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150 hear of the reality of Iraqi & Palestinian occupations

Oxford Stop the War Coalition - Ian | 10.10.2003 16:15 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Oxford

The American inspectors have failed to find illegal weapons. Robin’s Cook’s diaries reveal that Tony Blair had pre-war knowledge that Iraq had no illegal weapons. Israel has just launched an unprovoked attack on Syria and continues to illegally occupy Palestinian lands. This meeting will allow the people of Oxford to discover more
about these issues and ask their own questions.



An impassioned plea for “peace between Israelis and Palestinians” was made
at Oxford Town Hall on Thursday evening. Jayyab abu Safia, 20, from the
Gaza Strip, was addressing 150 people during a meeting about the reality
of occupation in Palestine and Iraq.

At one point, he partially undressed to show the audience the scar wounds
from dum-dum bullets – illegal under international law - which he received
to his chest, stomach and back at an Israeli checkpoint three years ago.
Jayyab said: “My father was imprisoned in an Israeli jail for 10 years,
and sometimes we couldn’t visit him for months at a time. It was very
hard for my mother.”

Professor Irene Brennan from Oxford Stop the War Coalition praised the
different arms of the peace movement for working together in their
struggle to attack Tony Blair over his support for George Bush and the war
in Iraq. Kate Hudson, newly elected chair of CND emphasised the continued
deaths, injuries and cancers caused by unexploded cluster bomblets and
depleted uranium.

But one of the advertised speakers was unable to attend. Lindsey German,
convenor of Stop the War Coalition, was instead planning ways to give
George Bush a hostile reception during his state visit to Britain in
November. Oxford peace activists have planned their own anti-Bush meeting
in the Town Hall on Tuesday 14th October at 7.30pm.

The next Oxford Stop the War Coalition meeting is at the College of FE (on
Oxpens Road opposite the ice rink) the following day, Wednesday 15th October
at 7.30pm.

Oxford Stop the War Coalition - Ian