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Soidarity screeining and talk for thessaloniki 7 in Colchester

06-11-2003 12:39

On Tuesday November 11 there will be an open screening of a video and talk about the events in thessaloniki, the state violence and the hunger strike of the five comrades.
I also attach the text ad the flyer that are being distributed in Colchester and invite people to Saturday's solidarity action in London.

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The two intifadas: Interview with PLO activist

06-11-2003 12:33

Interview with PLO activist in Jenin, West Bank, from

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Sunday 16th Nov 12pm – Bush Protest in Aylesbury

06-11-2003 12:32

A different protest venue and a gentle warm up for the Bush visit.

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Photography: Apartheid Wall

06-11-2003 12:24

For more photos, interviews, articles and testimonies from the frontlines of the Israeli/Palestine conflict, see

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9/11: The BCCI Connection

06-11-2003 12:23

In his landmark article, Chaim Kupferberg uses mostly mainstream sources to reconstruct the making of the Official 9/11 Legend. Here, Kupferberg hypothesizes a covert global infrastructure behind the events of 9/11 - and lifts the veil to catch the lingering scent of BCCI.

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Foundation Hospitals in Sheffield: The Facts

06-11-2003 11:10

A talk on the real nature of foundation hospitals given by a Unison official (long)

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ISM Reports: On November 9th Bring Down the Wall

06-11-2003 10:04

Thursady November 6th 2003

1, Bring Down The Wall

2, The Fortunate Few

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Countdown to the End of the Bush Regime

06-11-2003 07:47 introduces all new Countdown to Election 2004 webpage. The page features news and articles about the candidates and the issues at stake in the 2004 Presidential Election. What we deem the end of the Bush regime. The site also features the Black State exclusive countdown clock to the election 2004. Just like us, you can count the days, hours, and minutes remaining in one of the worse Presidential administrations in modern American history.

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War On Terrorism = Doublespeak (amsellem)

06-11-2003 06:15

© 2003 by charles amsellem. all rights reserved
cartoon © 2003 by charles amsellem. all rights reserved. activists may reproduce for non-profit use only.

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Oxford Union Iraq Debate

06-11-2003 02:17

Oxford Union Iraq Debate, Thursday 6 November, 8:30pm.

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Serious security leak reveals Israel is testing "long range missiles".

06-11-2003 02:00

Extract from, and link to, an Israeli newspaper article about a leaked video of a long range missile test.
It is virtually certain that Israel already has a deployable arsenal of more than 200 nuclear warheads (more than Britain), together with various delivery systems which include three german-built Israeli modified nuclear-capable submarines.
The Israeli govt refuses to confirm or deny these facts. No international nuclear treaty has ever been signed. No international inspection or verification has ever been allowed. Or even demanded. Which is strange, isn't it ?

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news from zimbabwe

06-11-2003 01:35

Events in Zimbabwe are worth watching.
Gives us a foretaste of what it might be like living under an utterly unscrupulous and lying government, supported by a cringing and controlled press.

Go to and select zimbabwe on the pulldown menu.
Here is an extract from one recent article:

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Interview with Shane Messer, creator of Weapons of Mass Destruction hunt

05-11-2003 21:26

An offer for lunch was extended to Shane Messer, in order to ask him a few questions about his massive hunt for Weapons of Mass Destruction real-life puzzle and it's origins.

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GIs in Iraq: Proud Dead Men (by Latuff)

05-11-2003 21:08

U.S. soldiers in Iraq
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Iraqi people and their resistance against U.S. occupation.

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New York Times blurb on Barcelona action

05-11-2003 20:35


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what happened to Radio Erbol in Bolivia?

05-11-2003 20:18

Radio Erbol seems to have disappeared

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Anarchism or Marxism debate - London, November 19th

05-11-2003 19:14

The Alliance for Workers' Liberty is debating a comrade from Freedom newspaper on anarchism and Marxism - details here.

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Bush's State Visit to the UK

05-11-2003 16:05

PRESIDENT George W Bush is to make a full state visit to Britain from the 19th to 21st of November. Wide spread protests are planned to coincide with the visit.

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Public Open Air Video Showing

05-11-2003 14:52

On Monday 10th at 7:00pm outside the crown court building in Plymouth, there will be a series of video projections of public service movies advising on procedures during nuclear attack cut with "When The Wind Blows". Worryingly funny stuff!