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Anti/fascists in Bermondsey

13-05-2001 02:19

Just read it

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"Are Your Glitches Working?"

12-05-2001 23:38

Since you are apparently not accessing my latest articles over there, I presume that your communication glitches are preventing this. As you should know, the mainstream media is one big communication glitch; but take heart that God has a plan for them. Read on.

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Leeds Rally Against Sanctions on Iraq

12-05-2001 20:36

Conference and rally through Leeds city centre

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International call: online demonstration against deportation business

12-05-2001 16:19

20.6.2001 10.00 a.m. (GMT)
Lufthansa goes offline!

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A Summer event? (read me!)

12-05-2001 10:15

Okay, okay, so this is a discussion piece really. I apologise for hijacking the news section. This is just to test the waters for a summer event.

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Free ronnie biggs

12-05-2001 03:07

He was low man on the totem pole
Lock up straw and stevens,I want a word with them.

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Got Tumors?

11-05-2001 22:15

Got Tumors?
Beyond pasteurization...beyond digestion...all the IGF-1 a tumor needs to grow up big and strong..

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11-05-2001 18:04


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Bush to defend tax havens for rich.

11-05-2001 16:16

U.S. President, George Bush will defend tax havens for multi-national corporations and their rich shareholders.

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May Day 2001 - Brutal police

11-05-2001 13:31

An eyewitness account of May Day events in London.

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Stonehenge 2001

11-05-2001 08:18

Free summer solstice event at Stonehenge to go ahead.

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Pictures from Kyoto Rally, London

10-05-2001 16:53

Pictures from the Kyoto Rally.

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the future of anti-capitalism? a dictatorship...

10-05-2001 14:56

the year is 2020...

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Police state London - 2001

10-05-2001 14:39

Alert in capital city, police hit the streets (and get as many dna samples as possible).

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An in depth report on the recently released CLAC organizer, Jaggi Singh

10-05-2001 12:49

Jaggi Singh has become a household name to the whole nation of Canada and beyond. The following article explains why, as it covers the various bail hearings he had to endure, the details on his brutal arrest and information about the charges that will be decided upon in his upcoming trial in June.

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One way to jam Echelon and missile defence

10-05-2001 11:10

A simple system for jamming the Echelon eavesdropping systems at Menwith Hill and Flyingdales.

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Easton People's Assembly relieves authorities of control

09-05-2001 22:03

Next stop June 7 - first Easton. Surely Nobody can run this country better than any government!

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Nobody sets Easton Free

09-05-2001 21:58

As Free Easton is born, the signs appear at every inroad to Britain's first popular controlled republic. Communities have had enough - they're taking the power back....

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Oi Tony! Nobody does it better!

09-05-2001 21:49

As clone politicians gear up to (yawn) do battle, one inner city community has said: 'To hell with the lot of them!' and declared itself Britain's first autonomous zone. The Vote was for for freedom and Nobody claimed the first victory - of many!

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Call for Election Action

09-05-2001 20:45

A call for action on election day.