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Berlin court bans Islamic prayer in schools

06-06-2010 20:47

Students in Berlin are not to be allowed to perform Islamic prayers on school grounds. While the Christian religion is routinely taught at public schools and—according to a 1979 Constitutional Court ruling—Christian school prayers can even be spoken during normal lessons, Islamic students are not allowed to perform their ritual prayers, even if they do this outside of lessons and only once a day.

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Obama sharply increases secret military operations

06-06-2010 20:44

The Obama administration has sharply increased the use of US Special Operations forces in secret military interventions around the world, according to a report Thursday by the Washington Post.

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The most perilous nuclear arsenal in the world:Israel invites the world torevolt

06-06-2010 20:38

Israel's weapons of mass destruction
Over the past 60 years, the racist regime of Israel has been continually scoffing the international community under the cover of "deliberate ambiguity" to develop one of the most perilous nuclear arsenals in the world.

According to the Federation of American Scientists, Israel possesses more than 200 nuclear warheads which are simply adequate to evaporate the whole world in a matter of moments.

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Gaza Flotilla Demo, Bradford, 1 June Video Report

06-06-2010 19:55

On the 31st of May Israeli troops boarded and attacked ships carrying
humanitarian aid bound for the blockaded Gaza Strip in Palestine while
sailing in International waters. Nine peace activists were killed.

Around 100 people protested in Bradford city centre to show solidarity
with the people of Palestine and their disgust at Israel's actions.

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Autonomous 'Strawberry Fair' A Massive Success

06-06-2010 16:35

Despite criticism from official fair organisers who told people not to go, the autonomous fair was a massive success!

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Video: The Rachel Corrie Story, Including Speech Given When She Was 10 Years Old

06-06-2010 14:26

At the end of this video, we see/hear Rachel Corrie's speech as a 5th grader....and already we can see what really motivated her, and what ultimately brought her to her death at the age of 23

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Erhebt euch! People of Israel, arise! - massive Gaza rally in Tel Aviv

06-06-2010 14:26

Griechische Verhältnisse in Tel Aviv. Israelis speak Greek to their government: "You are sinking all of us". Protesters in Tel Aviv turn against their own government. BBC-world reports clashes. Erste Bruchlinien innerhalb des Zionismus. Tausende gehen gegen die eigene Regierung auf die Strasse. Smokebomb: Rechter Volksmob greift Demonstranten an. Demo is attacked by right wing mob. Uri Avneri hunted on street by Israeli nazis. Uri Avneri von israelischen Faschisten durch Straßen gejagt. After demo clashes between zionazis and locals. Rechter Volksmob greift Alternativiertel von Tel Aviv an.

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Hunger striker to protest WD Coleshill

06-06-2010 14:06

A hunger strike has been planned against Willmott Dixon to protest the new vivisection laboratory being built at Leicester Univeristy.

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Pressure continued on Willmott Dixon in Coleshill

06-06-2010 13:55

Regular demos carrying on outside of the Willmott Dixon office in Coleshill, Birmingham in coordination with the nation-wide campaign to stop the new vivisection laboratory at Leicester University.

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US-Israel:Gaza aid convoy attack reveals the real "Axis of Evil" facing theworld

06-06-2010 13:41

The aftermath of Israel’s recent actions clearly demonstrate that the international community is now faced with a mortal threat from this US-Israeli axis – an axis of permanent state of war on the world.

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Calais: Africa House due for eviciton Urgent support needed

06-06-2010 13:34

Africa House is expected to be demolished and the final eviction could be NEXT Wednesday 9th June… we are organizing to defend the squat and the people who live in it, and more activists are are needed.

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Demand resignation of BP Chairman and CEO

06-06-2010 11:31

The BP Chairman and CEO must go now!

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Demo against Armed Forces Day in Cardiff?

06-06-2010 11:31

Should there be a demo against Armed Forces Day on June 26 in Cardiff?

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French unions call for ban of Islamic regime in ILO

06-06-2010 10:36

Brutality of Islamic Regime
On Sunday May 9th, the Islamic Iranian authorities executed 5 activists : Ali Heydarian, Farhad Vakili, Shirin Alam-Houli and Mehdi Eslamian but also Farzad Kamangar, previous spokesman of Union of technical teachers of Kurdistan, member of the Human Rights Defense League.

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EDO Decommissioners trial starts

05-06-2010 23:22

support the decommissioners!
Nearly 17 months after anti-militarist activists decommissioned the EDO ITT/MBM weapons factory in Brighton, their trial is about to start. 6 people from Bristol, and 3 from Brighton, are on trial. The trial takes place at Hove Crown Court, and will last for approx 7 weeks. There is a solidarity picket of the court from 9 am on 7 June.
For info about the case, the action, the Smash EDO campaign, ongoing solidarity events, and the decommissioners, see:

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Demo against deportation in Parliament Sq

05-06-2010 21:17

demo against deportation in Parliament Sq, 03-06-2010
A small demonstration was today held in Parliament Square, London, calling for an end to the forcible deportation of migrants, the closure of all immigration detention centres, freedom of movement and equal rights for all. The protest was part of the Week of Action Against the Deportation Machine and was attended by different groups that form the Stop Deportation Network.

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edl in cardiff retreat n RWB fest cancelled!

05-06-2010 20:22

account of wdl/edl demo in cardiff today and BNP festival cancelled!
we did a god job of disrupting wdl/edl demo. unfortunately several people were arrested, including 2 people who were taking most of photos for indy/fit watch.

coppers from across the country were out in force with dogs, horses and a chopper. there was the UAF demo of about 350 people, an autonomous bloc of about 30 and then the edl that reached about 50 at its peak.

the edl were bussed in from the station by the filth who then surrounded them.

they errected a wall of sheet metal to separate anti-fasc and edl. the uaf did a tame demo round the corner, but once the edl demo started proper people challenged the filth and gave chase... the police were then forced to do a running kettle of the edl to stop angry antiifasc from attacking. the edl were forced to retreat after we continued to follow them and the police escorted them out of town.

it was a pleasure to participate in quite a random but diverse group! and feel the rage despite the heavy police presence!

big love to comrades still in the nick.

some images and news on

for news bout cancelling of the RWB festival

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Stitching It Up In Secret: Elitists' Bilderberg Conference in Spain

05-06-2010 19:48

Guardian's Charlie Skelton reports from super elite - super secret conference near Barcelona in Spain.
Founder Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands' close links to the Nazi SS.

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Sheffield protest against the Israeli attack on the Gaza Flotilla

05-06-2010 19:16

Attached is a recording of the speeches at a Sheffield protest against the murderous Israeli attack on peace activists sailing to Gaza held on Saturday 5th June 2010.

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Israeli video on youtube mocks massacre victims!

05-06-2010 18:59

As a provocation a link to this disgusting Israeli propaganda was published on German IMC