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The Myth of the Good War: America in World War II

10-02-2010 12:33

On the night of February 13-14, 1945, the ancient and beautiful capital of Saxony, Dresden, was attacked three times, twice by the RAF and once by the USAAF, the United States Army Air Force, in an operation involving well over 1,000 bombers.

By the beginning of 1945, the Allied commanders knew perfectly well that even the most ferocious bombing raid would not succeed in “terrorizing [the Germans] into submission,” so that it is not realistic to ascribe this motive to the planners of the operation.

The bombing of Dresden, then, seems to have been a senseless slaughter, and looms as an even more terrible undertaking than the atomic obliteration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which is at least supposed to have led to the capitulation of Japan.

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Defend Living Wage – Justice for UBS Cleaners - Re-instate Alberto!

10-02-2010 12:03

Justice for UBS Cleaners
Defend Living Wage – Justice for UBS Cleaners - Re-instate Alberto!

UBS has just made over £722 million in profit and it is robbing the cleaners wages to enrichen themselves! Cleaner and shop-steward Alberto Durango who was sacked last week due to his effective workplace organising. The cleaners are fighting back with a demonstration.

The demonstration is on Friday 12th February at 1pm outside UBS Capital, 100 Liverpool Street, London EC2M 2RH.

UBS Cleaners Support Group is a group of trade union local branches and community activists that are supporting the UBS cleaners in their campaign for a living wage.

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Announcement-Information from YFANET Fabric Squat

10-02-2010 10:38

Attack against YFANET Fabric. Information from the Assembly.

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Self-Harm in UK Immigration detention

10-02-2010 09:25

[Source for all data, 'Freedom of Information Act 2000']

Self-Harm in Immigration Detention January to December 2009

Self-Harm in Immigration Detention January to December 2008

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How the CIA Steals Money From Taxpayers

10-02-2010 03:44

In 1989 Catherine Austin Fitts became Assistant Secretary for Housing in Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). She began to notice money was not properly tracked as it moved between different HUD departments and there was a lack of proper accounting mechanisms to deal with discrepancies in revenue indicated fraud at an alarming level. [28] She attempted to put in place some credible financial tracking mechanisms to identify where the money was going and to identify the responsible individuals and HUD departments, but after 18 months on the job she was suddenly fired by the Bush administration. Fitts was told the day after she left that her financial reforms through ‘place-based financial accounting and statements’ would also be terminated.

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EDL Plan Another Bradford Race Riot

10-02-2010 02:19

the EDL are planning the mother of all race riots in Bradford
Following on from the violent racist rallies of football hooligans and hardcore Nazis up and down the country, accused of bottling out of their invasion into Bolton, the drunken racist thugs of the English Defence League have decided to go all out to cause a race riot at the city where the National Front triggered rioting nine years ago on 7 July 2001, Bradford.

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Graffiti art with consent banned in Nottingham

10-02-2010 01:55

The local council has banned youth clubs from hosting legal graffiti art walls in the latest attack on the basic right of freedom of expression. A petition has been launched against this draconian assault, and further action may follow.

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The hangar in Calais: A personal account

10-02-2010 01:44

This is a personal perspective on the opening of the Hangar Kronsdadt and does not reflect the views of everyone involved

Background info:

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Haiti: The Aftershock

10-02-2010 00:17

Last month’s severe earthquake in Haiti could not have been prevented. The death toll may reach a quarter of a million. Some three million Haitians – a third of the country’s population – have been directly affected by the disaster. But the earthquake’s effects, the likelihood of far fewer people dying, and the extent to which corporate greed and power can – even now – make matters much worse for Haitians could all have been mitigated.

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Casablanca Seven cast shadow over Western Sahara talks

09-02-2010 23:22

Campaigners around the world have welcomed the second round of informal talks on resolving the situation in Western Sahara and called on Morocco to release the Casablanca Seven to show good faith

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Two events about Haiti in London, Thursday & Friday this week

09-02-2010 21:38

Thursday 11 February 2010: Public Meeting - "No Shock Doctrine for Haiti", venue: Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, Holborn, Central London
Friday 12 February: Video + discussion: "The Tragedies of Haiti: Reflection on the Earthquake and Interventionism", venue: Inca Arch, 202 Coldharbour Lane SE5

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Suspect Found for 1985 Police Murder

09-02-2010 21:35

Man arrested over 1985 murder of PC Keith Blakelock

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Sussex Students Occupy University Conference Centre

09-02-2010 20:04

Occupation Statement 1

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Descent Into Barbarism: The US and NATO Wage War on the World

09-02-2010 19:37

In our time, war, it seems, has already begun. The US oligarchy and its NATO allies are waging a veritable war on the world: killing, disappearing and incarcerating millions of civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan – a war that is expanding into Yemen, Somalia and the rest of the Horn of Africa, with the militarisation of sea lanes and oceans and the setting up of “forward projecting” military and missile bases in every continent.

On top of ordinary poverty and misery, the world is truly seeing another historic descent into barbarism. Given this war-mongering dynamic, the growing US antagonism with Iran, Russia and China is far from an idle threat. It is the logical next step for a deeply illogical economic system.

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Tar Sands - Oilympics - Call Out

09-02-2010 17:55

The Canadian Tar Sands Oil-ympics - The Race to the Tar Sands is On!
Saturday February 13th, is the opening day of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. That’s right, it’s time for the Oil-ympics, and you can participate!

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New Earth First! Action Update is out!

09-02-2010 17:23

Hot off the press and packed with Direct Action - the new Earth First!
Action Update is out!

Get your quarterly round-up of ecological direct action from the UK and

To download for printing,

To download for on-screen reading,

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Tackling Fuel Poverty in Sheffield

09-02-2010 14:18

Run by The South Yorkshire Energy Centre at Heeley City farm, the Family fuel buster project aims to help families who are living in cold damp homes and struggling to pay fuel bills by giving practical help and advice on energy efficiency and grants which may be available for improving insulation.

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Visiting A Modern Day Slave Plantation--an interview with Nancy A. Heitzeg

09-02-2010 14:14

LSP Angola
My interest in Angola is as both a paradigm of the Southern transformation of plantations into prisons and as a prototype for what we now call the prison industrial complex. Many old plantations in the South became prisons after the Civil War. Angela Y. Davis traces the initial rise of the penitentiary system to the abolition of slavery, writing: “in the immediate aftermath of slavery, the southern states hastened to develop a criminal justice system that could legally restrict the possibilities of freedom for the newly released slaves.”

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Manchester Airport and Heathrow residents join forces

09-02-2010 12:20

Holly and Tracy twin Hasty Lane and Sipson
Sunday 7th February 2010

Residents and campaigners against the expansion of Manchester and Heathrow airports have joined forces in a show of solidarity between both places threatened by airport expansion. Around 80 people turned out for the launch of the 'Adopt-a-Resident' scheme on Hasty Lane which involved campaigners from across Manchester and across the country pledging to support the residents in their battle to save their houses and that if it came to it – to take direct action against the bulldozers trying to demolish their homes.

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Facebook to Ban Breastfeeding Advocacy Group for "Obscenity"

09-02-2010 08:46

Facebook is yet again courting controversy, this time by threatening the imminent removal of a group of almost 250,000 breastfeeding advocates - on the charge that their breastfeeding photos are sexual.