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US: Patriotic pride and fear

09-07-2004 19:13

Exploring questions of societal madness and contemporary fascism, Goldstein interviews political scientist Michael Parenti and psychologist Daniel Burston.

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Chomsky: The Wall and Israel's Aims

09-07-2004 16:45

Chomsky: The Wall and Israel's Aims

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Local houses for local people

09-07-2004 16:39

Salford City Council marches on with its masterplan of tearing down council estates and building homes for yuppies.

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Schools for sale: big business gets involved..

09-07-2004 16:25

'The entrepreneur bidding to take over the Marks & Spencer company is venturing into education, announcing plans to sponsor 50 comprehensive schools today.

Teachers and everyone else should be very worried about this kind of involvement he who pays the piper calls the tune...'

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Another "Right of Return" That Will Not Be Honoured.

09-07-2004 16:04

The rightful residents of Chagos are not to be allowed to return. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has decided to legislate against it , despite a clear ruling from the High Court in November 2000 that the Chagossians had a lawful right to return, without conditions...

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Lack of Maps & Graphics in BBC coverage of Israeli Barrier

09-07-2004 15:54

Maps which actually show illegal Jewish settlements do exist!!
I've had my BBC propaganda today, have you?

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the struggle of political prisoners in Chile

09-07-2004 15:46

Demonstrations and police brutality in the struggle for the freedom of political prisoners. Chile recently saw the political prisoners undertake the longest hunger strike in this country´s history.

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Student protests: Chile

09-07-2004 15:40

Students in Chile protest against privatisation of education and confront the chilean police force.

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Oxford Uni Animal Labs demo report

09-07-2004 13:49

Yesterday (Thursday) we had another of the regular demos against the new animal lab being built on South Parks Road in the centre of Oxford. 15 people turned up to keep up the noise and anger. For four hours two megaphones and airhorns kept up a constant noise, despite the bad weather.

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Farnborough Airshow Action details from Disarm DSEi

09-07-2004 13:46

Info for action for Farnborough Airshow

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Israel and Sen. Kerry ignore ruling on the "Palestinian Wailing Wall"

09-07-2004 13:18

"Israel has told the White House it has no intention of abiding by the World Court ruling, on the legality of its West Bank barrier." But, said Sen. Kerry, on Israel: "Right or Wrong, my Country!"

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Dismantling refugee protection

09-07-2004 12:31

The European Commission has developed the controversial UK plan to keep refugees outside the EU by giving so-called protection in the region and resettlement. There is no clear legal basis for scheme. It has been set out in a form that allows officials to simply proceed without any consultation of national or European parliaments.

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modern slavery in Britain

09-07-2004 12:26

New Labour proposes slave labour for asylum seekers who are unable to provide evidence that they are personally at risk of persecution, but whose countries are deemed unsafe to deport to.

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Appeal from the Kurdish Community UK and Europe

09-07-2004 12:16

Campaigning Against Criminalising Communities
"There is something that you can do to help the Kurds. While a case appealing against the EU ban on the organisation is being prepared for the European Court of Justice, Kongra-Gel is asking people to join it if they want to work for peace and justice." Mark Thomas, New Statesman, 21 June 2004 (extract of article at end of message)

Appeal to Join Kongra-Gel and Show Opposition to the EU Terrorism Ban

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Scotland to be testing ground for tagging of asylum seekers

09-07-2004 11:37

Electronic tagging and GPS tracking of aslyum seekers.
Human Rights groups including Liberty and UN High Commission for Refugees have condemned plans which will treat asylum seekers as criminals, undermine the Refugee Convention and stigmatise and potentially mark asylum seekers out for abuse and attacks.

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The Wall MUST Fall! Court ruling is leaked ...........

09-07-2004 09:58


The Wall MUST Fall!! Court ruling is leaked ...........

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Boycott Racist M&S

09-07-2004 09:30

Great protest, colourful, loud and informative.

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Muslim cleric says: Death to gays and Jews

09-07-2004 09:10

Giving a platform to Dr Al-Qaradawi is an insult to women, Jewsish and gay people. He endorses wife beating and the killing of homosexuals and Jews. We urge the Mayor of London not to host this misogynist, anti-Semite and homophobe", said Peter Tatchell of the gay rights group OutRage!.

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The wall MUST fall!! Court ruling is leaked ...........

09-07-2004 08:48 has published a leaked copy of the Hague decision on the wall - the judgement is clear - The Apartheid Wall is an illegal structure, it must be dismantled, and those who have suffered because of it's construction must be reparated.

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08-07-2004 23:59

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