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Nestle faces grilling at TUC fringe debate with Baby Milk Action

13-09-2003 07:03

Nestlé backed down on its refusal to debate with Baby Milk Action at the Trade Union Congress (TUC) Conference in Brighton after the TUC General Council barred the world's largest food company from the Conference proper. Read Baby Milk Action's presentation denouncing Nestlé's baby food pushing practices. Watch TV footage from a German documentary further proving Nestlé's claim it does nothing wrong is untrue.

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13-09-2003 01:39

This is the first installment of George Monbiot's three-part series on trade. Next week: How do we best support the demands of the poor world? Second and third part are available at:

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13-09-2003 01:31

Transcript of a message by Subcomandante Marcos delivered on Wednesday to the anti-globalisation conference taking place alongside the WTO global trade negotiations in Cancun.

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13-09-2003 01:27

A report on the death of Lee Kyung Hae, by Laura Carlsen.

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Cancun Radio update

12-09-2003 22:48

Transcript from Cancun indymedia radio

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Cancun anti-WTO action photos

12-09-2003 21:55

photos from the anti-WTO actions, thousands of workers and peasants from all over the world unite in some aggro against the pigs

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"They Have Decided Upon Cold-Blooded Murder"

12-09-2003 21:41

Let no one be fooled by the talk of 'deportation'. There
is no intention that Arafat will survive the encounter with Sharon's

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First day inside DSEi

12-09-2003 20:20

On the first day of DSEi-2003 I managed officially to go into - not as a delegte, of course. Below are just some general observations - some kind of picture from inside...

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DSEi Video: NVDA Tues - Section 14 Imposed after CAAT March

12-09-2003 19:54

Short one minute mpeg video clip of the scene as Section 14 of the Public Order act is imposed outside Prince Regent DLR, after those remaining after the CAAT legal march and speeches had returned along the original march route.

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SMOG: Can you breathe free in a free maket?

12-09-2003 19:51

When asked about the 19the Century laissez-faire economics that Charles Dickens portrayed as "dirty, filthy, child-labor", Nobel Prize Economist and Libertarian Milton Friedman contends that it wasn't Disraeli and the child labor laws that made things better but "the progress of private enterprise"

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Report on DSEI protests, 10th Sept

12-09-2003 19:41

Tried to publish this on Wednesday night, but for some reason it doesn't seem to have appeared, so i will try again...

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Ministers "block police op on arms dealers"

12-09-2003 18:45

The Daily Mirror says the Met police wanted to arrest
arms dealers inside DSEi. They estimated 300 were
trading without licences. The Home Office instructed
them to do no such thing...

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More from dinner with the arms dealers

12-09-2003 18:15

1 minute 870k windowsmedia

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SchNEWS DSEi Roundup

12-09-2003 17:51

Roundup of the days of resistance against the DSEi Arms Fair from SchNEWS:

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Witness Requests Disarm Dsei 9th Sept

12-09-2003 17:01

Any witnesses to an arrest near Connaught Roundabout on Tues 9th Sept.

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Let save lifes

12-09-2003 15:17

A good outset

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The Insurrection of a Million Minds (part one and a little bit)

12-09-2003 15:15

Info / Thoughts on Sheffield Care Trust..

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DSEi Arms Fair invaded - pictures and video

12-09-2003 15:01

On Wednesday 10th September seven protesters breached the million pound security operation of the DSEi Arms Fair in Docklands.

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12-09-2003 14:42

A leaflet which dispels the myths about the arms trade....(spoof!)

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11 Things to Remember on September 11

12-09-2003 14:27

Dig in your heels, the September 11 memorial propaganda steamroller is back again - to quell opposition to US wars and imperial policies. The following points are meant to help you stay focussed. We raise them in deep respect for the innocent people who died on September 11.