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Buy Nothing Day

11-10-2003 20:12

Buy Nothing Day 29th Nov.

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A loud "NO" to primate experiments in Cambridge

11-10-2003 18:02

Crowd gathers to hear speakers before march
About 1000 people marched through the centre of Cambridge this afternoon in an angry (but never violent) show of outrage at Cambridge University's continuing attempts to gain planning permission for a new primate laboratory on Huntingdon Road, and the incredible suffering that this would no doubt involve in the name of scientific research.

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Chomsky: Dominance and its Dilemmas

11-10-2003 15:56

October 10, 2003

The past year has been a momentous one in world affairs. In the normal rhythm, the pattern was set in September, a month marked by several important and closely related events. The most powerful state in history announced a new National Security Strategy asserting that it will maintain global hegemony permanently: any challenge will be blocked by force, the dimension in which the US reigns supreme. At the same time, the war drums began to beat to mobilize the population for an invasion of Iraq, which would be "the first test [of the doctrine], not the last," the New York Times observed after the invasion, "the petri dish in which this experiment in pre-emptive policy grew." And the campaign opened for the mid-term congressional elections, which would determine whether the administration would be able to carry forward its radical international and domestic agenda.

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Sherwood Tree Protest

11-10-2003 15:11

URGENT ARUGA!!!! Sherwood Rise. Mansfield.

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send a message to the troops!

11-10-2003 13:54

Send a message to the troops.
Tell them what you know about Iraq.
Tell them how you feel.

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Mumia Honorary Citizen of Paris, Appeal Pennsylvania Supreme Court denied

11-10-2003 12:16

Mumia Abu-Jamal's appeal denied, Honorary Citizen of Paris
While Mumia Abu-Jamal was named an Honorary Citizen of Paris on saturday 4th October, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has denied his appeal on technical ground of expiration of time limitations, not on any substantive issues.

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Plymouth ploughshares action

11-10-2003 10:37


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Governing Agriculture: what now for food sovereignty after Cancun

11-10-2003 10:33

The possibilities, predictions and pitfalls that lie ahead for food sovereignty after the failure of the WTO’s Cancun Ministerial meeting.
World Food Day Seminar, chaired by Caroline Lucas MEP: Thursday 16th October, 2:00 – 4:30pm at Partnership House, 157 Waterloo Road, London. Nearest underground: Waterloo
Michael Meacher MP, Eva Clayton (FAO), Via Campesina, CAFOD, PV Satheesh Deccan Dev Soc

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The Extraordinary Case of Mrs McCabe

11-10-2003 09:40

Pensioners are ignored within our civic society. British pensioners are now the poorest and most abused pensioners in Europe. Remember we are all going to be pensioners one day, so we must fight alongside them for a better deal. We must shame central government into taking positive action on their behalf.

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11-10-2003 09:30

The following article is intended to give a brief introduction to this hot topic. While much of the GM controversy at present is centred on 'environmental' concerns, and with good reason, there is an equally important question to GM food crops: whether they are safe to eat or not. If they were safe and wholesome, then 'cross-contamination' from GM crops might be slightly less of a serious problem. The article does not detail the obvious hazards of growing GM crops which create pharmaceuticals (causing problems in the US), nor the complex changes to EU regulations now in the pipeline but still widely regarded as dysfunctional.

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Anti-McDonalds day 16th OCT

11-10-2003 09:15

everyone hates maccy D's

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kulini kulini report

11-10-2003 08:53

My hugest thanks go out to the Kupa Piti Kungka Tjuta, senior Aboriginal women of Coober Pedy, for their amazing generosity, spirit, strength and warmth in inviting us all here to their country and sharing their stories with us.
My respect also to the Irati Wanti team and the Melbourne Kungkas for their incredible work on the campaign and for the camp.

From Sunday 28th September through Wednesday 2nd October people from around Australia and the world converged at 10 Mile Bush Camp at the invitation of the Kungka Tjuta. The Kulini Kulini ‘Are you listening?’ camp was called by the Kungka Tjuta after they attended the nuclear free gathering in Silverton earlier this year. After they have travelled far and wide in their campaign against the proposed nuclear waste dump it was the first time that they would
play host to so many people on their country. The Kungkas extended the invitation for people to come Wangka irati, wangka Maralinga – talk about the poison, talk about Maralinga.

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For once the Pope is right

11-10-2003 04:45

Jones and Forrest Study

"The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, part of the National Institutes of Health, released the report compiled by the panel of 28 experts, who analyzed about 138 published studies on the use of condoms during penile-vaginal intercourse.

"There was a lack of evidence to help us make a definitive conclusion about the effectiveness of condoms," said panel member Dr. Timothy Schacker, an infectious disease expert at the University of Minnesota"

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Supermarket Workers' In U.S Set to Strike Against Three Big Grocers

10-10-2003 23:00


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CPA website shocker!

10-10-2003 19:03

Amazing stupidity of CPA (Coalition Provisional Authority) website exposed!

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Mayor Of Hiroshima speaks at Nanchester CND event

10-10-2003 18:11

The mayor of Hiroshima will be speaking at a a CND event in the Unitarian chapel, Albert Square, Manchester on Saturday 11th Oct 2003.

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150 hear of the reality of Iraqi & Palestinian occupations

10-10-2003 16:15

The American inspectors have failed to find illegal weapons. Robin’s Cook’s diaries reveal that Tony Blair had pre-war knowledge that Iraq had no illegal weapons. Israel has just launched an unprovoked attack on Syria and continues to illegally occupy Palestinian lands. This meeting will allow the people of Oxford to discover more
about these issues and ask their own questions.