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bin laden denies sept 11 attack

12-11-2001 01:17

apparently resonding to the interpretation placed on his remarks by a uk paper and perhaps postings all over indy, bin laden gives an interview denying personal responsibility

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SWP -a warning from the south

11-11-2001 23:56

The Socialist Workers Party and "Internationalism

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Confession news is bullshit

11-11-2001 23:42

Anything you hear about a bin Laden confession is bullshit

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Police Blockade Marine Barracks

11-11-2001 23:04

Thanks to local papers and local constabulary a simple protest was a complete success.

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'Bin Laden Admits It' lies the press

11-11-2001 22:46

Well, he didn't, but if he had, would it have made any difference?

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West Papua-Theys Eulay kidnapped and murdered

11-11-2001 21:26

Earlier this morning, West Papuan independence leader Theys Eulay was reported to have been abducted. He has now been found dead. Indonesia appears to be using the cover of a "war against terror" to do what it has always wanted: crush the 40 year old West Papuan independence movement.

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Newcastle agaisnt the WTO

11-11-2001 21:24

wto protest

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Swansea Stop ESSO Action

11-11-2001 20:49

A rolling programme of Pickets has begun against Swansea's 2 ESSO filling stations

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Pakistan's upgraded airpower a challenge to India

11-11-2001 20:18

The American arms aid to Pakistan a matter of concern for India, and cannot be brushed aside, Indian security experts tell Rinku Pegu

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WTO action in Dublin

11-11-2001 19:38

Activists in Dublin mark International Day of Action Against the WTO

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Italian movement against war winning - CNN cheating

11-11-2001 19:32

CNN is cheating about number of protestors in yesterday demos in Rome.
At 2.20 AM on 11\11\01 CNN published numbers close to reality (100.000 antiwar/40.000 prowar)
At 7.00 PM on 11\11\01 they changed the text to the same link ( ) inverting numbers.
The real number of people in the antiwar demo is abundantly over 100.000 (130.000 is very realistic)
At the pro war demo there were 30/40.000 people, not to mention that they got free travel to reach Rome paid by the billionaire prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

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Nader on Corporate Patriotism

11-11-2001 17:17

Ralph Nader dissects and condemns US corporate handouts following the attacks on the US.

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Guildford Anti-WTO Report

11-11-2001 16:48

On Friday 9th, 7 activists from S@G and the WOMBLES leafleted several shops in Guildford. We faced fierce opposition from corporate security guards and staff, and for some reason support from the police. We also received some support from a man with a pram who hurled abuse at Nike and security guards as we were being kicked out. On Saturday we decided to go back with our friends...

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Oxford V Chelsea

11-11-2001 16:33

im surprised that nobody has relayed this report from The Times (Sat) as reported on Commondreams News

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Palestine Solidarity Rally in Oxford

11-11-2001 16:17

The Oxford branch of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign group held a well received and prominent rally in the centre of Oxford.

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WTO online sit-in

11-11-2001 15:54



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please post WTO protest details

11-11-2001 15:42

request for info

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Blunkett to Declare 'State of Emergency'!

11-11-2001 14:04

it seems that our rulers are about to abandon any pretense of believing in democracy. prepare to be vaporised!

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4 simple steps to solving the debt crisis

11-11-2001 11:36

For the numerous countries whose economies, education, health and welfare provision have been completely wrecked by massive debt repayments to western governments and financial institutions Pakistan represents an excellent role model for solving the problem

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UF leader Dostum: an 'untrustworthy' ex-communist who blew up his prisoners

11-11-2001 11:29

United Front leader Commander Abdur Rashid Dostum, the antiterrorist coalition's leading hope for forming a post-Taliban government, has a longstanding cyclical relationship of victory and defeat with Mazar-e-Sharif, which he captured from the Taliban on November 9, reports Arnab Pratim Dutta