writing the script - All of us from all points of the compass - we are colllectively creating our future RIGHT NOW! - The police - the government, the rest of us, we live in a soup of action reaction - infinite possibility

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Caterpillar Protest - York - Friday

05-07-2005 12:00

We have organised a mass protest in York this Friday outside the Minster at 12:30 for about 1 hour (see flyer for details).

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Crane protest G8 Co-option in Edinburgh

05-07-2005 11:57

We've just had a call from Kath Pasteur, who has climbed a crane outside Waverley station in Edinburgh to protest at what she sees as the G8's failure to tackle the problems of the developing world.

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Lothian and Borders Police Chief Constable press conference

05-07-2005 11:50

Between 11.00am and 12.00 Lothian and Borders Police Chief Constable held a press conference. These MP3 recordings have been made from the BBC 24news channel and BBC online

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photos of G8 carnival

05-07-2005 11:45


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G8 pics

05-07-2005 11:36

G8: demo pictures: see:

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Australian Industroal Relations Terror

05-07-2005 11:29

"Bosses are waiting with bagful of money to give a way to workers – but the bloody union leaders are standing in between because they don't want to loose their powers".

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05-07-2005 11:25

Five people were detained under the Terrorist Act at Stanstead airport this morning, Tuesday 5th July, and interrogated about whether they had been involved in yesterday’s Carnival for Full Enjoyment.

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Anti-shell action in Edinburgh

05-07-2005 11:24

The parade started at the Irish embassy, and moved along early in the streets of Edinburgh. It was a colorful and relaxed protest despite the police taking photographs.

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Local Opposition - please help

05-07-2005 11:12

There has been today an increasing amount of trouble from local not happy about the presence of activists in the city

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G8 Alternatives

05-07-2005 11:07

Just seen the police briefing on TV - G8 Alternatives and Dissent being praised by the police for their "helpful" attitude

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George Monbiot article in the Guardian today - must read!

05-07-2005 11:01

Bursting the LIve 8 bubble! Putting the politics back into this campaign.

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Dissent! Info Line

05-07-2005 10:24

From Tuesday 5th July 12:00 to Thursday 7th July 12:00 (and maybe beyond), up-to-date news from the streets, fields and golf courses on 0786 785 1382, 0787 146 0508 and 0793 995 3204.