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DSEi Video: NVDA Tues - Section 14 Imposed after CAAT March

who are the real terrorists? | 12.09.2003 19:54 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | London

Short one minute mpeg video clip of the scene as Section 14 of the Public Order act is imposed outside Prince Regent DLR, after those remaining after the CAAT legal march and speeches had returned along the original march route.

The GR cardboard tank was at the front of the returning march as it reached the corner of Cundy Park by Prince Regent DLR. A person with megaphone announced that they would be marching on to the meet up point for the next demonstration (fluffy dsei mass action) which was due to start soon, and that people were free to join them. The police threw a cordon across the road and after a few minutes announced amidst scuffles that people had half an hour to move into adjacent Cundy Park or they would beliable for arrests (once inside the park people would be allowed to leave in ones or twos, anymore than that and people would be liable for arrest).

who are the real terrorists?